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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Feeling a Bit Disenchanted with Blogging!!

Well, here I go again!!!

This seems to be something that I do yearly.....

As each year passes by that I have been blogging, I find that my disenchantment with Blogging grows.....

But first I want to thank these hosts who featured my post, My One Little Word for 2019, from last week's Linky parties!!!

Thanks to Bev, over at Eclectic Red Barn, for featuring it from last week's Thursday Favorite Things Party!!!
Thanks so much, Bev!!

And I also want to Thank Shelley, over at Calypso in the Country, for featuring it from last week's Best of the Weekend Party!!!
Thanks again, Shelley!!

Please stop by and link up to these wonderful linky parties!!!

Lately, since the beginning of the year, I have noticed that many Bloggers are ending Linky parties that they hosted, withdrawing from posting regularly and some are even quitting Blogging entirely.....

No doubt Blogging has changed greatly in the 9 years since I first started my Blog.....

It was kinder, gentler,  more personal back then.....
Now it seems that instead of Blogs being personal diaries of ordinary people, many have become "Look at ME, I'm a Professional Blogger" Blogs......

Susan, over at Ash Tree Cottage, writes about a face book post she did asking whether folks want to read Blogs anymore.....CLICK HERE to read Susan's post!!

Susan has decided to keep Blogging but is having some computer issues now....

Susan talks about the comments on her face book post stating that Blogs have become less personal and many have a "Look at Me, Make Me famous" attitude!!

Susan also mentions a post done by Katie, over at "Let's Add Sprinkles" , about whether she will continue blogging and hosting her Keep in Touch Linky Party....

Click HERE to read what Katie wrote and I am glad to say that she too will continue to blog and host her linky party!!

Kim, over at Savy Southern Style, has decided to stop hosting linky parties including her long running WOW Us Wednesday Party but Kim is doing so because of family and personal issues.....

Click HERE to read her post.....

Carol, over at The Red Painted Cottage has also decided to cut back on Blogging to spend more time doing other enjoyable things in like!!

Click HERE to read her post!!

Personally, I LOVE the linky parties because I feel that they give EVERYONE a chance to showcase their posts about their talents....

I am not a fan of the many Blog Hops that have become popular where only a certain few Bloggers, usually always the same Bloggers, share posts on a particular subject but do not offer a linky party to go with the Blog Hop so everyone can share a post on the same subject if they like....
Now some Bloggers DO host Blog Hops and also offer a linky party to go with the Blog Hop....

Amber, over at Follow the Yellow Brick Home, hosts both Blog Hops and linky Parties and has combined the 2 in the past!

Thank you, Amber!!!

I have stopped reading blogs that I used to Love that now claim that their authors are supposedly experts in some home decor or cooking field......
What made them an Expert??????

Did they have any formal training?????

Now, do not get me wrong, some Bloggers are professional Interior Designers but those are the Blogs that I do not normally read because I want to read about ordinary people doing money saving ordinary projects that turned out to be remarkable!!!!!

I want to read Blogs where people share the ups and downs of their ordinary lives.......

I want to read Blogs that make me laugh and make me cry.......

I want to read Blogs about people who do not live in mansions nor have a lot of money but love their homes and decorate them with passion and share money saving unique projects!!!

I do want to say that I was very disenchanted ( that is trying to put it nicely) with this past Christmas Season in Blogland.....

Christmas usually offers quite a plethora of decorating ideas and crafting ideas that would blow one's mind but somehow I felt that this past Christmas Season in Blogland fell short.....  very short.....

There were plenty of Blog Hops all featuring what seemed like the same blogs....

Many of them seemed to decorate with a few items and then praised themselves on their own decorating skills!!!


Didn't your parents ever tell you not to praise yourself and pat yourself on the back????
And it seemed to me that most of the blogs were all showing the same thing......red and black checked ribbon and Farmhouse style......

I have to tell you that I am so sick of hearing Farmhouse!!

Aren't there any Bloggers left that don't change their style to the next big thing at the drop of a hat......

Aren't there any Bloggers left that refuse to follow the Pack and showcase original and unique Holiday decorating????

Yes, there are a few and I have added their Blogs to the Blog Roll on my Christmas Blog, A Debbie-Dabble Christmas!!

If you made the Blog Roll on my Christmas Blog, CONGRATS!!!

I added your blog to my list of Christmas Blogs because you shared your individuality in your Christmas decorating!!!

I, again, have decided to continue to blog but not on any particular schedule....

