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Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Anne Marie's Winter Home Tour, 2022







Welcome to Debbie-Dabble Blog!!

I am so happy you decided to stop by!!
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Today, I will be sharing my dear friend Anne Marie's home decorated for Winter....

In my last post, I shared my Winter/Valentine's Home Tour with 11 Decorated Trees......








 Click HERE if you missed that post....

And now for a few Personal Notes...

 On Sunday, I used some shredded chicken from a rotisserie chicken from Sam's Club to make Chicken Parm Sliders....

Joey and I enjoyed them but after only eating 2 of them, Joe deemed them "too messy" and that he did not want to "have to fight with his food to eat it"!

His loss as we finished the rest of them!!

Mr. Picky!!
You can find the recipe HERE over on the Blog, Lou Lou Girls!!! 
Thanks for sharing this great recipe, Ladies!!!
No Reheat and Eat Dinners this week as they are featuring Salmon, NY Strip Steak and Pork, none of which we like nor will eat.....

 In my last post, I mentioned that we got hit on Friday with an Ice Storm like this area has not seen before....
On Monday, even with temps. close to 30, we were still encased in Ice but the Sun was out....
I just had to take pictures of the Mountains that are located directly behind us with the Sun hitting all the ice on the trees.....

I took these pictures from different places throughout the apartment complex next to our development and also from the bottom of our hill.....

Over the roof tops of our townhouse development...

I took these pictures from the upstairs Sitting Room window of the ice on the trees behind us.....

And a Blue Jay in one of the trees....

The temps. hit close to 40 on Monday by the end of the day so most of the ice had melted and with temps. predicted to be in the 40's for the next few days, all the ice and snow that we had before should be gone...

We will not get the Sun in the front of our house until April but I did take some pictures of a fantastic Sunset ( Sun is setting in our back yard now) which colored the sky a pretty pinkish orange!!!

The Sun setting in the back of our house....

Coloring the sky in the front of our house...

So pretty!!

We will start the tour of Anne Marie's home at the front door.....

I gifted Anne Marie a sled just like mine which Joe bought from the Amish Farmer who sets up a Stand at the Mini Mart down the road from us in the Summer....

This is what she did with hers, which I just love....

The Tour will be in Anne Marie's own words.....

The sleigh that Debbie gave me from start to finish.

I displayed it on the seat of my hall tree with a pair of antique ice skates

I kept the fairies out on the sofa table minus the Christmas tree at the end

The chair behind the sofa with a bucket with berry sprays, snowball
An antique cabinet card......

girl in her winter coat and hat and fur muff
  A blowmold snowman by the front door......

And snowman under the dome by cellar steps

The side by side


  Tables by the side by side
 . Another antique snowman postcard

Antique organ

 Close ups of the banner on top
Another antique snowman postcard

Bearington Bear with her snowman

The wall unit
Vintage deer, flat trees and snowman ornament on a mirrored antique plateau

 The snowman that Debbie made me
I kept the crib the same except I switched out the Santa sign for the branch with the snowballs

The vintage telephone stand
 The table next to the wall unit

In the Dining Room....
 The fire place...

The mantel

 Antique snowman postcard

On the plate rack are more snow baby antique postcards and a calendar plate from 1910

The buffet


Dining Room table with a lot of cardinal items that Debbie gifted to me.

This is on the kitchen counter
 Antique mirrored plateau with antique silver nut bowl
A small antique book
Cinderella and the Sleeping Beauty from 1905
A cardinal figurine. 
 I kept my antique Homer Laughlin holly pitcher in the washstand for the Winter

I didn’t put out any Valentine’s Day. 
Not sure if I’m even going to.
 I think this year I’m just going to leave everything out for Winter. 
I am enjoying all the snowmen!
But Anne Marie's sweet pup, Autumn, is ready for Valentine's Day!!!
 I sure hope you enjoyed this Tour of my friend Anne Marie's beautiful home all decked out for Winter....

Anne Marie works long hours in a local Eye Care Clinic so I applaud her for being able to keep up with decorating her home for the different Seasons and Holidays...

I know how hard it is to do so while working full time!!

Please let Anne Marie know how much you liked seeing her home by taking the time to leave a comment!!

We will both appreciate you doing so!!!

