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Sunday, March 13, 2022

A Snow Storm, Grand Pups and An Easter Tree in the Living Room, 2022








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Today, I will be sharing the first major Snow Storm we got this Winter and the large Tree in the Living Room that I keep up year round, all decked out for Easter!!!

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In my last post, I shared how I decorated the top of the TV entertainment Center in the Living Room, along with some "dabbling" I have been doing for Easter.....

Click HERE if you missed that post!!

And now for a few Personal Notes...

 Food of the Week

On Friday, our son Joey treated us to pizza from one of our favorite places, Serpico's....

Maintaining a meatless Friday for Lent, according to Catholic Doctrine, we got a pizza topped with mushrooms....

 And a plain with extra cheese pizza....

 So good!!

No one wants to cook on the weekends and for me, I never want to cook at any time, so it was a simple dinner on Saturday....

Joe bought these Mashed Potato Smiles!!!

 Of course, he forgot where!!!

 They said they are good for dipping so we dipped them in Sweet Baby Ray's Secret Sauce!!

Pretty good....

I made some ground chuck patties on the George Foreman Grill.....

 And I heated up the other half of the Italian Stromboli from this past week's Reheat and Eat Dinner from the WB Scranton Penguins Food Service!!

The stromboli was fantastic and so was the meat loaf and chicken dinners from this week's offerings...

So much so that I will probably start to make meatloaf again!!

I have not made it in years because when Joe worked at Wegman's, he always brought home their ready made meat loaf....

I liked the addition of sweet peppers and onions inside of the mixture.....

It was very flavorful!!

Just had to share that our Grand Pup Faye also got a hair cut!!

She now looks like a chihuahua rather than a Yorkie!!!

Here are our Grand Pups waiting to be taking outside on Friday morning!!

Azumi always seem to have her tongue out!!

 G Pop with Faye!!

 Little Miss Big Ears we call her when she gets a hair cut!!

Waiting for a cookie after doing their business outside!!

Faye is sporting a cute kerchief just like our sweet Savanna always did!!!

 Faye decided she wanted to eat and Azumi waits for Faye to drop a morsel of food which Azumi then picks up and eats!!
 Azumi patiently waits for her turn....
Azumi makes a bee line for the food and cleans out the bowl once Joe has left with Faye, taking her outside for the second time....

Azumi , sitting and waiting for me to put her leash on to go outside for the second time!!

Azumi and I make our rounds around the grassy areas and parking lot....

While Faye takes her G Pop for a walk up the hill...

Faye sees me and Azumi in the parking lot....


Faye leads the way back home!!

Faye goes right in her crate after their second time out!!

 And when Azumi sees Faye do that, she follows and goes into hers!!

They wait for their cookies and then we say Good Bye for the day to these sweet pups!!

We had some Snow on Wednesday...
And then it was in the 50's on Thursday and Friday....
I always say that we do not get the Sun in the front of our house from October until the end of March.....
This is the perfect example of such!!
This is how the front of our house looked on Friday morning after a 50 degree day.....

 And this is the yard across the Court from us that gets the Sun during the day....

Looking down from our slope.....

Big difference , huh????
  On Saturday , we were supposed to get 4-8 inches of Snow!!

This is how it looked during the height of the storm....

Joe, our neighbors Ed, Tom and Melanie were working on cleaning the sidewalks, cars and steps.....

We have a system where everyone across the Court parks on our side or on the road so that side can be plowed first and then everyone moves over there so our side can be plowed......

Joe was working dilligently to clean our car off because he had a Hockey Game to go to that night!!

I do want to give Kudos out to our road department in our Township because they plowed several times, keeping our road clear!!

And when it was all said and done, the Sun came out!!!

 That is Sun on my Park Bench!!!!

 A sure sign of spring!!

You can see clear across to the mountains across the river!!!!

Also Kudos to the landscaping Company that plows the Courts in our development!!!

After plowing , they then put salt down as it was supposed to go down to the teens overnight and the parking lot was a sheet of ice!!

It sure beats having to shovel a drive way!!!!

Here is Joe shoveling out our back yard...

I would say we only got about 5-6 inches of snow....

It was yet another dud....

We really have not had a lot of snow this Winter and are below our normal amount....

I have been busy this past week decorating the Living Room for Easter but I have also took my time as Easter is pretty late this year.....
A whole month after Saint Patrick's Day which is a rarity!!
Today, I want to share how I decorated the large Tree in the Living room which I keep up year round....
It does look a tad different from other years as I decided to keep up the small Tree that I put up for Christmas and Valentine's in the Living Room by the stairs.....
 So I borrowed a set of pink lights, 2 egg garlands and some ornaments from this Tree to decorate the other one.....

I still added 3 sets of pink LED light to the Tree even though they do appear to look purple which is great for Easter!!!!!
 This Tree is topped with some florals and a metal egg lawn stake!!!
 I made a bow and streamers out of purple, aqua and white deco mesh ribbon....

Love those colored lights!!

 I added 2 strands of an egg garland...

 And a pink beaded garland!! 

I then decorated the Tree with the many Easter ornaments that I have amassed over 15-20 years......
 I am going to let the pictures do the talking!!!



And there you have it!!!


I really like this Tree decorated for Easter!!!!

I also leave up the platform from my Christmas Village underneath this Tree year round.....

For Easter, I set up a Bunny Patch!!

