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Saturday, January 13, 2024

Saturday Snippets...A Valentine's Gingerbread House & Gifts





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 I know I said I was only going to post twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays.....
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If I find I want to do this, I will do it on a Saturday, calling it Saturday Snippets!!
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  And Saturday Snippets will just be a short post about something I want to share like a craft or a small Haul....

So Welcome to my first Saturday Snippets post!!!!

In my last post, I shared An After Christmas Haul.....

 An Easter Haul....

What I bought with a gift card gifted to me for Christmas....


 And something new that I actually cooked!!!


Click HERE if you missed that post!!

But first, I want to Thank Marsha, over at Marsha in the Middle, for choosing my post, Taking a Break ,announcing the birth of our twin granddaughters, as one of her features from last week's Weekend Traffic Jam Reboot Link Party!!

 Thanks so much, Marsha!!!
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 And now for a few Saturday Snippets....

Last week, when I went for my hair cut at J.C. Penney's I bought this on Clearance......

I had my eye on this Gingerbread house for 3 months because I wanted it for Valentine's Day....
Originally $100 , which is outrageous....

Marked down to $24.99 and with a $10 Reward, only $14.99!! 

  Valentine's Day Gingerbread houses are trending and selling out like crazy in Hobby Lobby, Marshall's and T.J. Maxx....
These pics are of just 2 of these gingerbread houses by Cashmere and Cupcakes...

 You see that by adding some hearts to the one I bought I can make it look similar to these that are selling for $50-$65!!
I checked my stash and found I had felt hearts, some small heart scatter and red ribbon flowers....

This is what I came up with.......

I also found I had red and white striped pipe cleaners....

Now I have a Valentine's Gingerbread House for a fraction of the cost of buying one.....

I will be using this in a Valentine's Sweet Shop display on the Dining Room buffet this year....

I was able to reschedule a Christmas visit with my niece Renae and great nieces Cait and Carly that was cancelled due to illness and the birth of my twin granddaughters for last evening ( Friday)!

We enjoyed pizza from a local eatery, Leggio's and ice cream for dessert....

They were kind enough to gift me this sweet cutting board and cheese knife set...

I will be able to use this for both Christmas and now Winter.....

Along with this stunning Victorian styled ornament from Macy's in New York City!!!

Renae said that it just screamed my name and she was so right!!

Drop dead gorgeous!!

I will be keeping this beauty out year round....

 And a gift card to Cracker Barrel for Joe and I!!!
Thanks so much Renae, Cait and Carly!!

Joe , Joey and I enjoyed spending a wonderful evening with family!!

And that is it for today....

I hope you enjoyed my first Saturday Snippets post!!

In my next post on MONDAY, I will be sharing how I changed over the Front Porch and Yard from Christmas to Winter......

So I hope you will stop by to visit again on MONDAY!!! 
 Stay safe, healthy and most of all, HAPPY!!

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  1. Such beauty! Love your cute treasures. Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by!! I tried leaving a comment over on your blog but I see there was no comment section!! I hope you are having a great week!!

  2. My daughter loves gingerbread houses and I did not realize that they were becoming popular for Valentine's Day!

  3. Oh my gosh!!!!! I love, love, love that ornament! I want it!! 😂😂😂 It screams my name too. I hail originally from Louisiana! LSU is my team and purple is my favorite color and always has been!
    Chicken spaghetti looks delicious.
    Signed, Jane from Mississippi

    1. Jane,
      Thanks so much for stopping by!! I am so glad that you liked the ornament! I was thrilled with it too!! I hope you are having a great week!!

  4. Your Valentine gingerbread house is even better than the store bought ones! I love all the detail you added - so cute. My master plan is to hopefully go to the flea markets this summer and find some inexpensive plaster Christmas houses. I want to have a whole set of little ones painted white with glitter and then I have all kinds of plans for larger ones. You are influencing me! Sounds like your family get together was wonderful, too!

  5. Hi Deb. Lots of great new additions. You sure do know how to shop. The little Valentine house is just darling. You put your usual flair and love into it and made it cuter than ever. Great job..xxoJudy

  6. Your ginger house is just darling! Well done, Debbie. (I never thought of a valentine house!)

  7. Wow! $100 for a gingerbread house decoration?? That's insane! Glad you didn't pay that! The Valentine's houses are so cute though, I would never have even though of that. Need to do one with my son this year!

    Stopped by from the My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia link party! <3

    1. Victoria,
      Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by!! Glad you enjoyed my post on my Valentine's Gingerbread house...I hope you are having a great week!!

  8. I love your Valentine Gingerbread house! And it's great you got it on sale as well. Nice "make-over"

  9. Your Valentine's house is darling. Yes, $14.99 is about right, not the original $100. What a fun decoration. Visiting from Senior Salon Pit Stop.

    1. Jennifer,
      Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and to leave such a kind comment!! I hope you are having a great week!!

  10. Found you on the Inspire Me Monday link party, that gingerbread house is amazing!

  11. I love the Valentine gingerbread house! We may have to make one for the kids at our church for a Valentine’s Day project.

  12. I concur, the Valentine Gingerbread House is so cute! Thanks for sharing, I appreciate it!

  13. I can't believe the price of the gingerbread house! You did a great job with the makeover and ti will look so nice for Valentine's Day. I hope you enjoy the rest of the week and stay warm and cozy.

  14. Your Valentine's Day gingerbread house turned out great! I bought 2 gingerbread house kits for Halloween, and 2 kits for Christmas, and let my class have a decorating contest. I'm definitely getting some for Valentine's Day!

  15. That gingerbread makeover is perfect (and no way would I ever pay $100 for the original!).

  16. That gingerbread house was an absolute steal at that bargain price (it would have been a stretch to pay $100 though!) It looks so pretty :-)

  17. Debbie,
    Love your Valentine house. So cute, Congratulations, you are being featured on TFT. https://www.eclecticredbarn.com/2024/01/valentine-decor-on-tft.html


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