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Sunday, October 31, 2021

Anne Marie's Halloween Home Tour, 2021


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Happy Halloween!!!
Today, I have a special Treat for you on Halloween!! 

I will be sharing my good friend Anne Marie's Home decorated for Halloween!!!

Anne Marie was kind enough to send me pictures of her home all decked out with descriptions of her many antique and vintage decorations!!

And what I find is the most amazing thing is that her home looks nothing like it did last year decorated for Halloween!!!!!

This is how it all looked last year.....





 Click HERE to see the full Blog post from last year!!!!

After I had given away almost all of my Halloween decorations when the boys got older, it was Anne Marie that got me back into decorating for Halloween.....

I decided to keep the Living Room decorated for Fall but went all out for Halloween in our Dining Room....

All Thanks to Anne Marie who LOVES Halloween!!!


Before we start the Tour, I want to share the sweetest Trick or Treater of them all!!!!

Yes, that is Anne Marie and Tony's little dog, Autumn!!!!
 Autumn is a skeleton this year!

She is on the mantel and is as still as can be!!!!

 Anne Marie sent me a video of her where only her eyes are moving and she is so still!!!

Little Faye would be wrecking havoc on that mantel!!!


We will start the Tour by the front door.....

The Hall Tree

I am going to be using Anne Marie's descriptions of the pictures......

"This is a different vintage child’s Halloween costume than the one I had last year.

As you can see this one is half black half orange and there are pumpkins on it."


"On the seat, the 3 JOL‘s are all papier-mâché in vintage..... the smallest one is actually a nut cup. 
I think you can still see the liner inside of it."
"And the light up tombstone I got from Target"


There is a hall along the stair case and this table is against the one wall.....

I gifted Anne Marie the tombstone!!
Looking into the Living Room and the sofa table.......

 As you enter the Living Room, to the left is her antique Side by Side.....

"Another funeral basket on the floor in front of the side by side. "
" I featured a lot of cats this year. 
So I have my cat display on the top of the side-by-side."


"The three pumpkins with the candy corn bottle brush trees are vintage from the 50s."
 "They’re plastic.
  Then I put a few tombstones on one of the shelves."
 "The three little devils are small and vintage."

 "They’re in one of the areas on the side by side."

In front of a huge Living Room window.....

Is a beautiful chair and tables......

"The first picture are some figures like the ones I gave you."

Yes, Anne Marie gifted me 2 of these sweet figures!!!

 "And the little table in front of them is a girl candy container, vintage and she is in a skeleton costume."


"The small cat next to her is made by Herman in Germany and it’s vintage.

  And then of course I have to have one of my funeral baskets on the floor in front of both tables."


 "Where the purple creepy crawler is, those are wool felted pumpkins that I bought a few years ago and forgot that I had them. 

They’re in an antique bridal basket on the coffee table."


 In the corner by the window is her magnificent Antique organ!!!!

"The single cats on either side of the organ are vintage Beistle."



"The cat garland on top is a reproduction of vintage Beistle"

" The cat that is on the organ seat you gave me!"

Yes, I gifted her the cat!!

To the left of the organ is the TV Entertainment Center....

  "This is what I have in all the cubbies in my wall unit where the TV is"




 "I gave my lamp lady a pumpkin to hold. It’s an earring!"



 In front of the Entertainment Center is a crib filled with a few Halloween Bearington Bears.....

 In the corner on the other side of the TV Entertainment Center.....

  "The cat and the skeleton hand are on that little phone table I have that the door opens on."

"The bucket I’ve had for a while and I honestly can’t remember the last time I put it out.

 I just filled it with pumpkins and that cute little ghost bear that you gave me!"


 I wonder how come I did not buy the same bear for myself!! LOL!

"This picture is a velvet pumpkin and a spider on a tombstone and a tiny little treat holder"


 "This picture is just a vintage reproduction dummy board with a pumpkin on either side that I have on the table between the wall unit and a chair."

Now we go into the Dining Room.....

Over on the Victrola....

"The pumpkin with the party hat and the cat rattle are on top of the Victrola"

" A big Halloween cone..."

  "A black popcorn cat and a card with a vintage Halloween image on it in the funeral basket in front of the grandfather clock"

 Anne Marie gifted me the same cone.

 "Another come that I have on the other side of the fireplace one side has the cat that you see, the other side has a witch face."

The Dining Room Fireplace.....


 This is the top of the mantle.

"Everything on it is vintage except the bottle brush trees."

"An orange cat that’s either a candy or nut cup....."


" There’s a Gurley candle, a noisemaker, the witch and black cat postcard from 1909 and a blow mold of the cat with the pumpkin on his back"


 "The cat face that has the party horn going across is actually called a witch whistle."


"The round Orange thing right behind him that has a picture of a cat on it is actually a party hat.

 There’s a strap to go under your chin.

 Next to the hat is a vintage piece Beistle band member 

I only have the one, there should be 4. 

 And then in front of them is a vintage Halloween cracker.

 I was in to honeycomb this year too.

 Hence the pumpkin and two more vintage Beistle cats"



"The next two cats are Steiff. 

I put the ribbons on them but one still has its original button on the ear. 

 The little one still has his original tag"


 "The black cat and witches hat postcard is from 1912."


 "The next cat face is a die cut and in front of him is another Halloween cracker."


 "Then I have two black and orange honeycomb balls.

 A noisemaker with a cat on it."


  "A party cup, another cat noise maker, another postcard blue background with pumpkins and black cats that is also from 1910 and another Gurley candle"

"Of course, another funeral basket and a couple faux boxes. 
 The picture album is antique."

 "They are on top of the trunk next to the fireplace."
To the left of the fireplace is the buffet......

 "This is my fortune telling area."


 "Lots of potion bottles."

The two fortune telling cards are postcards from 1909. You have to hold them up to a mirror to see the answer to the question"

 "Some cat skeletons. 
My animated fortune teller."

 "I made the big sign behind her."
 Anne Marie's Fortune Teller is animated but I can not download the video of it....

 "Then two different black cat boxes."

"Gypsy witch playing cards. 
Pick Your Poison"

"Two more 1909 fortune telling postcards"


The Dining Room Table......

 "I did not set my dining room table as a tablescape. 

I decided to do just a pumpkin and mouse theme."

 "A silver tray with the big skeleton mouse and a candle, couple little skeleton mice some spiders and some pumpkins."


 "A spell book. 

It opens and closes by itself and says three different spells."


 "The black runner I used is really a decorative tie for a chair that you gave me...."

 "I have some chocolate candy bars with different vintage images on them that I’ve actually had for a few years"


 "The fortuneteller game is from 1905 and has all its parts and the original instructions."



 In the Kitchen.....

 "Two of the shelves in the kitchen with some reproduction images of old postcards and of course the calendar that Debbie and I both have."


Anne Marie gifted me this Cynthia Hart Calendar which I love!!!

"A small vignette I have on the counter in the kitchen."
 "A Halloween bear, some lollipops and a faux candle.

 And then I thought the superstitions were cute!!!!"

What a wonderful Tour of Anne Marie's home all decked out for Halloween!!!
I want to THANK Anne Marie for sending me the pictures and descriptions so I could share them with you!!!!
If you loved it, like I do, PLEASE let Anne Marie know what you think of it in the comments!!
I know she will greatly appreciate your kind comments!!!!
And I hope you all enjoy Halloween!!!!

 I hope you will stop by to visit again soon!!

Stay safe, healthy and most of all, HAPPY!!

Thanks to those who took the time out of their busy day to spend a little bit of time with me!!

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