I will post when I feel I have something that is worthy to share.....
This year, I will try to continue stick to my Blogging Motto of Blog about Your Life and Don't Live to Blog.....

Another thing that I noticed is that no one takes the time to comment anymore and I know I am a bit guilty of that myself....

What I do plan to do is to visit more blogs and to comment on more blogs letting them know that I stopped by.

And again, I will say that I Do understand why some Bloggers need to advertise as a form of income but on the other hand, I do hate the blogs that have advertisements interwoven in their posts and you only get to read a line or 2 of the post and then get hit with another ad....

I find that I have stopped reading blogs like this......

PLEASE if you are going to advertise, keep the ads on the side bar and do so tastefully and get rid of those annoying Pop Ups!!!

Well, thanks for letting me do my yearly venting about how Blogs have changed......

Maybe when I retire, I will host my own linky party!!!

But until then, I will continue to Blog but I may not post as often as I have been.....

Time will tell.......

How do you feel about the changes in Blogging and do you like Linky parties?

Please feel free to comment on what your thoughts are......

 I hope you will be back to visit again soon.......

And thanks to those who took the time out of their busy day to spend a little bit of time with me!!

If you do not have a blog, PLEASE  give me some way to reply to your comment, maybe by including your email in your comment.  If I can not find a way to reach you, I will reply on the post where you commented so please check back......

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  1. Debbie, I agree with you! The blogs have become impersonal...and I followed many blogs before beginning my own. I think I started a bit late, and trying to find my own groove became challenging. That, and some other issues caused me to abandon my blog for a while. Lately, I have thought about diving back in, but seeing that so many people are losing interest, I just don't know. I do facebook, and instagram, and those are a bit satisfying, but I was hoping that a blog would be more fulfilling. I do wish you luck in your decision. But I will continue to read all of your posts and comment as often as possible.

  2. This is a good post, Debbie. I, too, have cut way back on blogging in the last few months. Life is so short and I just don't have the time to spend on it that I used to have. I post when I feel like it now and not because I feel like I MUST post.
    I don't do the linky parties at all and rarely visit anything except those that the blogger 'features'. Once again, it comes down to a matter of time.
    I don't visit blogs at all anymore that are advertisements. If I wanted to see ads I would watch TV...lol
    I hope you have a really fulfilling 2019, Debbie. xo Diana

  3. I also feel the same Debbie. Sometimes I really feel frustrating. I love to write my own travel experiences. However, very less people are interested in reading. Taste has changed a lot. The other day I encountered a very new word. Instagramable travel. That means where the pictures will come great people will visit there to get more view in Instagram. Travelogue also changed a lot. Only travelogue with informations and good pictures are more popular. Blogging, instagram are now for business.

  4. I am new to reading blogs and like to read those about real life-not so much the decorating! I like to read about books and stitchery-counted cross stitch. The reason many don't reply is the difficulty in always trying to enter info to make replies on certain blogs! I enjoy yours! I like inspiration blogs also! I AV
    I avoid other social media sites like Facebook because as an educator I saw the harm!

    1. Brenda,
      Thanks so much for stopping by and for giving your opinion on my post about Blogging!! And thanks for your support of my blog. I truly appreciate it!!

  5. A fantastic blog is Linda's life journal. Real life

  6. I love writing about my life and our farm but I also enjoy reading so many blogs these days. I hope that most of you continue blogging and keeping it real. I have added some Amazon links to some of my blog posts these days, but it is only as I hope to make some money with it, but I don't think that I have ads that you must deal with in the post.

    As far as the farmhouse style, I love it but I don't always follow it as my decorating style. I am hoping to make ours a little more farm like as we live on a farm. LOL!

  7. Please keep blogging. I love your blog. I agree I don't even go to the blogs that are or say they are professionally done. It actually just depresses me. I love homemade and creative blogs with fun yard stuff and home stuff. Lately I haven't been to creative myself, but I am trying to. Usually Christmas I am creating things, but this year I was so busy it seemed to fly by and I missed my opportunity. Next year I will start earlier(-: Happy New Year!

    1. Cindee,
      Thanks so much for stopping by and for giving your opinion on my post about Blogging!! I will continue to blog because it is a stress Reliever for me and also a way to journal my life but I will post when I feel I have something worth sharing rather than on a schedule like I was doing before.Thanks so much for your support of my blog. I truly appreciate it!!

