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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Cottage Garden Update and A Project!

Welcome to Debbie-Dabble Blog!!
I am so happy you decided to stop by!!

In my last post, I shared a few colorful projects that I did to brighten up our back yard Cottage Garden and Patio.......

I repainted a sign......
 I spray painted a few solar lights that had called it quits making them into colorful Garden Globes
 And threw together a few floral arrangements for the Patio.....
 Click HERE if you missed this post......

Today, I thought I would show you how my little Cottage Garden is growing since it is almost August......

And also show you a project that Joe and I did on Saturday and we didn't kill each other!!!

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My perennials are doing okay but my annuals have really taken off even though I got such a late start planting them......
The wave petunias in the coal bucket on the table seem to be suffering a bit with the 90 degree heat we have been having even though I do water them daily and we have had quite a lot of rain......
 I think they need a dose of Miracle Gro......

The begonias in these 2 pots are looking okay.....
The impatiens are really doing well......
Same thing with this pot of impatiens......
Begonias in the pot on the milk can......
And these impatiens look a bit ragged, I must admit......

The middle section of the garden between the 2 walkways.......
Again, the impatiens are really doing well here!!!
The sedum planted in front of the bistro chair planter are really growing fast this year.....
Again, the begonias look hardy.....
This former fountain turned bird bath turned planter was an experiment this year.......
When it cracked in the Winter, I decided to turn it into a flower planter........
I am very happy with how it looks........
Looking at it from the other side of the yard.......
Now let's take a look at some of the pots on the patio......
Again, I did not go crazy with different kinds of flowers this year because of my surgery and the late start I got with planting my annuals........
But the impatiens definitely do well in my back yard and patio........
Don't you think??????
Okay, so that completes my end of July tour of our back yard Cottage Garden.......

On Saturday, Joe decided to do a project........

This is our lilac tree which I planted outside the fence.......
It was a small slip that my MIL dug out of her neighbor's yard and I planted it outside the fence because I did not want it to take up the whole yard as it grew......

In case you are wondering, it is planted on our property as we own 1 foot past our fence.......

You can see though that this branch is pushing against the fence and it is pushing the fence in......
So Joe got out the lopper and planned his attack.......
As you can see he decided to cut as many of the smaller branches off the Tree as he could and then he cut them into smaller pieces that I could bag them up.....

Yep!! I had to get in on the action too........I love me a good lopper......
Now, can I tell you that the temps. reached almost 90 on Saturday.......

When Joe put on the googles, they fogged up and he couldn't see a darn thing!!!!!
"I can't see anything"!!!!

Can you tell how hot it was by how he looks??????
Now he attacked it with a saw.......
When he got up on that step stool, I prayed he would not fall off it and break his neck!!!!!

Now, he is working on the last piece of the branch.....
"I did it"!!!!
Of course, after he removed that branch, we noticed that another one was growing into the arborvitaes.....

So we cut that one down too.......

And this is how it looks minus those big branches.....
It does let more sunlight shine on the back of the yard.......
I usually say that if you want your marriage to end in divorce, do a home improvement project together....

Usually we fight like cats and dogs when we do a project together because I am a Carpenter's daughter and Joe is definitely NOT the son of a carpenter......

But we did well and actually laughed a lot......

It might have been because we both where ready to pass out from the heat and humidity.......

Soon I will be back with an update on how my flowers in the front of our house are growing.......

 So I hope you will stop by to visit again soon!!

Thanks to those who took the time out of their busy day to spend a little bit of time with me!!

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  1. Sounds like fun that you were able to do this project together and enjoy the process. It was a delight to once again have a tour of the back garden/patio and enjoy the beauty. The milk can today I noticed and was joy to see, each thing complimenting another.

  2. Morning Deb!
    Your flowers are all very pretty...so many sweet things in your garden. (I wish y'all could come down here and trim a couple of limbs hanging over my drive!)
    Blessings, Linda

    1. Linda,
      Thanks so much for s=taking the time to always stop by and for leaving such kind comments!! I truly appreciate it!!

  3. Hi Debbie! Oh, I just love seeing your garden and it just makes me smile. I love seeing all of your pretty flowers too. You work so hard in making your home inside and out look good and I appreciate it that you share it with us!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Deb, your garden is so lovely. You seem to have a lot of pink and that just suits it fine. You must have the right amount of sun and shade for the impatients to look so pretty and do so well. I thought they required all shade when I planted them in the Secret Garden, but they didn't do well there at all. I know what you mean about the trials of trying to work together with your partner. Maybe the heat did make you silly because I can't believe it all went so well. My "Captain of my Team" takes too much authority sometimes and that doesn't end well!!!..Happy Wednesday and thanks so much for your visit...xxoJudy

  5. your garden is looking nice and full, I have had a couple plants die on me, that's great you were able to get the trimming done without getting on each other's nerves.

  6. What a great tour. Enjoyed tagging along this afternoon. Such a delight to see all the beauty you have going on. Girl...those limbs can be a mess can't they? Hugs and blessings to you.

  7. Your gardens are just beautiful, Debbie. Love the pinks! Thank you for sharing at Party In Your PJ's!

  8. I was so afraid a branch was going to fall on the pretty stuff underneath. I'm so sorry it's been so hot. I hope you have a cool down soon. It's been horrible here.

  9. Hi Deb, Tour yard looks like a beautiful color wonderland. I love seeing it. And the amazing thing is the two of you are so engaged in making the yard look nice. Trimming the Lilac tree was a big undertaking especially on a hot summer day. The heat has really taken a toll on my little yard. We have been in the 100+ degrees. It will soon cool down, I hope. Thanks for sharing your beautiful spot of earth.

  10. So beautiful and colorful...a wonderful sight. Thank you for sharing with us, especially the laughs at the end.

  11. Glad your marriage survived the project!!! Thanks for sharing at the Weekend Blog Hop at My Flagstaff Home! --Jennifer

  12. Muy bonito todo, genial post ! ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š Espero tu opiniรณn en mi รบltima entrada! Buenos dรญas

  13. Debbie, your garden is so colorful and you did a great job on your projects! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  14. Deb everything is so pretty, I love all the pink flowers. This year I have struggled to keep flowers alive, it is so hot, they just dont last grown in pots. And the Nurseries dont have much to choose from this late in the summer, hoping for some fall stock to replenish some of my planters.Thank you for sharing on #omhgww.
    Please join us again this week!

  15. Debbie, I think your flowers are doing really well for late July! And your husband is a saint for getting out in the heat and cutting branches. My hubby was out for a full Saturday cutting up the big branch that fell in the front yard and other branches on our oak trees about 3 weeks ago now and ended up with horrible prickly heat (I had it in June... ugh!). Will do more when fall rolls around! ;)

    My flowers are doing okay but today was the first of the super hot 100 degree days here in Denton, Texas... Time to water everyday now. Thanks for sharing your post at Share Your Style #218!

    Barb :)

  16. Thank you for sharing at #OverTheMoon. Pinned and shared.

  17. Debbie,
    Congrats, you are being featured on Over The Moon Linky Party. Hope you stop by.

  18. Lovely flowers Debbie. I am loving the pink! Kudos to your hubby for working in the heat. Thanks so much for sharing at "Love Your Creativity."
    Have a lovely week. xoxo


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