My next post will be on Saturday, February 12th, not Sunday as usual as  I was graciously invited by Katherine, over at Katherine's Corner, to join her and other bloggers, participating in her Valentine's Day on a Tray Blog Tour which she is hosting on Saturday, February 12th!!!

I am so excited as this is the first time I have been invited to join in on that type of Blog Hop!!

 The tray that I styled is part of a Valentine's tablescape...

So I hope you will stop by to visit again soon!!

Stay safe, healthy and most of all, HAPPY!!

Thanks to those who took the time out of their busy day to spend a little bit of time with me!!

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  1. Love the sled and the banner too. Very vintage and pretty. What great sunsets!

  2. So pretty and creative! I can see why you two are such good friends!

  3. Morning Debbie!
    Your pictures of the ice and sunset are beautiful. And your sliders do look delicious..."shame on Joe!" :)
    The last several posts I've really enjoyed your Valentine's home tour..so warm and cheerful. It's always such a treat to visit Anne Marie's vintage home. Thank you both for sharing all your lovely decorations and talents.
    Blessing, Linda

    1. Linda,
      Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind words!! Glad that you enjoyed the posts on mine and Anne Marie's home...I know Anne Marie appreciates it too!! Hope you are having a nice weekend!!

  4. Anne Marie your home is just lovely! I'm so glad Debbie shared it with us! I love all your snowmen and your table is just beautiful with all your cardinals. I love what you've done with the sled from Debbie too! Thank you for giving us a look today!

    Debbie, I'm so glad it's warmed up a bit for you. But I have to say, everything looked beautiful covered in ice. Loved your sunset pics. Thanks for sharing Anne Marie's home today. You two are just so talented! Stay safe and warm. See you on the Valentine's Day on a Tray tour!

  5. Deb, your friend's home is really beautiful. She has a great collection of darling snowmen and I love all the antique post cards. I always remember that beautiful organ from year's past and I love it decorated with the garlands and candles. Your sliders look delish and your photos of the skies and the ice are beautiful..Happy Wednesday and stay warm..xxoJudy

  6. Wow! Thank you for sharing this magic! Two “Decorating Angels…no wonder you are good friends!


    1. Nina,
      Thanks so much for visiting and for your very kind words about both myself and Anne Marie!! Yes, I was so lucky to have found a friend who likes the same things and styles that I do...She truly is a blessing to me!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  7. I love your photos of sparkling trees both inside and outside your home. What a lovely hillside. The colors in the sunset shots are spectacular. You are very blessed to live in such a beautiful place! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  8. Your outdoor winter photos are gorgeous -- especially the ice glistening on the tree branches and the beautiful sunset. Also love your snowman collection!

  9. So much to see! Thanks so much for linking up at the Unlimited Link Party 70. Pinned.

  10. Anne Marie's home is lovely and her style is like yours! You are very creative and I hope your week is going well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  11. Love, love, love that sled. I'm totally going to have to makeover one of mine in white now. Beautiful...and love all those sweet snowmen! You both make snow look so good!! Hugs!!

  12. Your sunset looks so beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pics. it's nice to see Anne Marie's home all decorate too - I like the red and white theme and there are so many cute snowmen!

    Hope that you are having a nice week :) It's a big week here - first week of school for the kids after the summer holidays!

    Away From The Blue

  13. Hello Debbie, your photos are stunning! I bet your scenery is awesome to see in person, thanks for sharing. Anne Marie’s home is delightful, the snowmen, the snowballs and cardinals are so charming. Have a happy weekend and enjoy the blog hop, your tray is amazing! xo, V.

    1. V.,
      Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind words!! I know Anne Marie appreciates it too!!!
      I do have to say that the trees did look beautiful in person...Hope you are having a great weekend!!

  14. Anne Marie has a beautiful winter home! We got that same ice storm and I could not get over how everything sparkled all day on Saturday even with the sun being out. Thankfully the roads were clear and safe to drive on by the time we had to leave our house. I am so thankful for those road crews that work so hard all winter long.

  15. Anne Marie has lovely winter home decor.

  16. My snowmen and mercury glass trees are still out. I swtiched the Christams tree to a Valentine one!

    1. Linda,
      Thanks so much for taking the time to visit!! Glad you left some things out for winter and Valentine's!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!


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