  8. Hey Debbie! I so enjoy reading your blog and looking at all the lovely pictures. As I've said before, you are an inspiration and I hope you'll continue blogging. Not being a blogger,
    I don't know about linking up, etc., but it is such a pleasure to read about life in a part of the country I've never visited .
    Blessings , Linda

    1. Linda,
      Thanks so much for stopping by and for giving your opinion on my post about Blogging!! And thanks so much for supporting my blogs!! I truly appreciate it!!

  9. Debbie as a nurse myself, I need escapes. I love to get lost and read articles and blogs online. Yours is one of my favorites. I am not a blogger. I have some hobbies of my own. Like Linda I have no idea what you mean by Link Parties or other terms you use. Can you do a simple post explaining those and other terms you use when Blogging. There are many newbies who just like looking at your beautiful home, decor, and just like to read your blog. I for one enjoy hearing about your life. Thank you for your blog. Please don't feel disenchanted. You are very much appreciated.

    1. Martha,
      Great to meet a fellow nurse!! Blogging has always been a stress Reliever for me along with a creative outlet!!Thanks so much for stopping by and for giving your opinion on my post about Blogging!!Linky parties are the list of parties that appear at the bottom of each post. If you click on one of the parties listed, it will take you to the blog that hosts the parties. At the bottom of the party post with be thumbnail photos of the posts that wee linked up. Click on those thumbnail photos to view each individual post that was linked up.Thanks so much for your encouragement to keep blogging!

  10. Seeing your post today made me realize how fast this year flew! Seems like yesterday I was reading your post last year when you were thinking of leaving us. Debbie, I think we need to create a group of bloggers who met your requirements (which I totally agree with) of minimum or no advertising, not professionals or experts, who aren't afraid to lay a little of their soul on the line. I just mean maybe some talented blogger could set up a way to connect bloggers who fall into that category so we can get to know each other. Haven't a clue how to do it, but would love an easy way to find like minded bloggers. I often read the blog lists on other blogs to find new friends I haven't met yet.

  11. Debbie, I've only been blogging a bit over two years, so I don't really know what it was like before. I confess I had never looked at a blog until about 6 months before that. I was thrilled to find that there were folks out there somewhere who enjoyed the same kinds of things I do and were willing to share their ideas, their creativity, their quirks and foibles. I find them through link parties (which happened to be the very first blog post I read). And when they read and enjoy my posts -- well, they make my day.
    I hope you have a very happy new year.
    Sandra @ Dinner at Eight

  12. HI Debbie! Well, friend, I totally agree with you about all you've posted today. I've been blogging since 2008 and yes, things have really changed. I miss those older days of blogging where folks did comment back on your individual posts. I still do that. I don't email the person but I comment on their blog post just like I'm doing here. I am between houses right at the moment, but sometimes in the past I would think my home is not good enough because I don't ever get invited to join in one of 'the home tour' thingys. I seriously thought of leaving blogland but just couln't do it. I've met such nice folks. I don't post very often any more but I just can't seem to give it up entirely. Let's just keep on being 'us' and post what we want when we want. I love your blog and love to see your decorations through the seasons. I apologize for not popping in much. I've had a busy last six months - we sold our house in New York and have moved back to Texas. Just bought a house but haven't moved in it yet. So hopefully I'll have some new things to blog about soon.
    Sending you a hug and a wish for a wonderful new year,
    Shelia :)

  13. Debbie thanks for the shout out! I agree with you on so many points here. If you read my Top Ten Most Viewed posts of 2018 I share similar sentiments, about how I was feeling pressured to change my vintage-eclectic style but in the end stayed true to myself and it turns out that my most "me" posts were reader favorites. I thank you so much for your support and friendship and I hope you find blessings in blogging in 2019!

  14. Like EVERYTHING, blogging has changed. I am fortunate that I have kept in touch with many that I have followed from the very beginning. I have seen some bloggers become quite famous, and sadly I know some have passed away. Some just disappeared! But like everything in life, things change wether we like it or not. My goal for blogging was always to "journal" for me and record special events, projects, recipes - and every day adventures. I will continue to do so. I have met some extaordinary people and created great bonds. I visit many blogs, and like you, I will NOT spend time on those with ads after every sentence, or constant pop ups - - making money on my blog was never my purpose. There are still many bloggers who like to share with out bragging or showing off and those are the one that attract me. Fads in decorating will always be around (thats what magazines do and we all have spent a lot of money on those in the past), so currently the Farmhouse look is "what's in style"....it's not my taste, but there is always something that will catch my eye that I could adapt to my lifestyle. Instagram is so quick to use and many bloggers have decided to only use that - or Facebook. I think one reason is to avoid "writing" an entry or story, it's quick, hence "INSTA" - and I love IG!! Well, dont be discouraged, keep sharing and visiting those who interest you and enjoy those blogs!!

