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Saturday, April 28, 2018

How I Got My MOJO Back!!

For some time now, I was beginning to feel that I lost my MOJO!!!!

But before I go further, I just want to THANK everyone for responding to a few very personal posts that I recently did.......

Your responses to my post, A Lesson in Strength, Courage, Humility and Generosity , which was about my nephew's battle with cancer, really warmed my heart......
I also so appreciated all your thoughts and condolences on the loss of my dear friend and neighbor Elly, A Tribute to a Special Lady
 And I thoroughly enjoyed all your comments on how you handled retirement on my post,
What Will You Do When You Retire?????
Your responses to these posts have proven to me that there are still bloggers out there who are interested in the personal side of blogging along with the professional money making side of blogging!!

And for that I am very grateful because that verifies my decision to keep blogging!!

If you missed my post, A Milestone and Whether to Blog or Not , click HERE to read it!!
So I want to THANK YOU because you showed me that I made the right decision!!!

This post is also going to be one of those personal posts......

I felt I had lost my MOJO!!!!

Even though you have heard the word before, what exactly does MOJO mean???????

I searched on Google and this is what I found......
"In the English language, MOJO has taken on an additional meaning of personal confidence and charisma"

And another search asking "What is the Slang Meaning of MOJO?"

Came up with this......

 "Mojo is defined as good luck, charm or skill that seems to come from something magical or supernatural"

Here is how I define MOJO.......

I define it as my creative sense, my natural ability to look at something and see it in a different way, my desire to be creative and feeling joyful when I am creative!!

To me, this is what I call my MOJO!!!!
Over the past few months, I admit that I had been feeling a bit overwhelmed......

Now before you start to think it was Seasonal Affective Disorder, SAD, caused by the overly long Winter.......
You are wrong......

I actually LOVE Winter and the long dark days because I get to light up my home with mood lighting and mini lights from decorations for the various Holidays and Seasons .....

So I knew that wasn't it......

I realized it was a Mobility issue........



For the last 5 years, I have put off Knee Replacement Surgery.........

I HOPE to put it off another year and a half but my right knee is bone on bone......

I do get cortisone shots every 4 months........

BUT they are not lasting as long and when the shot wears off the pain is increasing and feels like my bones are rubbing against each other in that right knee joint when I walk and that is because they are......
I love the above graphic because I feel that this is exactly what was happening to me.......

Joint Pain

Limited Mobility

Lack of Physical Activity



Yes, I think I was in a state of depression because of the amount of pain that I was experiencing when I would try to walk......
Before I go any further, I know many of you are asking why don't I just go and have the surgery already?????

When I first found out that I was in need of a knee replacement, I went to my boss to tell her that surgery was in my future.......

This is how she responded.......

"I will post your job in 3 months if you are not back to work"

I will not comment any further on this because "Big Brother" may be watching.......

Under the Federal Medical Leave Act, you are guaranteed your current position for 3 months......
After that, your employer can post your position but has to guarantee you a position for up to 1 year...

My orthopedic surgeon has told me that I would be off a minimum of 3 months because as a staff RN in a hospital, I am constantly on my feet....

Now I have worked in my department on night shift for 35 years and at this stage in my life, I am NOT going to another department or another shift!

So this is why I have held off the surgery and I hope to retire right after having the surgery so I would not have to worry about returning to work......

Okay, now that that is cleared up........

For the past 2 months after my last cortisone shot wore of, I was suffering with Chronic Pain......
Not only was I suffering from chronic pain but I also had a lot of work to do.......

Because I decorate for every Holiday and Season, I was constantly decorating and undecorating parts of my home and normally, this would bring me much enjoyment and satisfaction.......

But when my cortisone shot wore off, another event also happened.......

Joe fell on the ice and fractured a rib and his wrist.......

This meant that he was not able to assist me with hauling tubs and boxes up and down from the attic.....

Now I did manage to do this all by myself but it was a bit daunting because of the pain in my right knee......

I did manage though to do everything that I usually do in my house for the Holidays and Seasons......

I know that I frequently set a very high bar for myself......

But I also started to isolate myself, only going to work and nowhere else because it was painful to walk any distance.....

 I realized that because of this, I was falling into a state of Depression....
 Luckily, it was time for my next appointment with my Orthopedic Surgeon and I had my knee injected again........

I am now pain free again!!!

I also spoke to my Orthopedic Surgeon about the shots not lasting as long as they did previously and he told me what he has told me for the past 5 years.......

