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Saturday, March 2, 2019

My Own Beef Stew Recipe

   Welcome to Debbie-Dabble Blog!!
I am so happy you decided to stop by!!

Today, I will be sharing one of my very own recipes with you!!!

I know.......

You are all shocked because I make no bones about hating to cook BUT I do know how to cook and I do enjoy cooking for my family because I know by the way they eat when they come over that they appreciate it!!

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As I said, I enjoy cooking for my family and I am having them over for dinner tomorrow......

I made Beef Stew and Joe is making Whimpies, also known as Sloppy Joe's........

I will be sharing Joe's Whimpie recipe in another post......

I don't think I ever shared my Beef Stew Recipe before as I looked through old posts and I could not find a post where I did......

I am not a big meat eater...

In fact, I could live perfectly well without ever eating beef in the form of steaks. etc......

Joe loves Beef Stew and many years ago, when he asked me to find a recipe and make it for him, I could not find one that I liked as almost all of them had a tomato base which I did not care for.....

So I decided to make up my own recipe using elements of some of the recipes that I had looked at and this is what I came up with.......

It has become a Family Favorite and I also have made it for covered dish events and it was very well received!!

I start with 2-3 Lbs. of Beef Cubes.......
 I cut them up into bite size cubes........

I salt and pepper them.......
I then sprinkle a few tablespoons of flour over the Beef Cubes........
And toss the cubes, coating them with the flour, salt and pepper........

Then I brown the beef in a fry pan with a little bit of oil.....
I season the Beef with these........
Garlic Salt, Onion Salt, Italian Seasoning, Parsley Flakes and Celery Salt........
I just sprinkle each over the beef........

You can always add a particular seasoning later if you want more of it's flavor.........

As the beef is browning, it tends to get dry even though I use the copper frying pan which is non stick......

I sprinkle a little bit of Worcestershire Sauce over the beef cubes........
Mix up the mixture and brown a bit more......

Then I sprinkle some Steak Sauce on the mixture to add a bit more flavor......
Again, mix it in with the mixture and continue to brown thoroughly......
Then you can transfer it to a larger pot........

I then add about 4 jars of Heinz Beef Gravy.........
I clean out what is left in the jars with 3 jars of water........
I let this mixture simmer for about 45 minutes.........

While that is simmering, I peel and cut 5 Lbs. of Potatoes into small bite size cubes..........
I keep them in water until I am ready to use so they will not brown.......

When the beef is done simmering, I then add the potatoes......

If you like you can add cubed carrots before the potatoes.......

I used to add carrots but after watching my oldest son, Joey, painstakingly pick out each and every carrot before he would eat the stew, I gave up and stopped adding carrots........
Let this now simmer for about an hour or until the potatoes are soft........

Before the potatoes are cooked, I add 5 small cans of mushrooms.......
I know they make larger cans but Joe usually buys a case of the small cans from Sam's Club.......
This recipe makes a nice thick beef stew that is usually better served the next day......
The flavor soaks through and the sauce thickens more on the next day after it is made.......

I usually serve it with fresh rye bread........
Joe, Joey and Danielle love this Beef Stew but Jim was never one for Stew so I usually send Joey and Danielle home with enough for another meal ........
Now Jim loves Joe's Whimpies but Joey will not touch them with a ten foot pole as there are onions and peepers in them!!!!

Danielle lucks out and likes both dishes so I send Jim and Danielle home with a Take Home container of Whimpies and buns to put them on.........

Soon I will be sharing Joe's recipe for Whimpies.......

I will also be back soon with a post on a major project that I have finally started after many years of putting it off.....

So I hope that you will come back to visit again soon!!!

Thanks to those who took the time out of their busy day to spend a little bit of time with me!!

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  1. What a great recipe, it looks delicious.

  2. Looks delicious!I usually make it (a similar recipe)for my family!Thanks for sharing,hugs!

  3. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMY. Hope you are feeling better, and your upcoming surgery goes well!

    1. Marcy Ray,
      Thanks so much for stopping by!! I am feeling better as far as my Cold goes....I could not find any way to get in touch with you so I am doing so here..

  4. Hello, Debbie. I really enjoyed your recipe and it's very well explained. I would like to try it (every Wednesday I have a dinner of 14 - children and grandchildren ...). But I was worried because here in Oeitras, Portugal I do not know Savory Beef. I'm going to have to substitute tomato sauce with beef soup I hope they look good ... Then I'll tell you if they like it. bye

  5. That looks so scrumptious and filling Debbie. Both the hubby and I love our stews. It's always such a heart warming dish. It makes you feel safe and content inside. I'll definitely give yours a try and add the carrots back ;-)

  6. Wow, that looks really good. I'm a big soup/stew fan. I would add the carrots--just don't tell Joey. ha ha Thanks for sharing at #heartandsoullinkup

  7. This stew sounds so good and a cold winter night. I like this recipe using the beef gravy and I bet it tastes delicious! :)

  8. It looks fabulous. I may make stew tonight!

  9. Debbie,
    You can;t go wrong with a good bowl of stew. This looks so yummy! Congrats you are being featured at Thursday Favorite Things. https://eclecticredbarn.blogspot.com/2019/03/thursday-favorite-things_14.html
    Hope you stop by and check it out.
    Have a wonderful day.


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