 The large Bunnies on each side of the Tree were bought at a Church Flea Market

 I added a string of pearls to this fair Lady!!

 I did the floral arrangement in this planter....

A "Chocolate" Bunny and a lot of eggs!!

A string of egg lights woven through the Bunny Patch....

I embellished the egg box above!
This is my childhood Easter Basket which I display every year!!!!

 The bow on the side is the original bow that my Mother put on it!!!

 The pink and purple eggs and bunnies were mine as a child!

The egg in the middle was made in ceramics by my MIL for me...
More bunnies and eggs.....

Quite a dapper looking Gentleman , don't you think???

Again, I did the floral arrangement!

Another "Chocolate" Bunny!

 In the evening....


  With the flash off on the camera.....

I hope you enjoyed seeing this year's main Easter Tree in the Living Room....

I want to also share the difference it makes in a room by simply changing out drapes and linens and decorating for the different Seasons and Holidays.....




And now, Easter....

It sure beats remodeling!!!!

In my next post, I will be sharing the rest of the Living Room decorated for Easter!!!

And the "new" Easter Tree by the stairs!!!

So I hope you will stop by to visit on Wednesday when I will be posting again!!!!!!!

Stay safe, healthy and most of all, HAPPY!!

Thanks to those who took the time out of their busy day to spend a little bit of time with me!!

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  1. Love the Easter Egg collection! Your house is just so springy and pretty! We were supposed to get that snow, but lucky for us: it was a "no-show snow". We got a dusting. Your meals look so yummy. I just need to get to meal planning. Thanks for the comments on my post. I think I am going to switch to the nurse practitioner and see what she has to say. Our small town doctors all work for the hospital now and it is one big conglomerate. I am just so tired of getting old. LOL.

  2. Your pups are so darling. Sweet grands! Do they do well with the trees? Your Easter is really lovely!

  3. Hey Debbie!
    The religious certificates are lovely and I'm looking forward to seeing where you hang them. I love Biblical prints and have a few in my home. The certificates I received as a child for VBS and SS have beautiful art so I framed them in a collage which I enjoy immensely.
    All of your dinners look scrumptious, especially those potato pancakes!
    I haven't been to Sam's in a very long time. Are their meals fresh or frozen?
    Green peppers and onions, plus celery, have always been part of my meatloaf. With prices so high now who knows when I'll make one again, but it sure is a favorite of my son.
    Aww, the grandpups are so precious..You and Joe must really enjoy your time with them.
    Your Easter decorations are amazing!
    Blessings, Linda

    1. Linda,
      The meals are fresh from Sam's club and are quite delicious....The meatloaf was very good and I think I will be added peppers and onions to mine...We do love seeing our grand pups!! Thanks so much for visiting!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  4. Really enjoyed seeing your gorgeous Easter tree and all of your pretty decor, Debbie! Those pups are really sweet, also! Enjoyed your post so much!

  5. I've never seen an Easter tree, it looks so beautiful and colourful! And even though you said it doesn't feel like you've had a lot of snow that looks like a lot to me as it never snows here, haha!
    Azumi is such a cute dog - looks just like our little rescue pup Cooper, although I shouldn't really call him a pup as we got him 10 years ago so he's a little old dog now!

    Hope that your week is off to a good start! :)

    Away From The Blue

  6. Good Morning, Deb. You really had a snow storm! Looks very cold but still beautiful. The pups are so adorable and sweet. Looks like they love each other. Your beautiful home looks so festive and lovely. The Easter tree is just beautiful. Thank you for always giving us such great eye candy..Happy Tuesday..xxoJudy

  7. My word, I think I love your home decorated with Easter….and I thought Christmas couldn’t be beat! The tree in the living room is just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your family and pups…and that delicious take out! xo, V

    1. V,
      Thanks so much for your very kind words!! I too enjoy my Easter Trees....I love the different looks for the different Seasons and Holidays...I get bored with decor and right about the time I am tired of a certain look, it is time to change it so I think doing so freshens up the whole house! Like I always say, "It sure beats remodeling"!! LOL!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  8. HI Debbie,
    Those veggie pizzas look yummy! You guys are great grandpawrents!
    Happy Day! laura

  9. Love your Easter tree! And, Azumi and Faye are adorable. I'm a huge dog-lover, and I think it must be a joy to have those sweet little pups around the house. Thank you for participating in Talent-Sharing Tuesdays Link-Up 11.

  10. Perfect Easter tree in the corner, pretty colors! Thanks so much for linking up at A Themed Linkup 100 for Spring Crafts and Décor. Pinned.

  11. Your Easter decor is so cute, Debbie! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  12. CONGRATS Debbie! Your post is FEATURED at A Themed Linkup 101 for Tablescapes from the previous linkup for Spring Crafts and Décor.

  13. Your Easter tree is so cute! Thanks for sharing it with us on Crafty Creators!
    Niki ~ Life as a LEO Wife

  14. How well I remember meatless Fridays! My mom always made fish for us 5 girls, but my dad didn't always have fish. Some times he had bacon :( Oh well, fish is better for you anyway :)
    Thanks for sharing at the FWF party!

  15. The puppies are so cute! It really looks like you’re enjoying them!

    The change of seasons is fun, and I appreciate your love of the things that that brings! I had a thought that you must not have a cat, because all of those decorations would be creatively rearranged if you did!

    Thanks for sharing at the Sunday Sunshine Blog Hop 12 and have a great day!

    Ridge Haven Homestead


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