  15. Dear Debbi---to reinforce some of your comments: I also have cut back on posting and reading---stayed true to myself---quit many reading many blogs because of invasive advertising---blog comments have dried up on my own postings---I don't do instagram---and...just how instant do we have to get? I have joined five closed groups( 2 doll groups, and 2 historical groups, one vintage group)--more aligned with my personal tastes. Sharing and communication still exists there, and in hopes of driving some interest to my blogs I occasionally share a post with them. I often share on FB another's blogger's interesting blog post....in a way of trying to personally promote blogging. But, I think you have hit it on the head---with Instagram we have become an "INSTA" medium, and writing and reading is no longer required, just post a picture, that even a 3 year old might appreciate...sad isn't it? A symptom of our dumbing-down of society where the world tweets and revolves around 144 characters. Just a thought...we will see where we are in another years time.

    My New Year's resolution will be to support those I really do appreciate, and ignore the advertising-wanta-be famous, bloggers and I won't join Instagram---because Pinterest wastes enough of my time...lol.

  16. Debbie, as a reader I have always enjoyed your posts. I appreciate the stories told by real people with jobs and how they are able to have the decor or do the crafts they want affordably. It gives me encouragement and inspiration that I can do that too.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by and for giving your opinion on my post about Blogging!! And thanks so much for following my blog! I truly appreciate it!!

  17. I am not a big linky person myself, there are a lot of challenges I could do to get my cards out there but I only do them if I already had planned on doing something with the theme they have. Sometimes the days are limited on time and I have to pick and chose the blogs I go to.
    Yeah I think it all boils down to you have to blog for yourself, if you are enjoying it, that's the time to do it.

  18. Hi Debbie, I can relate to what Patti said above. My blog is a journal for me and recording special events, recipes and my flower garden which I compare year to year. Sadly blogging has changed in recent years. Many bloggers have stopped blogging, disappeared or passed away. Also like many, I don't like the ads popping up in some blogs. I don't make money with my blog. I don't blog as much as I used to. I do like Instagram, it's easier and faster to post. I'll blog as long as I have time to and something to blog about. I do read all your blog and I like you style of decorating. I wish you a Happy Year 2019.

  19. Hi Debbie, I have enjoyed your blog, lost your blog (computer crashed), found your blog & will continue to read it, as long as you post! Certainly agree with you regarding the advertising blogs, and perhaps it is only for their financial gain. However, I don't frequent blogs with in your face ads, few pictures & not much substance. I have loved your creativity and your honest approach to family, friends, and your workplace! Sure hoping you continue to blog.

    1. Marcy Ray,
      Thanks so much for stopping by and for giving your opinion on my post about Blogging!! I also want to Thank you for following my blogs and leaving such kind comments!! I truly appreciate it!!

  20. Hey there Debbie. Your post really resonated with me, especially since I've also stopped hosting the Sweet Inspiration Link Party. It really is a lot of work and I always felt so bad when I didn't get the time to visit everyone who joined the party and leave a comment or share their post. It's like hosting a real party and you don't take the time to greet everyone. It's so sad and I met the most amazing bloggers at the party too. You are without a doubt one of them. So I'll still be popping in to see what you and your family have been up too and say hi. I really hope you don't stop blogging. It's going to feel like I've lost a friend

  21. Blogging is a lot of work, and I get overwhelmed with all that I don't understand. Thanks for sharing your perspective.

  22. Dear Debbie, I love reading your blog and you inspire me a lot. I usually read the blogs about handmade, creativity, home decor but I don't like to join the parties.

