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Sunday, April 24, 2022

Late April This and That!!!



 Welcome to Debbie-Dabble Blog!!

I am so happy you decided to stop by!!
Just a reminder, I will be posting on Wednesdays and Sundays every week so be sure to check back on those days to see a new post...... 
 Today, I  had every intention of sharing an update on my Patio extension project and my Cottage Garden Back Yard.....

BUT I am still working out there so I decided to table that post for a bit....

So today is going to be a Hodge Podge of thimgs....

Food of the Week
 Joey and I had the Breaded Chicken Scaimpi dinners from the WB Scranton Penguins Reheat and Eat Food Service this past week!!
They were delicious!!
Joe passed on any dinners as nothing caught his interest....
One of the perks of Joe working at the Toyoto Sportsplex for the WB Scranton Penguins Hockey Team is getting to bring home some of the food that Chef Steve makes for the Team..... 

He bought home 2 slices of Italian Easter Pizza!!!!

I have not had this in years!!!!

I used to work with a girl whose Mother made the best Easter Pizza and she would always send 2-3 slices of it for me because she knew how much I liked it....
You are supposed to eat it cold but I like mine heated a bit!!!
So good!!!
On Friday, since Lent is over, we were able to eat meat again and our Son, Joey, treated us to Mission BBQ!!! 

We all got the Pulled Chicken sandwiches with Fries.....

Look at the amount of meat!!

Joey and I got the vat of Mac N Cheese....

We could not finish it all!!!
I wanted to start to set up the Patio for Summer this week but the first thing that needed to be done was to clean the Den windows.....
I took down the ivory curtains that I hung in September for the Fall and Winter months....

I cleaned the windows both inside and out.....

I also cleaned the shades....

I hung the stained glass birds and medallions on the windows....

I also cleaned the back door and storm door windows....

Now you may ask what does this have to do with the Patio.....

 Once the windows outside were cleaned, I was able to hang the wreaths for the Summer on them in the Patio!!!!

I will show you the outside in a minute.....

I decided to hang my burgundy lace swags in the Den for the Summer....

Since the Sun bakes the back yard all day long, the darker curtains would help keep the bright Sun out and make this room cooler in the Summer.....

I decided to replace the burgundy satin ribbon used to make the swag in the curtains....

Truth be told that I burned them a bit once when ironing them with an iron that apparently was too hot....

So I replaced them with ivory stain ribbons.....

I have to say that I love the contrast!!!!

 I did the same on the one for the door window too!!!
 And this is how the Den windows now look from the inside.....

We will be putting an air conditioner in the window by the stained glass lamp in May.....

And this is how they look at night with the shades pulled down.....

Yep! As soon as the lights go on in the evening, my shades on every window are pulled down!!!

It is a phobia of mine that someone is looking in the windows at night!!!

Why you ask????

Because it actually happened to me not once but twice!!!!

The teenage boy who lived across the street from us when I was a teenager was a drug addict and one night when I left our dog out and was standing in our patio waiting for the dog to come in, I turned around and saw a face looking in at me in the patio window!!!!

I screamed bloody murder!!!

Then once I was married, I had a strange neighbor that rented the house next to me and would stand on the retaining wall, as the yard is lower than mine, and look in the Den windows at night!!!

That is when I bought shades for every single window!!!

There is nothing more frightening then to see someone looking in your window at you at night!!!!

And this is how the wreaths that I hung on the Patio windows look.....

I bought these which were garlands at a church flea market and I hooked them together to make wreaths out of each garland!!!!

As I mentioned before, I will be sharing the rest of the Patio and back yard in a future post.....

But here is a sneak peek....

On Saturday, I spent a wonderful afternoon visiting with my good friend Anne Marie, who came down to see my Easter decorations before I take them down this week.....

It was so nice to spend some time talking and catching up with a dear friend!!!!

Anne Marie was also very kind to gift me these pretty things that I can not wait to use in the late Summer when I decorate the Living Room in my "Under the Sea" theme!!!!

