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Friday, June 29, 2012


It takes a lot to get me upset and even make me get tearful.........


When my sister called me yesterday to tell me she had been to our parent's grave site in the Dennison Cemetery , Forty Fort, Pa. and this is what she found.....

A new grave being dug in front of my Parent's and my Grandmother's graves.....

Look at the back of the digger.....

That is my Mother's stone underneath the tire!!!!!

Joe and I went this morning to take pictures.....

My Father's stone is unharmed.....

But my maternal grandmother's stone is somewhere under the digger.....

And this is my Mother's Stone!!!!!!

My sister hunted down 2 employees of the Cemetery who were digging the grave and went balistic!!

There is a hole in the stone where the urn of flowers fits in......

We are not sure if that is damaged....

But wait...... is that a crack??????

I think the stone has been cracked!!

Yep! They cracked my Mother's Stone!

I could not believe it!!!!!

I took these pictures as proof and emailed them to my sister who will be meeting with the director on Monday.

We still do not know if my Grandmother's stone was damaged as it is under the digger......

This is not the first time we have had problems with my Mother's stone. She bought it right after my Dad died so it was in the ground for 17 years until she passed away..

Since she was buried, the stone has been reset 6 times because it keeps sinking!!!

Now my Father's ,which is right next to hers, has been just fine for 25 years!!!!

We are beginning to think her head stone is cursed!!!!!

My sister has already threatened them with a lawsuit if they do not fix the damage that has been caused with the digger.

I will let you know how it all pans out......

Please click HERE to see how it was resolved.....

Thanks for letting me vent....


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

End Table Transformation!

First off, I want to thank Kathy over @A Delightsome Life for once again featuring one of my posts for her Home and Garden Party!!

Click Here to see my post on Shopping, Sunsets and a lot of Stuff in Between!!!

Kathy, I am so very flattered!! Thanks so much for hosting this wonderful party!


Please visit and join in on Kathy's wonderful Home and Garden Party every Thursday!


My Post featuring one of my Patriotic Wreaths was the most viewed over at Grits and Giggles at last week's I Made This Party!!

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Thanks so much , Jenilyn, for featuring me and for hosting this great party!! I am so honored!!

Well, the projects keep coming!!!!

We are on a roll!

Here is one of 2 end tables that Joe bought at a church Flea Market for $6.00 a piece!
They have been in my Den for about 2 + years now and I have finally found time to refinish them like I always wanted.

This is the marble like insert that fits in the top of the table. It weighs a ton!

Here is Joe with his new sander working on the tables. Remember he burned the old one up when he was sanding down the China Cupboard?
Well, he got a new sander for Father's Day...........

I guess that means I have more projects lined up for him!!!


Here is the table after it was sanded and I put several coats of the same Antique White paint on it.
I also stained the top with a Maple Gel Stain that I already had....

I then sanded it down in places that would create the distressed look.....

I applied mahogany gel stain and then wiped it off with Furniture Wax.

And here is what it looks like now!

I am keeping the insert and I left the handles on the drawer the same since they match other pieces of furniture in the Den.

Here is the contrast between the table that is not refinished yet and the one that is....

What a difference, huh?

See the difference in the tops with the maple stain on the refinished one?

I then decided to move the finished table into this corner where the one to be finished was....

It brightens up the corner and this is where it will stay....

Here is the second table....

And it is now resting in it's spot......

The cost to refinish the 2 tables...



I used paint and stain that I already had so I did not need to buy a single thing!

The tables now match the China Cupboard that we also refinished.....

Remember I was staining wood appliques to put on the China Cupboard?

Well, here they are.......

These help tie the piece in with the newly refinished end tables since the appliques are stained with the same Maple Gel stain as the table tops........

I didn't like just the one piece on the side so I added another one.....

I also wanted to bring more of the Antique White color into the Den so I also did this Medallion.....

And the frame for my calendar which looked like this....

And now looks like this....

I have definitely been bitten by the furniture refinishing Bug! I have been looking around the house to see what other pieces that I want to change next!!


The Den is just about finished now so my next post at the end of the week will be the BIG REVEAL of the complete Den Make Over.

I hope you will come back to see the Reveal.....

Also, over at my Christmas Blog, A Debbie-Dabble Christmas, I have started a series of posts featuring the books "The Spirit of Christmas "which were published from 1987 to 2003.
They are chock full of decorating ideas,, gift giving ideas and recipes.

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