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Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Very Sincere THANK YOU after the loss os our sweet Savanna

How do you call someone your "friend" when you have never met face to face or even heard the sound of their voice?

How do you tell someone who lives across the country or is even from another country whom you have never"met", how much their words of comfort and understanding have meant to an entire family?

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How do you tell these "friends" that they have done so much to ease your sorrow and lessen the pain of your grief?

How do you tell them that they have played such an important role in helping one small family get through such a tremendous loss in their lives?


Your words of comfort , sympathy, and understanding and your stories of your own grief or fear of losing your own beloved pets have touched our hearts and helped to heal them a bit.

And to those that took time out of your busy day to email me with your own stories and words of encouragement, You have made me realize how truly blessed I am to have friends both out there in Blogland and in real life!

This past Monday, my oldest son Joey brought Savanna home to me one last time. Her remains are in a beautiful wooden box craved with flowers on top. As you can see from the pictures above from just a few weeks ago that she loved being outside in the garden amongst the flowers.

She now is "living" with Joey who plans to create a little Memorial to her on a shelf in the Dining Area of his apartment.

How are we all doing you ask?

Joe and I are adjusting to our "new" life. At times, I think I catch a glimpse of Savanna sitting on the steps , looking out the front door. The hardest thing was coming home from work that first time in the morning and not having her there , waiting by the door with one of her toys in her mouth. At times, I think I can still hear the sound of her footsteps through the house.
But now, we can smile and even laugh about some of the wonderful things she did and the beautiful soul that she was.
We did celebrate Joe's Birthday this past Sunday and the boys are getting used to coming home to a " a quiet" house.
It is easier for them since they no longer live here and I am grateful that their pain is eased a bit.
Joe is still having a hard time especially in the evenings when he is alone as I am sleeping before I have to go to work.
But we are getting used to it...........

Once again, THANK YOU!!! to all of you for all of your kind and encouraging words! I cannot begin to tell you how much they have meant to us!!

I hope to return to Blogland some time next week. Until then.........


Much hugs to you all,

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I know that I have blogged about the Stegmaier Mansion in Wilkes Barre ,Pa. before but I am just so proud to say that I know the owner , Joe Matteo , who has been honored to have the Stegmaier Mansion grace the pages of Victorian Homes magazine , not once but twice!!

First in the Feb. issue, see on the cover "Stegamaier Mansion Revealed"...

And in the August issue. The cover photo is the Ladies parlor inside the Stegmaier Mansion.

It is unheard of to be featured in this magazine in 2 different issues.
So to celebrate, Joe Matteo and his staff were at hand at our local Barnes and Nobles signing issues of the magazine.

Joe is all smiles at the large turnout!

This is Jody Klocko who is the chef at the mansion. Jody was a chocolatier ( spelling) for Godiva Chocolates and has been featured on the Foot Network. He brought some of his delicacies for all to sample....

And this is my good friend Lisa Lewis, Victoriana Lady! Lisa is the tour guide for the mansion. Lisa also is a Living History Actress and presents numerous programs on Victorian and Edwardian Fashions and Life Styles. All Fashions and Items that Lisa displays, showcases and wears during her presentations are AUTHENTIC. She carries no reproductions!
Lisa's web site is www.victorianalady.com

Here is Joe signing my issue!!

This was a photo from the signing back in Feb.

And now I would like to show you my personal photos of the Stegmaier Mansion.
I belong to the Victorian Friendship Society of Northeast Pa. and we are lucky enough to have some of our meetings at the mansion.

The mansion was an 11 unit apartment building only a few years ago until Joe Matteo bought the mansion in 2001 that he once lived in as a tenant!

He has restored it inside and out to the elegance of the Gilded Era.

This is Victoriana Lady conducting a tour of the mansion.

Words can not express how fantastically gorgeous the mansion is. Joe Matteo has poured his heart and soul into the mansion's restoration and has done a lot of the work himself.
I will let the photos do the talking.......

The Gentleman's Parlor.....

In the Dining Room....

The newly Finished ceiling in the Library.....

The Ladies Parlor......

Yes, that is Joe Matteo playing the piano. Joe was a music director for the Norwegian Cruise Line Company.

All of the magnificent stained glass windows...

This is actually looking up through the staircase to the skylight on the roof of the four story mansion!!

The stained glass windows in the Ladies Parlor

This is the Amelia Suite...

The bathroom in the Amelia Suite..

The stained glass windows in the sitting room of the Amelia Suite...

The amazing artwork through out the mansion....

If you would like to learn more about the mansion which ( I saved the best for last ) is a Bed and Breakfast, please visit www.stegmaiermansion.com You can also read the article in the Feb. issue of Victorian Homes on the web site.

This is a wonderful piece of the history in my area that has been loving restored.
When you visit the mansion, the most amazing thing is that nothing is behind a rope as it would be in a museum.
You can walk anywhere, sit anywhere and touch anything. It is a home like atmoshpere as if the Stegmaier's were going to walk through the door in the next minute.

Stegmaier Brewing Company was a famous Beer Company in this area.

I hope you enjoyed your tour!!

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