I loved that he said he " will be my surgeon some day when I am ready but for right now, I am your Coach"

He again explained the need for me to strengthen my muscles in my right leg to help with the pain and prepare for my future surgery........

And for the need to lose more weight!!!

These were the first things that he told me 5 years ago.........

He advocates using a stationary bike to strengthen the muscles around the knee joint......

When he first told me this, I bought this baby the next day.......

 Initially, I lost 50 pounds........

But then I went part time and gained 20 pounds back....

I still need to loose close to those 20 pounds and more.........

I will be quite honest and Yes, I have made a lot of excuses to not get on that bike!!

But now I realize the serious need for me to get on that bike and pedal away!!
My Orthopedic Surgeon has always told me " Every 50 pounds of extra weight is like 200 pounds of pressure on your joints"

So now that I am currently pain free, I realized that I need to take serious measures to remain that way....

Not only for my physical health but also for my mental health!!!!

I have been pedaling every day on my bike and I have been watching what I eat.......

And these are a few things that I have noticed that have changed........

I have more energy and feel like doing more things
I am sleeping better and have not had to take Tylenol PM

After working night shift for 35 years ad only sleeping 3-4 hours at a clip, staying asleep for long periods of time has always been a problem for me......
A lot of the stomach issues that I was also having, have seemed to lessen in frequency and severity.....

I do have IBS and Hashimotto's Thyroiditis and have chronic G I issues......
  Which are often aggravated because of Stress.........
 I realized that I was stressed out by the pain I was experiencing and by the amount of "work" I had to do in my house......

Exercise is known to help alleviate Stress.......

Exercise is also known for improving many other things.....
 1. Improved Health
2. Stronger muscles
3. Better flexibility
4. Improved posture
5. Improved heart and lung systems
6. Better appetite
7. Feeling more relaxed
8. Better social life
9. Improved quality of life
10. Reduced risk of disease and ill- health

I am now determined to not lose my MOJO again........

I am feeling much better and I am now back to "playing" in my house and garden........

Ideas for projects and crafts are free flowing through my mind again........

I found my MOJO again........

And I seriously believe it is through exercise and healthy eating habits and trying to remain pain free.....
I hope this post may have helped shine the light on what chronic pain and depression can do to a person........

Even one that has no history of any mental health issues.......

And I hope it may help others realize the importance of a daily exercise regime no matter what it is.......

Thanks for taking the time to read this post......

 I hope you will be back to visit again soon.......

And thanks to those who took the time out of their busy day to spend a little bit of time with me!!

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  1. Hi Debbie,
    Loved reading your post today. Glad you are deciding to continue to blog. I think from time to time we all lose that "mojo" and need to step back and think things through. Glad you found it again and will be popping up in my email from time to time with a post. Happy Saturday. Have a great weekend.

  2. It is very hard to remain pain free once a knee reaches a certain point. I have had one knee replaced and my husband has had both. We are both very happy with our replacements. I was only off work 6 wks and husband took 4 wks with each of his. The trick we think is to do all of the rehab. I have lost my mojo more than once and each time it has taken something different to get it back. Good for you for finding what worked for you.

    1. Victoria,
      I am responding here because I could not find any other way to get in touch with you....
      Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by!! Glad to hear that you did well with your knee replacement and so did you husband,. Because of being a staff nurse in a hospital and one of only 2-3 staff on night shift, I would have to be off a minimum of 3 months because i am always on my feet running up and down a very long hall , taking care of up to 20 patients!! And I am a Rehab nurse too!! LOL!! So far, I am really determined to stick to doing my stationary bike each day and trying to lose more weight to take un- needed pressure off my knee joints!! Glad that you stopped by to tell your story about knee replacement!!

  3. Debbie I feel for you. It can be a vicious cycle trying to stay healthy when we are in pain. I wish you all the best and will be praying that you get your knee surgery when it is time and that it will be successful so you can be pain free and enjoy your life to the fullest.

  4. Thank you for sharing your heart and joy with us today. I'm hoping I don't have to have knee surgery one day so I better get to that daily exercise routine! Glad you found your MOJO again and decided to continue blogging. I get unsubscribes when I am more personal. I had to tell myself, they were not my friends or what sort of reader I wanted to have and just move on. But it was hard and took a while to look beyond that. Sounds like you overcame with flying colors! Many applause Debbie. Keep up the fantastic work!