Love this Sea horse which will look great on the "Beach" under my "Under the Sea" Tree!!!

Love the color of this coral!!

I think I may be making more ornaments with these!!!

I know I will be using some of these as embellishments!!

I love it all, Anne Marie!!!
Thanks so much!!!
 Ironically, Joe had picked up these things at Dollar Tree!!!!

I think I will be "Dabbling" a bit with those 2 things!!
And this tablecloth which I may use on top of the platform under my Seasonal Tree.....

I guess the beach theme is going to be popular this Season!!!
I also cleaned out our garden shed in the corner of our back yard.....

We bought this one about 20 years ago after having a larger metal one that I had to keep painting....
I store some of the garden art in here during the Winter and the Shovels, Ice Choppers and snow brooms in here during the Summer months!!!!

I also lugged the bottom bucket which is full of Ice melt from the patio and placed it in here for storage....

I can easily grab a shovel out if needed as Snow Showers are predicted here in NEPA for Wednesday and Thursday!!!!
There other day I noticed this blue jay in our arborvitaes in the back of the yard.....

It did not seem to mind that I was taking pictures.....

Today, it almost hit 80 so I wanted to get more outside work done because temps. are going to take a dive later this week.....

I managed to get my Fairy Garden tub on the Patio set up.....

And I cleaned and set up the Front Porch for Summer.....

I will be doing posts on these in the future too!!

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I have been up to as I have been very busy!!!

I will leave you with another Sunset from our front porch!!!

 I hope you will stop by to visit again on Wednesday when I post again!!

Stay safe, healthy and most of all, HAPPY!!

Thanks to those who took the time out of their busy day to spend a little bit of time with me!!

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  1. Debbie your summer porch looks so sweet and inviting. Oh my gosh those meals look so yummy. Happy Sunday have a great week. xoxo Kris

  2. Deb, your windows are so lovely both inside and out. I adore the stained glass pieces. Your patio is so inspiring and is always a treat to see. The Dollar Tree does have a great selection of beach themed items so glad you was able to get some fun pieces to dabble with . Looking forward to seeing the end result. Have a very lovely week. Hugs

  3. Gosh, it looks like you really took advantage of the gorgeous weather this weekend!

  4. Food looks delicious, Deb, and I love the stained glass as well.

  5. Your porch looks so good, Deb! I definitely need to scrub all of our windows too. It makes such a big difference but something I forget at the beginning of the season nearly every year. I have never heard of Easter pizza before so I'm going to look it up. It sounds like such a treat. I'm excited about all your coastal finds and I can't wait to see what you do with them. Summer will be here before you know it! Hugs, CoCo

  6. After our two-day foray into the 80s, we're back in the chill zone. But I do love late April -- you catch it well here!

  7. Replies
    1. Lynda,
      Thanks so much for stopping by!!! And thanks for your sweet comment!! stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  8. You certainly accomplished a lot, Debbie. I always pull the shades at night too...it's a thing!

  9. You had me at "clean the windows"! It just reminded me how much I need to clean mine. LOL Seriously, your windows look beautiful and all that delicious looking food, what a blessing!

    1. Donna,
      Thanks so much for stopping by!! And thanks for your sweet comment!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  10. What beautiful nature photos! I especially like the one of the bird on the branch. Looks like you're enjoying springtime -- and you've done so much work in your back patio/garden area. It looks like such an inviting place to sit and read or chat with a friend. Simply charming!
    Thank you for participating in Talent-Sharing Tuesdays Link-Up 17.

  11. I really like the contrast on those red curtains too. You have such beautiful stained glass pieces for the windows too and, of course I love those wreaths. We had a storage shed just like that and it blew over in a storm and broke; I've been wanting to get a new one but they were so hard to find last year.

  12. Debbie, the blue jay looks like he's posing for you! Great pics--thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  13. I love your Tiffany lamps and the beautiful stained glass hangings! My mom has the same cranberry lace curtains!

    Thanks for linking up at the Sunday Sunshine Blog Hop



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