  23. If I click on a blog and start getting a pop up, I am outta there. I do not want to see advertisements and some that I used to enjoy visiting now have pop ups happening right in the middle of me reading the post. I don't really do many linkys. I mostly journal I guess you could call it.
    The decorating stuff, I like sometimes seeing what others have made and how they decorate sometimes to get an idea from it maybe.
    Like you say, there is a lot of farmhouse decor or farmhouse look on blogs. I am not sure anyone really knows what that is who doesn't really live in one that deals with the daily chores of a farmhouse. I was raised in one and mom kept it super clean and tidy, but we didn't have a color theme and things that were worn were that way from use and not from distressing or faux finishing. People who never really experienced it like the look because of the simplicity of it which wasn't out of choice for me and my siblings growing up. Never had a dryer and clothes were hung on the line because there was no choice otherwise.
    I don't do facebook anymore. Way too much information and more than I needed. I would rather go into someones website I find interesting and not put up with advertisements and hearing constantly about someone's political views. We all have one I like to get away from hearing or reading about it.
    I will keep blogging or journaling as my daughter who is away and not on facebook either likes to read and see what the family is up too.
    I enjoy blogging so it's not like work to me.

  24. I totally agree, and I talk about this all the time. When I started blogging, it was right after my son was born in 2012, and now here we are only seven years later, and blogging is nothing like it was. It's not as fun to read posts because they are all sponsored. And I agree that everyone is an expert now! I will continue blogging because I love to do it. I love to share and create, and I have no intention of becoming a professional.I'm glad I found your blog, especially with this post! I'll be adding you to my reading list.

  25. Happy New Year my friend! You are so right ... blogging has changed and I think I do not like how some bloggers use their blogs! Sponsors, sponsors, sponsors... everywhere!!! I love to create, I love to make other people create with me but I do not like to sell anything through my blog!



  26. Hi Debbie,
    I couldn't find the Blog Roll on your Christmas blog to see if I made the list! : ) I'm glad you've shared your thoughts-- I want to read the links you posted.... I suppose things do change over time.... Blogging can be looked at as a hobby or as a job depending on a person's "Why." It amazes me the number of blogs out there to choose from-- I can't possibly take time to read them all.... It can be hard to find the ones you like most.

    1. I agree with you now about blogging and I have in the past dear friend. You have kept true to yourself blogging about what your love, your beautiful home, where I like to visit as I feel it's a friendly place I know what to expect and love to visit you. The reason I continue is exactly this... to visit the friends I know and are so familiar to me, as yes, my blog friends from the very beginning of my venture.
      Blogging has changed as you say and there are thousands of bloggers that consider themselves decorators as you explain and lots of competition. Tablescapes are the ones from magazines and great decor from famous stores. When I see this I get frustrated cause it isn't what I want to see, advertising fr5om stores, I visit to see each friend's home and their personal, everyday people's decor, not the professional scapes with all the accessories just like from a magazine.
      To me this adventure in blogging has made me know such wonderful ladies, like you that I love so much and feel I know you in person, not only virtually. Many have left for so many years now and although I still miss them, I console myself visiting the ones that I like what they share and its familiar to me.
      Thank you for your sweet visit and for sharing my friend.

  27. Hi Debbie, this is a wonderful post and I'm going to weigh in with my two cents before I read the comments which I think I'm going to find very interesting. I've been blogging for 11 years on The Marmelade Gypsy and I love it. I love the friendships I've made, both the virtual ones and the ones that have been "in person." I have learned loads of stuff and I can't wait to learn more.

    I've been reading the posts of Susan's, Katie's and others. I somewhat agree with them -- I'm seeing way more home dec, more things where it felt less real life and more "trying to make a name for myself as a blogger." I hate ads. I now only read about two or three people with ads because they write so well; but I clench my teeth with every link to Amazon or wherever. For me, blogging is sharing my life. I do it a lot for me, a journal of sorts. In fact, probably mostly for me and anyone who wants to come along for the ride is more than welcome. I post two or three times a week and my blog is as eclectic as I am. Right now it looks more like a travel blog because I'm journaling our trip to England. But I'll take "side trips" as I show some Valentine decor, my upcoming cooking, art or craft classes, favorite books, our grandlittles, my favorite lake in the summer and if we ever get snow, the winter wonderland of Michigan. In other words, unless I'm in a series of posts, like the trip, you never know what you'll find when you come visit. One stop won't tell you much!

    I read those who visit me and I always try to comment because I know what it takes to pull together a post and I know how much I appreciate it. I might miss some days, but don't we all? And as for the rigors of blogging, I believe we own our blogs, they don't own us. Life happens and in fact, if you don't live your life, you (at least I) won't have much to blog about! So, I'll be around. If people are hosting link parties and I see them, I'll join in. I doubt that anyone will ask me to be on their "tour" and that's OK. I enjoy checking out others. I'll stick with my FB but not instagram, which is even more impersonal than some of the blogs are. And we'll see what happens. I hope we're all around for awhile.