  5. We nurses aren't very good at taking care of ourselves, are we?!?! I'm glad you've found your MOJO again, and I wish you all the best in your knee journey ~
    Hugs ~

  6. Hi Debbie, it can be so difficult trying to be positive when you are in pain. I'm glad that you are finding some relief with exercise and hope that you can get that surgery which should fix it - fingers crossed. We all lose our MOJO from time to time but thanks for giving your story and reminding us to be thankful for the good in our lives.
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

  7. Debbie, I can so sympathize with you. I need two knee replacements and am now dealing with sciatica and possible hip issues that may lead to a replacement. I've had orthovisc injections in my knees and almost a year and a half ago, had a PRP injection in my left knee (the worst of the two). It has helped. I also take MSM supplements twice daily with good results.

    Hang in there. I pray you will make it to retirement without having to have your surgery. I have put mine off because of aging parents. My dad is 95 and in pretty good health and my mom is 89 with severe kidney issues. And my brothers are 800 and 1600 miles away. It puts a lot of responsibility of being there for them on me, so I have put off my replacements.

    Wishing you all the best.

  8. Hi Debby, I am so glad that you are currently pain free and your MOJO is going again! Years ago, one spring, my joy of life did NOT return with the sunshine. The dr. said, "Oh, maybe you're mildly depressed." Well, it seems that with menopause, my body does not make enough serotonin anymore. Mild antidepressant treatment gave me my MOJO back. My mom had mild Seasonal Affective Disorder and had to survive without treatment. NOW, my daughter is blaming ME for passing it on to HER. I use every weapon in my aresenal to fight blue funk--medication, full spectrum light bulbs, treatment for other medical issues, use of color in my clothes, jewelry, and home, fragrances I love (rose and jasmine are good for depression, citrus for energizing, etc.), upbeat music, my faith in God, judicious doses of chocolate, and friends with positive, recovery-oriented attitudes. I don't suffer from depression, I fight every minute of it--successfully!

    Different things work for different people at different times. I am blessed that cortisone shots have helped my knees--usually for a year+ at a time. And that when one antidepressant becomes less effective, another is available. And I have friends who love me unconditionally---warts and all! I love to get out of bed in the morning saying, "Good Morning, God" instead of "Good God, it's morning."

    Also, people need to educate themselves about the limitations of joint replacement. You will be able to climb and descend stairs when you leave the hospital if your PTs are doing their job and be modified independent (independent using gadgets) getting dressed and bathed!. No, you will not be lugging heavy loads or transferring aging relatives, but recovery if fairly good and easier today than in "the old days!" lastrose51@aol.com

  9. Good to hear you have your MOJO back again, and my definition is more like yours. So good to hear that the exercise and the diet is helping you feel better. I have a stationary bike also but it gives my sciatica problems and brings more pain that it helps so I have to walk. Thankfully my knee pain isn't as bad as what your dealing with but I know I need to lose more weight and it will help things out for my pain. Wishing you all the best and that your knee pain stays away for awhile and you can enjoy that MOJO :)

  10. I am so glad you got it back and that your pain free. This was a great post and it was helpful
    to me. Makes a alot of sense when I look at My Cowboy and his lifestyle and chronic knee pain.
    Thanks for sharing this.

  11. Good to hear that you are taking care of yourself and feeling better in the process. Living with pain can be so debilitating and depressing. Sounds like you have a good plan to retire right when you have your surgery. My girlfriend had both of her knees replaced (a year apart) and now she is back to work 20 hours a week and loving life with no pain. xo Karen

  12. So glad you have decided to continue blogging. I didn't blog for almost a year when I thought I had lost my mojo too. I didn't think anyone would bother to visit my blog when I came back but my bloggy buddies did!

  13. Your reasoning for putting off the surgery is excellent and makes perfect sense. I hope you are able to continue to strengthen those muscles on the bike and lose a few. I know about those cortisone shots in the knee and the sweet relief they bring. I'd like to say that 35 years as an RN is a long time!!! Wow! Standing on your feet too! My goodness. I am glad that you were able to pull yourself back up and get your MOJO back! You are a strong woman inside and out. Glad you will continue to blog!

  14. I am so glad you got your MOJO back girl! I have always felt by reading your blog that you are not just creative, talented and a go-getter but you are a strong woman. I have that deep sense about you. You are not lazy either! Sang, you could outwork most young, young women with all that you do. Oh I do pray for your knee dear lady. And yes you are so right about the weight being an added issue to already knee issues. I have an aunt that had to loose 75 lbs before they would even consider doing her surgery. She finally had both knees replaced but I am sad to say she gained most of the weight back. I will pray for you with your MOJO dear lady. It's sad when we loose our mojo and yes it can cause depression. As long as we can come out from that dark place and stay focused friend. Hugs and blessings to you.

