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George Eliot
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Friday, December 31, 2010

Aspirations for 2011....One Little Word

Resolutions for 2011.......

No, I stopped making Resolutions many years ago....

But I think of what I would like to ASPIRE to be in each coming New Year....

My friend, Robyn over at All Things Heart and Home has written a wonderful and inspiring post on the Power of One Little Word.
To read it, please click HERE

It made me think what word would I chose for the year 2011....

What would I aspire to in this New Year......

I have made my decision....

For 2011, I aspire to be......


What makes me HAPPY???

The things that are most important in my life.......


Joe, my Husband of 32 years....

Our 30th Wedding Anniversary

The fun we have together and the life that we share........

At our Church's Harvest Tea a few years ago

Flapper Party at the Stegmaier Mansion

Harvest Tea 2010

My Sons....

Jim and Joe

Joey, who just turned 29 y/o on Dec. 29th! Happy Birthday!

Jim and Danielle


My Best Friends......

Me and Ann Marie

Ann Marie , Lisa and Me at the Flapper Party at the Stegmaier Mansion

My friends in the Victorian Friendship Society of NEPA and all the great times we have together


My Home which is my biggest passion......


My Crafts which provide me with a great stress reliever...

My " space" at Co Op Store

CHARITY and " Giving Back" ......

The Fund Raisers that I participate in at our Church and all the wonderful people who we work with at these Fund Raisers.....

Our Church Flea market that Joe and I are in charge of....

My tables at the Harvest tea which I am a Hostess at...

Our Church Craft Fair where I am a vendor and do all the Advertising for....


Memories make me HAPPY...

Our Sweet Savanna who we lost in August 2010

My Dad in 1986 shortly before he passed away...

My Mom in 2004 shortly before she passed away...


My blogs make me HAPPY because of all the wonderful people and new friends I have met this past year since I started Blogging......

And last

My JOB...

My job makes me HAPPY in that it provides my family with a stable and secure income and very good Health Insurance.

Robert Schuller wrote

"I'm going to be happy today, though the skies may be cloudy or gray. no matter what comes my way, I'm going to be happy today".

So for 2011, I am going to aspire to be HAPPY!!

I am going to wake up every day and find the things that make me Happy. I will chose to be Happy everyday!

No matter how cloudy or gray the skies in my life may be, no matter what life may bring my way, I aspire to be ......


BUT to do so, I need to be GRATEFUL!

Grateful for all the things that I have listed above that make me HAPPY!
And I am truly GRATEFUL for all things that I am blessed with in my life that make me HAPPY!

So won't you join Robyn, as I have, and decide what will be your One Little Word for 2011????

I wish all of you a HAPPY AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR!!!!!

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Love to all of you,

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Harvest Tea

Our church's annual Harvest tea was held on Wednesday, October 20.

I hosted 2 tables.

As a Hostess, I was responsible for chosing a theme in which to decorate my tables ( I did 2 different theme tables), inviting guests and providing food and favors for my guests. My guests in turn, made a $10.00 donation to the church which was placed in a scholarship fund to assist a student of the parish in paying for his/her Catholic Education.

It was a wonderful evening spent with people who are very special to me!

The theme of my first table was Guardian Angels.

My guests at this table were ladies of the parish who always help me with running our Parish Flea market.

The favors were the guardian angels that I made that I placed on the dinner plates.

With out them , I would not be able to do it so they are my guardian angels!
The Angel plates are from my Dining Room walls!

The fiberoptic Guardian Angel sits on her "cloud"!

Many of these pictures were taken the morning of the event because it gets crazy for the hostess once her guests are arriving and everyone is walking around and viewing the tables.

Yes, there I am hiding behind the table!

My Second Table was a Patriotic Table, "My Country tis of Thee"

There are red, white and blue lights under the lace topper in the center.

The gift bags on each seat were for my guests to place their favors in to take home. The frames in front of each place setting are the favors that I made for this table.

So that was my 2 tables .

Now on to the rest of the beautiful tables....

This is "Harvest Fruit"

These next 3 tables were done by the chair woman of the event, Dorothy. She seats everyone who would like to go to the event but is not invited by a particular hostess. So she hosted 3 tables.

"Beware of the Black Cat"

"Shop til you Drop"

"Under the Sea"
This one was decorated by Dorothy's grand daughter. I believe she is 10 years old.
We are breaking them in early!! LOL!!

"Here comes the Bride"
There was a table that was placed in the middle joining these 2 tables but I never got a photo of it on the evening of the event. This table was done by Mary, who is the founder of this event . She suffered a stroke last year and is in a wheelchair.

"Falling Leaves"

"A Night at the Movies"

"The Tudor Queens"
This table was done by my friend , Maryann and her daughter , Renee. They always do a magnificent table. She is one of my flea market helpers.

She brings her Tea Cart from home in to serve from!!

"Christmas Wizards"

"Erin Go Braugh"
Peggy did this table and always goes all out!

This is her serving table.

"Autumn in the Park"

And here is the park where they walked their dogs from the table!! LOL!!
How cute!

" Hocus Pocus"

"Harvest Blessings"

" Beach Splendor"

"BOO -Tea-Ful Ghosts

"Silent Night, Holy Night"

Rose Mary and Sandy joined 2 tables together for 16 guests

"Festival 2011"
This table was done by the Co Chairpersons of our 3 day Church Festival. So there are horses for the pony rides, cotton candy, a fish bowl for the games, Paper plates for the food, Fill a bucket baskets, and Chance cans!!
There ingenius!!

Great job, Kathy and Lou Ann!!

"Bunny Tales"

Kathy and her Mom, Jen were the hostess of "Bunny Tales"!

"Birth of Christ"

Annette, Ida and Mary were the hostess of "Birth of Christ"

Please bear in mind that some of the hostesses added more things to their tables in the evening but I could not get around and take more photos.

These are some photos of my guests ....

Yes, that is my hubby serving!! I think I will keep him!! LOL!!!

That is the center lighting piece on the ceiling that is used when there are weddings in our Hall.
And underneath it is Regina!

The happy couple, Debbie and Joe!!!
Yes, I had three guys there!!

My Victorian Group!

Joe and Rose Marie!
Rose Marie was diagnosed with breast cancer in her late 40's. She has fought cancer for over 25 years. She had her hip radiated last year and is under going chemo for areas on her liver but I think she looks fantastic!! She is my inspiration!!

Lisa Lewis, Victoriana Lady, and her love, John Grant.
You may know Lisa from Victorian Etc. On line Magazine which she has wrote a few articles for.
John is an author who is finishing his book, "Final Thoughts". The book documents gravestone photos and unique epitaphs.
Lisa is working on a book, " Dressing for the Titanic".
They are both currently managing web sites and publicity for the Stegmaier Mansion.
For more on Lisa, please visit her web site, www.victorianalady.com.
You may also like The Passion Project, their joint company face book site.

To read an article about how they met , please click HERE

Ann Marie, Rose Marie, Joe, Debbie, Susan, Lisa, Rosalie and Amy, members of the Victorian Friendship Society of NEPA

I forgot to take photos of my buffet table. I served chicken salad, ham salad, tuna salad Tea sandwiches, Ham, cheese and salami on mini buns, potato salad and a whole bunch of deserts. My Good Friend Ann Marie baked pumpkin bread and brownies and Darlene made anise cookies!

These are the people in my life who are special to me and this was my way of Thanking them for their friendship!

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