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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

57 Shades of Gray- Aging Gracefully........

 Yep!! I am sure the title of this post got your attention, right???????

This was the last photo you saw of me taken last Summer.....

Well, here I am........
 I recently turned 57 years old.........

And decided to Go Natural.........

 I REALLY HATE having my picture taken.........

I can't even tell you how many photos I deleted........
 BUT............. I  believe in keeping things real here on my blog so this is the REAL ME!!!!!!!

I have decided to Age Gracefully............
 No kicking and screaming.......
But Aging with Dignity and Grace..........

So I decided to Go Natural and show my 57 YEARS Shades of Gray!!!!!

Over this Winter, I just have not had the time to have my hair colored.......

Sitting there for close to 4 hours, 3 months out of the year, just is too much time wasted to me.........
So after having just about all of the color cut out after a hair cut in late December, I decided to see what my hair would look like without any coloring........
 I did try this several years ago and the gray was too blotchy at that time and I looked like Lily Munster with streaks of gray here and there!!!

You can see now that it is definitely more evened out and almost looks like I had it frosted this way......
 I am lucky in that I inherited my Mother's lovely shade of Silver Gray......

Many of you say that I am crazy?????????
 I know my one and only sister who is 10 years older than I am is thinking I have lost my mind!!!
 And maybe I will change it and go back to blonde again.........
 My hair has been long past my waist and short up to my ears and everything in between!!

It has been every color but black!!
 So I can easily change it!!

If I decide I want to......

But for now........
 This is me!!!

What does Joe say you ask????????

Joe learned a very long time ago , NEVER to tell me what to do with my hair!!!

He actually said that I was just trying to look like him as he has been gray since his late 30's!!!
 Now he did need a hair cut in these photos!!!
 He is known at the Post Office where he works as "The Silver Fox:!!!!!!


Well, feel free to send me your thoughts!!
   I will not get offended as I have a VERY thick skin!!


By the way, it is the same hair cut just a shorter version of it!!

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