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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Been Shopping Again!!!


Yes, I have been shopping again!!!

The local Sears store in the Wyoming Valley Mall recently closed........
 So sad to see Sears, an American Institution falling by the wayside.......

On the last weekend that Sears was open, we decided to go down and take a look.......

I am so glad that we did!!!

On Saturday, everything else other than clothes was 60% off the original and than an additional 60% off!!

These charcoal colored lanterns were originally $24.99 each.......
 They came down to $3.99 each!!!

I plan on using one for Halloween.....

Same thing with these gold ones.........
 $24.99 originally and down to $3.99

They have now found a place on the stairs......
 I will be showing more of these lanterns in a future post......

These Luminaries were originally $12.99 and came down to $2.08 each!!!
I am not sure if I will keep them this color or spray paint one or two of them white.......
These gold mercury glass candle sticks were $9.99.........
They came down to $1.40 each.......
Now I don't usually show much in the way of clothes on my blog for the simple fact that I do not buy much clothes.....

When I go to work, it is in scrubs so I do not have a job where I get to wear nice clothes.........

But when I saw how much the clothing in Sears was marked down, I could not resist!!

On Saturday, all clothing was 80% off with an additional 60% off!!!

This is what I bought:

Original price.......$48.00
Paid $3.84 for this sweater set.....There is an attached tank underneath!!

Original price.....$34.00
Paid $2.72 for this shirt!!

Originally $40.00
Paid $3.20 for this blouse!!!

Originally $44.00
Paid $3.52 for this velvet embossed top!!

Originally $44.00
Paid $3.52 for this velvet embossed top!!!

Originally $40.00
Paid $3.20 for this lace top!!!

Originally $20.00
Paid $1.60 for this turtleneck!!

Originally $20.00
Paid $1.60 for this turtleneck!!

These 8 tops came out to a total of $23.84!!!

We decided to go back on Sunday and Lo and Behold!!

They were now giving a 75% discount off the already marked down price on everything!!!!

So I bought a larger black lantern that was originally $29.99
 Paid $3.00!!!!

I have all kinds of ideas on how to decorated this lantern which is about 18 inches tall!!!

Almost everything that I bought the day before was gone but they had put out more articles of clothing!!!!

So now the clothing was 80% off  and an additional 75% off at the check out!!!

This was $40.00 originally....
Paid $2.00 for this velvet tank top!!

Same with this black velvet tank!
$40.00 down to $2.00!!

$40.00 originally......
Paid $2.00 for this sweater....

Originally $40.00......
Paid $2.00 for this sweater......

Originally $24.00......
Paid only $1.20 for this print sweatshirt!!

Same with the following 2 print sweatshirts!!!
Originally $24, down to a mere $1.20!!!!

The next 3 turtlenecks were originally $20........
I paid $1.00 for each of them!!!

These 10 tops came out to a total of $11.82!!!!!

Crazy, huh??????

I bought all these tops with the thought that if they did not fit me, I would donate them to Salvation Army because of how little they cost......

Well, they all fit!!!!

Lucky me!!!

One of our favorite places where we ordered food from weekly was Station's Grill.....
Sadly, they were damaged by the Tornado that hit the shopping centers right next to where I live and the building will have to be torn down......

Margaret and Shawn are a Mother and Son team that owned the restaurant......
Margaret was in the restaurant when the tornado hit and ran to the back of the building for cover.......

She is so lucky because the tornado ripped the gas lines away from the building!!!
And this is what the side of the building looked like after the Tornado hit!!
 And the other side of the building!!
She was so lucky!!!

So they were selling things off that were not damaged.......

This is one of their chalk boards that listed Specials.......
Still had the Special of the Day on it!!

After it was cleaned up.......
It was $3.00

They were also selling brand new dishes from the restaurant........

I loved the colors.......
8 large bowls and 6 small ones were $18.00.......

We are hoping the Margaret and Shawn will be able to find another location and re-open Station's Grill as we loved their food!!!!

Boneless Chicken Bites with choice of 15 different home made sauces!!!
 Delicious Hoagies!!
 And fantastic Burgers!!
It is so sad to see the local Business's suffer after the Tornado.....

I also went to Micheal's and they had Summer items reduced to 70% off and I had a 20% off coupon!!!
I bought this outdoor pillow for $6.40!!

It matches the new cushions and pillows that I bought in J.C. Penney's.......
I also bought this pink drum table for the Patio........
It was marked down to $16.00 and with the 20% off, it came down to $12.80!!

