I am a Victorian Soul, who lives in a small townhouse that was built in the mid 1970's, not a huge Mega Mansion!! I just recently lost my Hubby Joe, who was a Retired Letter Carrier. I worked night shift as an RN on a Hospital based Rehabilitation( Physical Medicine) Unit for 37 years before I had Knee Replacement Surgery and officially Retired in 2019 after 41 years working in Direct Patient Care ... I am so glad that we retired at 62 years of age and got to spend that time together before he passed....I still do love Retirement!!!!


George Eliot
George Eliot was actually a pen name for a woman named Mary Anne Evans......


Saturday, April 27, 2013

Savanna's Story

 Update: It will be almost 3 years since the passing of our sweet Savanna  and I wrote this post on August 18, 2010.
 We still miss her terribly. So much so that we have stayed a Pet Free family.  We can not bring ourselves to go through such heartache again.

I am linking this post up to Party Junk Pet Parade in honor of Donna's Dear Teddy who passed this week....
Donna, I am deeply sorry for your loss.....

We received this wonderful gift, from a fellow blogger, Tina at  One Wild Swan of a hand painted portrait of our Cassie and Savanna together even though Cassie had passed before we even brought Savanna home.....
To read about Tina's special gift to us, please click HERE

 And now this was my original post.....

The house is very quiet.......

We no longer hear the jingle jangle of her tags on her collar....

Joe and I are once again alone... just the 2 of us.... as it was when we first got married on August 12th, 1978

On August 16th, 2010, we had to say Good Bye to one of the loves of our lives..

Our Sweet Savanna

Savanna's story starts with the one that came before her........

Our Darling Cassie

Cassie was an abused dog that we rescued . She was an SPCA dog. We had her for 9 wonderful years before lung cancer forced us to make one of the hardest decisions we ever had to make.
On that day in May 2001 , all 4 of us were present when her suffering ended and she drifted off into an eternal sleep. The last thing she saw was the faces of the family that loved her more than anything.

It was hard to think of getting another dog but the hole left in our hearts was to big to fill so once again, we went to the SPCA and found our sweet Savanna.

She was about 2 years old and was completely house broken and well trained.

So once again , we opened our home and our hearts to another wonderful gentle dog.

Savanna ,modeling one of her Bandana's

Once again, we had been blessed with a sweet and gentle creature who had free run of our entire home and NEVER bothered anything and you all know from photos of my home that I have wall to wall things all over.

Here she is napping by the Christmas Tree and the platform that holds one of my villages.

She was Mommy's girl and seldom left my side. When the boys were still living at home, she was never alone as all 4 of us worked all different time schedules and there was always someone home with her.

She did not like to be left alone and would get quite upset when we did.

The sofa was her favorite place......

She was with us for 9 years but once again, cancer would take our beloved pet.
On August 16th, I came home from work in the morning as usual. She had been ill for the past several days with some vomiting, she wouldn't eat, was drinking vast amounts of water and was panting terribly, trying to catch her breath. I knew we would have to make a decision soon.

Here she is with Joe.....

Both of us , Savanna and I went upstairs to bed as she always did when I came home from working night shift.
In about an hour, something woke me.....
My sweet girl was convulsing on the floor bedside my bed....
I called the boys.....
My Joey left work immediately and my Jimmy walked right out of Target where he works without even telling his boss ( he did later )
Joe could not leave work as he car pools and he drove that day . But he had told me before that he would not be able to take her when it was time. He could not go through that again.....

When both of my sons came home, She seized one more time.
Our decision was easy to make as we could not bare to she her suffer like that again.

So my 2 boys and my daughter in love, Danielle ( Jim's Girlfriend) and I took her in the car one last time.

Once again, the last thing this sweet animal saw was the loving faces of her family.

August 17th was Joe's birthday......

It was our first full day with out our sweet Savanna. It was Joe's regular day off and instead of the Birthday celebration we had planned, we spent the day crying and cleaning the house and packing up her things to donate to the SPCA.
We will celebrate his birthday in Sunday........

She always welcomed us home.......

She missed the boys terribly when they moved out but she did get to visit Joey at his apartment...

She particularly liked this chair in his apartment..

Joey paid for a private cremation and the urn with her ashes will be placed in a Place of Honor in his apartment.

He said that he always wanted to her to live with him and now she will.......