    1. Cath here. “I read those who visit me and I always try to comment because I know what it takes to pull together a post and I know how much I appreciate it. “
      I really do love the comments. My posts take a minimum of a day (or night), often a week or part-time weeks, to research, mull over, write illustrate, musicate (ask Rick if that’s a word)- no, not masticate! If I get no comments or not many views after all that, I have to console myself that at least I got more writing practice, lol. Comments are better!!!!

  28. Wow. So many comments. I think this is something we are all dealing with. I have struggled. I've blogged 7 years. It gets tiring. I do move things around my house all the time so I don't think that will change - ever but I can't change the big stuff.
    I think even the farmhouse decorators are craving color. Farmhouse was a great style to come out of the last financial crash because it was cheap. People have move more money now and I think a homemade farmhouse is out. Now that everyone has farmhouse stuff it's lost a bit of its charm. You are right about Christmas decor. It seemed lack luster even on the retail side. There really wasn't anything that blew me away. That's why I tried to stick to my handmade and upcycled Christmas decor. I literally saw one blogger stuck a stick on her kitchen wall and that was her Christmas in the kitchen.
    I always try to comment on at least one of your posts, Debbie. I usually hop over and binge read. You are right. My comments are way down.
    Thanks for putting this out there. There are many of us that wish for the old days. I hope that you find that when you visit me. I find it when I visit you.

  29. Can you tell me more about Blogger? (Like how did you get started with it, etc?) I am not familiar with it at all..... It seems that perhaps that platform is how people got to know other blogs? And now if people are using other platforms, they are not all connected on Blogger, so that could be part of the disconnect you are feeling?

  30. I am like you, I will back out of a blog post that keeps getting interrupted with ads. I have recently started using Adsense to just see what it does. I set it up just be on my side bar but It sometimes post on top or bottom of my post and that annoys me. Hope it dont run you off. haha.
    I have also be giving some affiliated post a try but can easily get overwhelmed with those. I try to make sure I ad some personal touch to each one and also make personal post a priority.
    You have some good points here.
    Love your blog. New follower.

  31. Hi Debbie! Happy New Year! I understand what you are saying, as someone who loves blogs I find myself with few that I enjoy or will even stay on for more than one minute! I love your blog, and Penny's Vintage Home. I do not have to fight with the ads that cover half the page with your blog or Penny's. I love your blog because it is REAL! Guilty about not leaving comments, I will do better, I know it is very time consuming for you, and I appreciate all you do! I get ideas on home decorating that I love to do from you. thanks again for all you do:)

    1. Lynn,
      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment on this post!! And thanks for your kind words about my blog!! I too love my friend Penny's Blog!! I will continue to post but not as much as I was. I put myself on a schedule and that did not work for me only causing me more stress. And I promise to make my blog even more personal.....

  32. Debbie, Happy New Year! I think you and I may have touched on this subject. You and I must have started our blogs around the same time. I'm going to continue to blog, but not on any forced schedule. I find I have less motivation to devote the time it takes to get a blog post up. I too like the linky parties because it organizes blog visits of interest for me. I also like my sidebar that keeps me posted on blogs. As for ads, I dislike the pop up adds. Some blogs take so long to load because of ads that I give up. I don't read the ads anyway! Glad you have decided to continue to blog as the mood strikes. I think that is a good solution. My blog was created and continued as a ceative outlet for mylself. Keep sharing, Debbie, if it brings you joy. It's fun to follow along! Happy January!

    1. Sarah,
      I am responding here as when I tried to find your blog, it did not come up on your blogger profile and I know several Bloggers named Sarah so i was not sure which one you are!! Sorry! Thanks so much for stopping by and for taking the time to comment on this post!! I do plan on posting only when I have time and feel like I have something to share....Have a great weekend!!

  33. Debbie, I love your refreshing perspective. I just celebrated my 9-year anniversary of blogging, too. I can't tell you how much I agree with what you wrote. I think a lot of blogs have lost the personal touch, and I think all the advertising in many of them makes the posts hard to read, honestly. What I love about blogging is the interaction. I wish more people were willing to leave a little comment and interact. I look at my blog stats to see that hundreds of people have seen the post but I normally have zero comments. I feel lucky if I have 1-2. The personal interaction is what makes it meaningful. I have always appreciated the time you take to go back to my blog and leave a comment. To celebrate my 9-year blogiversary, I actually started a linkup of my own. It's very small and intimate right now, but the blog posts shared there are all genuine and uplifting. You're welcome to join whenever you have a blog post to share. lifetalesbooks.blogspot.com It's every Monday. I love your perspective of blogging about life instead of living to blog. So much of what you said here resonates with me. Let's get friendly and personal again! :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts at this great post. I needed it.

