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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I finally did it!!

Several years ago, before one of my neighbor's threw it out, she offered me an old China Cupboard.

Of course, I will take it, I said.

I always wanted to refinish it but never got around to it. You all know how that goes especially all of you who work full time....

So I moved it into my Den and made do....

Here it is decorated at Christmas time.....

And here it is with my red ( or Pink as some people call it) and blue transfer ware dishes in it......

As you can see, the finish on it was pretty much shot to heck.....

We repainted our Den last week ( another post in the near future) so I decided we would finally refinish the china cupboard, finally!!

Here is Joe sanding it down.....

Our sander had to be about 3o years old and we burned it up!!!


Anyone have tips on a new sander that works really well????

I will take any advice that you have to offer as we are looking for a new one.....

You can also see that I am putting Joe to work around the house while he is still off from work because of his foot surgery. He goes back to work the second week of July...

Let me think of more things we can get done while he is off??????

Anyway, here she is all sanded......

She has good bones, doesn't she???

Joe painted the inside and put 2 coats on the outside until the weather took a turn for the worse on Sunday.

So we moved her inside....

Not looking too bad.....

I finished painting and then sanded in places where I wanted it looking distressed. I was doing this about 6 pm in the evening so I was now getting distressed myself!!!

I did this after I put up the wall paper border in the Den during the day...

Then looking back on several blogger Tutorials that I had saved on my computer, I then applied gel stain to the cupboard and then wiped it off.

Now I had no idea of what I was doing and I panicked at first because I was using things that I had around the house.

What I mean is the china cupboard was painted with Antique White Semi Gloss paint that we had bought to paint the door moldings upstairs several years ago.

I used Mahogany gel stain that I used to refinish Joe's grandmother's hutch in my Living Room , also several years ago. This is when I panicked because it came out looking rather dark!

Then I referred back to all of the blogger's tutorials and read that some of you used wax then on the pieces you redid.

Okay, not wanting to run out at 8:00pm on a Sunday night to by a cream wax, I got out my Old English spray wax polish and sprayed and rubbed away!!

To my surprise, the stain wiped off the antique white and accented the places where I sanded and Wa La!!!

Here she is!!!!!

I was quite thrilled with her!!

Now I am still not done because I found these wood appliques that bought on Clearance in Michael's many years ago and then forgot where I put them , only to find them in the attic about a month ago....

So I will by a nice oak or maple gel stain to use on them and then I will add them here....

And here on each side......

Here is the bottom.....

Now I always have the door open for the simple fact that it does not shut right... It is wrapped..... But I can work with that....

I left the inside a solid Antique White....

Here she is moved into place....

I added my lace doilies.....

And all the rest of my "stuff"....

I am only showing you close ups because I don't want you to see the rest of the Den redone.

As I said, that will be in another post....

So here she is in all her glory.....

Now I was always taught never to say that something I created or refinished was pretty or beautiful because my Mother would have called me vain or maybe I thought it was pretty but that did not mean that anyone else would think it was pretty.


I do have to say that I think she came out mighty fine and I am very pleased with the end result even though I really had no idea what I was doing!!

And I finished her at 10:15pm on Sunday evening!!!!

Okay, I have 2 of these end tables in the Den that Joe paid $6.00 a piece for at a Church Flea Market.

Well .....guess what??

I am going to stain the tops with the same oak or maple gel stain that I buy to use on the wood appliques for the china cupboard and then paint the bottoms of the tables and refinish them the same way as the China Cupboard.

They have a marble like insert on the tops.....

So that will be the next project....

I think Joe will be looking forward to going back to work.....

So what do you all think of this old gal who up to this point has not cost me a dime?????

Stay tuned for my next post which will be on the Den Re Do......

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