It is perfect beside Joe's chair on his side of the Patio......
And it matches the table that I spray painted for my side of the patio.....
I found this vinyl place mat for $1.00 at Dollar General.......
I have my eye a few more things in Tuesday Morning's so I am sure I will be back with another post on more new Treasures!!

I am looking forward to seeing Fall and Halloween things out in the stores as that is my favorite Season of the year!!

Michael's already has their Fall merchandise out with some Halloween things.....

If you have been watching the News lately, you have seen that Penna. is getting hammered with rain causing Historical amounts of rain!!!

These are amounts of rain that has fallen in these towns in central Pa. since Saturday....
Now we have not seen that much rain here in Northeastern Pa. but we have seen quite a bit since Saturday!!!

On Wednesday afternoon, we were up to 5 inches of rain since Saturday afternoon......
 Wednesday night into this morning, we had torrential downpours........

This now is my back yard rain gauge and we have gotten 7 inches of rain since the rain started on Saturday afternoon!!!!
 Unbelievable because Pa. has never gotten so much rain from just a front and not from a tropical air mass!!!

It is too much rain for my poor impatiens in this container in the back of the yard!!!
 They are water logged and falling apart!!

No rain is predicted for today so I may drag this container under the awning as more rain is predicted for Friday!!

All eyes are on the Susquehanna River which is rising from the run off from the flooded creeks and streams in the area.

This is exactly the reason why I chose to live on top of a hill in an area of the Wyoming Valley that is no where near the Susquehanna River!!

But then again, we nearly got taken out by a Tornado a little over a month ago so go figure!!

This weekend is our Church's Annual 3 Day Parish Festival...

I always donate a basket for the Theme Basket raffle......

 This year I made up a basket and called it "Create a Fairy Garden"
 The above picture shows what I put in the basket along with directions on how to create a Fairy Garden in a Beverage Tub like mine.......
 I bought everything for the basket at the end of last Season at 50% off!!!

 I was also asked to make up a basket using money that a parishioner donated but did not know how to do a Basket herself......

So this is what I came up with.........
A Summer Outdoor Entertaining Basket.......

I forgot to take photos of both baskets actually made up.....

I bought everything for this basket in Big Lot's for 50% off so the Basket's Value is $100 but I only paid $50 for everything!!!

Joe and I will be going to our Church Festival on Saturday and Sunday and enjoying Ethnic foods like Pierogies, Potato Pancakes, Pizza, Haluski ( cabbage and noodles) and much more!!

It is supposed to be nice on Saturday and Sunday with NO rain!!!

In my next post, I will be sharing how I decorated the top of the TV Entertainment Center for late Summer........
 I brought back my "Stroll in the Park " Theme but added a few more figurines and changed things up a bit......
So I hope you will be back to visit again soon.......

And thanks to those who took the time out of their busy day to spend a little bit of time with me!!

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I love the lanterns and like to place them on shepherds hooks to line my driveway at Christmas especially. I have to check to see if Sears store in my area is closing so I can catch some deals like this. I, like you , hate to see Sears close. Been around so long.
    I removed previous comment because I didn't punctuate. Too many rainy days I guess.
    Happy Thursday

  3. My goodness so much treasure. You certainly managed to pick up some great bargains. The lanterns were a real delight and such a great price. Love the gift baskets.

  4. I love all great steals! You'll make fabulous use of them this fall and holiday seasons.

  5. Wow did you ever get some fantastic deals, you can't pass up those prices for the clothes especially! so great they all fit.. Hopefully they can find a new place to set up there restaurant, that must have been pretty scary to live through.
    Hope your area can get some relief from all that rain, our area always floods in time of extreme rain.

  6. Your shopping skills are on point. Hope you are well.

  7. Wow, you hit the shopping jackpot! The clothes are lovely but the lanterns are FABULOUS! Great finds. Sure hope the rain will let up a bit for you soon.

    1. Joy,
      Thanks so much for stopping by!! I could not find any other way to respond to your comment so I am doing so here....

  8. Wow! Those are some really amazing finds! You sure can't beat the price on the clothes and I just love those lanterns and luminaries.

  9. You are amazing I love that happy porch. Happy Summer, Kippi

  10. The damage that the tornado still looks so scary. Can't believe how close to your house it actually came and those poor businesses. But OMW Debbie did you ever score with all those specials. Incredible the prices.

  11. You got some great buys Debbie. Love your dinner set. Lovely bold colours.Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays :)

  12. Great deals! Can't wait to see what you're up to next week! Where has the summer gone!!

  13. You found some great deals, Deb! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!


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