  34. I agree with you Debbie! I wrote a post about how blogs were changing back in 2016, and it has progressed since then. I think many people are just going over to Instagram and leaving blogging behind. I started my blog in 2011 (and had another one for a few years before that.) Little by little, blogs became less personal. Lately I've only really had time for the weekly link party, but I love seeing all of the friendly faces and receiving comments! Thanks so much for sharing at Thursday Favorite Things and being such a faithful blogger!

  35. Debbie, Thank you for mentioning my blog. I know you've mentioned about giving up blogging before, but I hope you end up doing what I am, which is to blog when I have the time and feel like it. I love looking at your photos and reading what you write. I know I'm one of the ones who has a few ads and affiliate links, but in my case it really is to make a little extra money because we're on a very fixed income. It's helping me pay for a few updates we're doing in our kitchen this winter and that I hope to write about when it's finished. Anyways, keep writing and I hope to have more time to visit more of my favorite blogs like yours!

  36. I'm late in commenting Debbie, sorry about that. Just a laid-back blogger here that goes at her own pace and blogs when it makes me happy! I do know what you mean about blogland changing over time - I sometimes wonder if I want to keep at it, but my kids love to read my blog, and my distant relatives and friends use it to keep up with me because my blog is my real life. I stopped doing the linky parties because I felt I couldn't do justice to them - just not enough time, although I don't rule it out. It is only when I have time. I think blogging is like anything else in life, it evolves over time. I enjoy so many different hobbies and interests and I learn so much from all my favorite blog friends. Plus, their support and kindness is something I just love. There are little 'cliques' in blogging, though, and I don't waste my time on that. I guess I take a 'happy-go-lucky' attitude when it comes to blogging. It has to be fun, or it's not worth my time. Blogging encourages me to be creative, to keep the house neat :), to spend some extra time to make things nice, not only for my loved ones, but for my blogging friends, too. I love to share thrifty and sentimental decorating ideas - just because I love to decorate, and if I craft something, I want to share it (if it turned out ok xx). I think blogging is a great place to find kindred spirits. It's about sharing and hoping and dreaming and being supportive of one another. Anyway, that's why I blog. I meet wonderful people like you. Sending hugs xo Karen

  37. I'm glad you are still in the arena and will continue to blog! My family has had some challenges in the last few years that made me think I needed to just quit -- but I couldn't quite do it. Nor could I bring myself to share all of what was going on because it isn't my story alone, so just kept on keeping on with what I could do -- just for me. I needed the change of pace blogging provided-- even if it was just the linky party for the week. Now I "think" I will have a bit more time to be able to do what you propose to do -- post when it suits me! :-) Blogging has definitely changed in the past 8 years -- there is so much more to keep up with technically as well as social media, etc. One thing I am going to implement that popped up in the comments here is the blog roll. I'm bringing mine back as soon as possible -- like minded bloggers who do what they do for the joy of it! And you will definitely be on the list! Cheers!!

  38. Great post...Happy New Year!My son made my blog to me in 2013 but I entered to blogland only in 2017 through linky parties hosted by Bernideen,Beverly,Jann and Ruth.I am very grateful for them...You can notice my English is too poor!My husband always say to me to comment only "BEAUTIFUL"!Blogging for me is sharing beauty,joy,kindness with special virtual friends during a busy week with work and lots of houseworks to do...I live in a violent country...Blogland is a wonderful world...Hugs,dear Debbie.

  39. Hi Debbie. I think blogging has been changing big time for the last few years. When I started out 8 years ago it was for fun and to share my decor DIY stuff with other like minded and every once in awhile interject more of who I am and my personal life. I met and have become friends with so many people that I probably would not have ever met if it were not for Blogging. I have friends all over the world now and I love that you can connect and become friends and you do not have to live in the same culture or even speak the same language. It is fun and amazing to know we can all still connect. Like all things in life things change and blogging is changing too. Most people are more about making money with ads then the content of their posts. It just seems more like a business and please look at my blog and click on things so I can make money. Not hey do you want to connect and share some fun things about each other's lives, DIY etc. etc. So sad. I have felt like letting my blog go but then I love the connections so much. So when I have something to share on my blog I will post. No pressure or time line for me anymore. I do not advertise so there is not pressure to just post. I post when I am passionate about something. Too bad blogging is not about that anymore. Happy Saturday.