  15. Debbie, I'm so glad you've decided to continue blogging and the you got your mojo back--we would miss you! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  16. I'm thrilled you've got your MOJO back! Ever since we returned from our big trip, I've been in a blogging slump. I've no ambition to create or do any DIY projects. I am, however, sharing travel tips, information, photos and such which seems to help some. Maybe I'm heading towards a different road, time will tell. Anyways, best of luck with your knee. I had mine out a few years ago, but since I was already retired, it didn't matter. My sister-in-law is in the same situation you're in, unfortunately the shots no longer work for her.

  17. Debbie,
    I am so delighted that you have found your Mojo. Dealing with knee pain is no fun, I know all too well. I keep exercising in hopes that it will get better. Mine is doing quite well.One of these days I too may have to have knee replacement. You have worked long and hard and need to take care of yourself.
    blog land would not be the same without you.

  18. Hello, I feel for you, Debbie. I have the same bone on bone problem in both my knees. The surgeon told me I'm beyond cortisone shots so I do without. I have put surgery on hold, too. Just when I'm ready to go for it, I hear something that makes me think twice again. Now I'm thinking that should I lose at least 50 pounds of life I can live with my knees as is. I'm walking a bit more and doing exercises to strengthen the muscles around my knees. My mojo is coming back too. :-) Cheers to you, Debbie!
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

  19. I'm so happy to hear you've got your Mojo back again and that the last shot of cortisone has helped with the pain. I can't believe your boss' reaction to you wanting to go for the op. Ouch. And you been through quite a bit emotionally too. It all adds up at the end of the day. Wishing you so much love and strength

  20. It didn't seem like you had lost your MOJO from the look of your blog. You always seem to have so much energy. I'm so sorry that you have been going through this. How terrible. My sister in law just had knee replacement in March and it has done wonders for her. I hope the stationary bike works for you until you can get your knee replaced. Thanks for sharing your story. I'm sure that it will help someone out in blogland. Thanks for sharing at Keep In Touch.

  21. Oh my goodness, you have had a lot to deal with the past few months! I am so glad you have gotten your Mojo back. It sounds like you are working hard to take care of yourself, and I am happy to hear that you are feeling better and having less pain. Sending hugs and happy vibes to you!!! I hope your knee continues to feel better. Keep up the good work!

  22. I am so glad to be catching up with your blog. Contending with RA has been a struggle this year, mainly because of my knees. You hit the nail on the head on every point. Isolation, depression, weight gain. Food too easily becomes more than fuel for my body. It is exhausting to pretend I am fine when I am NOT. I have been caring for a neighbor with dementia (10 hour days), and then babysitting my granddaughter (100 miles away. I am away from home for 3 or 4 days every other week) on alternating weeks, leaving little time for writing or cleaning my home, or doing much of anything. All I wanted to do was fall in bed and watch tv. Alone. With a bowl of cereal. And then maybe a cheese and pickle sandwich. I finally gave up caring for my neighbor, which I had been trying to do for a year, and kept extending 'just one more month' because her daughter couldn't find anyone. I finally just said NO. And now my granddaughter comes to Mommom's house, and my daughter has learned to appreciate the break. But the most important thing I did was admit that I just could not go on thinking, it will be better tomorrow. I got an Gazelle Air walker, and made doing my yoga and therapy exercises 1st priority. I goggled them and they work better than the half-assed PT that cost a fortune. I am back to eating salad most nights, and have built a night time snack in to my eating plan because, dammit, I like my night time snack. Now though it's Special K in a CUP not Sugar Smacks in a Jethro Bodine sized serving. When I FINALLY opened up to my (fairly new)husband about what was going on with me I found a wonderful, supportive helper. Men love to fix things and I needed a little fixing! It was hard though, because he is very fit, and energetic and just so good at life. I felt so unworthy. That's why knowing we are NOT ALONE helps so much. I still have slump days, days when I push too hard and suffer for it, but I am really working at not crawling into a mental hole when it happens. Thanks again for sharing. It meant a lot to me to be reminded of good things to do, that I am not alone, and to be grateful for my many blessings in this area. I am sorry to hear about your dear neighbor. I recall her from older posts. Hope Joe is recovered from his injuries and you both have a great summer.


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