Joe and I have decided that we will now be true Empty Nesters. Just the 2 of us....
She was our last dog as we cannot go through this again......

I will have another stone made and placed in the back yard along side this one dedicated to our Cassie.
I hope to be able to find a Doggie Angel Statue to place between the 2 stones.....

And so the house is quiet........ It is just the 2 of us.......

The sorrow we feel is unbearable right now but we know it will pass and we will be able to smile again when we think of our beloved little "girls".

Thank you for all of your kind words. I appreciate them greatly.

I need to take some time off from blogging so I will not be around for a bit. I hope you all understand. I am going to link this post up to my usual parties just so you all know that I will be gone for a bit.

Take care my wonderful friends!

Update 2013: We know that our "girls" are waiting for us at The Rainbow Bridge ......


Saturday, April 20, 2013

"A Stroll in The Park"

Right now, I have so many things that I am working on and trying to finish that I think I am losing my mind!!!

I finally put away all of Easter and have been trying to get the Living Room and Dining Room back to "normal".

I have also been working on outside projects when the weather is nice .  But it is supposed to go down into the high 20's and low 30's at night for the next few days so those projects are on hold and the back patio is still not finished.

I also made wreaths and decorated our little tree at work that sits on the ledge of the Nurse's Station in a Garden theme until it will be time to decorate my Rehab Unit for the Summer Patriotic Holidays.  Of course, this has also brought in some Garden Wreath orders that I am also working on.  I will show you the wreaths soon.....

I also want to THANK Kathe over at Kathe with an E for featuring my post I'm Still Here ,where I shared pictures of my front porch and yard , on her Face Book Page from last week's
 You're Gonna Love It Tuesday

 Please take some time to visit Kathe and maybe even link up yourself!!
Thanks, Kathe!!

Since we got the Big TV ( Black Box) in the Living Room, I have loved to decorate the top of the Entertainment Center that the TV ( Black Box) fits in .....

Now I have it decorated with all of my "regular" things and not with Holiday decorations......

You know I am a Victorian at Heart so the theme for the top of my Entertainment Center is.......

" A Stroll in the Park"

 I still love all of my Home Interiors pieces and I have many of the Victorian Lady figurines that they carried in their line.

Even the pictures on the wall behind the Entertainment Center fit  the "A Stroll in the Park" theme.....

It is a lovely Summer day and many of the Ladies have come to spend the day in the Park.......

Some have brought their children to ride the Carousel......

And to visit the Gazebo.....

 See the Gazebo , off in the distance??????

There it is!!

And I see one of the Ladies has already taken her daughter over to it......

It is such a beautiful day.....

I see a few have picked some flowers.....

 The Carousel is a popular attraction in the Park.....

The music coming from the Carousel soothes this young Mother's Baby to sleep......

Now she can lay him to sleep in the carriage.....

The other children love the brightly painted horses........

I purchased the Carousel at Sam's Club after Christmas one year. I really don't think it looked like a Christmas Carousel, do you?

The Clock was a Retirement gift to my MIL. She was afraid it would be broken by the many grandchildren and great grandchildren that are always at her house so she gave it to me.....

Can you see the Carousel horses inside the clock?

When the clock strike the hour, it plays music and the horses move up and down!

And there is another Carousel Horse for the Children to ride when they visit the Park!!

  The sun is quite bright so you better put up your parasol so you do not get sun burned.....

After all, a sun tan was not fashionable in those days!!

You can see those children are anxious to ride the Carousel as they tug on their Mother......

Or maybe you would like to sit a spell on the park bench?

Remember the aqua mercury glass candle sticks I bought after Christmas for a little over $2.00 each???

On top of each of them is an ornament that I also bought after Christmas on Clearance......

There are woods that border the Park.....

And many of the shrubs are in full bloom....

Can you see them?????

Here's a better view......

Aren't the colors lovely?????

This and the other Carousel snow globe was bought at a Flea Market......

And the lamps were bought at Salvation Army!!

The Sun is starting to go down and dusk is falling on the Park......

What a great day was had by all!!

The Light Posts are now on and it is getting dark.....

Nightfall casts a pretty glow on the Park.....

But it is time to hurry home and feed the children their Dinner.....

And  tuck them all into their beds where they will dream about their Day in the Park!!

Wouldn't you just love to spent a day taking "A Stroll in The Park "?????

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