  40. Debbie, your "I have to tell you that I am so sick of hearing Farmhouse!!" made me smile. Every time I watched an episode of Fixer Upper and saw the same look done over and over with just a different floor plan, I found myself saying "As soon as HGTV gets everyone in the country to tear down walls for an 'open concept' and shiplap their remaining walls, they'll declare all that 'sooooo over' and have everyone building walls and tearing off the shiplap!" I just am not interested in trends/trendy. Never have been. If I like something, I like it. That's even a 'thing' in the world of food blogs. I pay no attention to what foods are 'in' or 'out.' I make what I like. And I give the step-by-step for unusual foods/baked goods that people might not be familiar with--not so that I can look like an 'expert,' but so that even novice cooks can make it successfully. I have a regular posting schedule, just once a week on Thursday. I knew from the beginning, nine years ago, that I'd never be able to keep up a higher frequency on a regular basis. I don't run ads, but I do have some affiliate links in my posts that people can just read right over or click on. And those links are to kitchen items I actually use and like. I wish more readers who are shopping Amazon anyway would actually start their shopping through one of my links so that I could get the small commission to help cover the costs of running the blog, but few do. But I still like to show people my kitchen equipment recommendations. I'm glad you've decided to keep blogging!

  41. Well, you certainly hit the nail on the head, Debbie. It's wonderful to see so many like-minded bloggers too! I think you're right, we should all get together...

  42. I have been blogging since 2006. I started with one blog but now have two main ones and two lesser used ones. It is a lot of work to keep up. For a period of time I did a post a day, not it's once or twice a week. Not only is a lot of work to post, but it is hard to keep up with new content after all these years. I also participate in Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. It seems like many of my blogging friends have given up their blogs and have gone exclusively to social media. I can understand. It is way easier to post a picture and write a sentence, but I miss telling a whole story. - Margy

  43. Debbie,

    Thank you for letting me know about this post. I too get tired of seeing blog hops that only include certain blogs where no one else can participate. I always wondered how they got chosen for those hops. I myself have never been asked to join one. I haven't been blogging as much just because I have been so busy lately but I am planning on doing more. I have also thought about doing a few videos. Thank you for including me on your blog roll you are also on mine.


  44. Wow, thank you so much for writing this! I just started blogging (brokedolly.blogspot.com), I’m pretty sure I’m late to the party. I just learned about Linky parties this week. I just want to blog because I want to keep track of my adventure to becoming debt free. And so we’re clear absolutely nothing in my house is “farmhouse” :)

  45. What I am enjoying right now Debbie is, after reading your post, Carol's Post, Katie's Post, Kris's post, Margie of Powell River Boats .... I agree SO much about loving the bloggers who share their lives, their work, their hows and whys. I too click out when adv. takes over the page and I can't even find the current post but I do read old friends posts who have adv on their pages so they can carry on. I have made great friends through blogging and appreciate the time they take to comment when they have time. I love hearing the stories, how things are in their place on this planet. Keep writing when you choose, you are on my blog lists as are all my blogging friends, new as well as way back when we began to share through posts.

  46. I so agree with you, Debbie, and I'm visiting from Katie's party. I sooooo detest the pop-up ads...so annoying, and the same for "farmhouse style". I've quit reading many blogs that I used to read because the people did come across as "experts". I really enjoyed reading this post. Thank you for sharing!

  47. Oh my goodness - I relate so much with your post. I refuse to read the blogs with advertising too - there is so much of that. And why is it that so many are waiting for that one post or one photo to make them "famous". And your comment about being an "expert"? Eveybody seems to be one these days lol I enjoyed my visit here today and will follow along so I keep up to date with your posts etc. Let's keep blogging with humility, fun, kindness and simple sharing♥

  48. I agree with you, Debbie. Many blogs I used to follow are no longer blogging and alas, many of the linky parties have stopped, including mine. My reasons were for health reasons. I have cut back blogging considerably and like you, I ponder this blogging thing. Every year I feel it may be my last but I seem to keep going. I am shut in most of the time, especially in the wintertime, and I feel at a loss on what to share most of the time. But if I don't blog, then I may lose my creativity altogether so I keep going hoping I will have something new to share. It's a struggle for me. I miss the good old days when folks shared from their hearts and their skills, without bragging about it! If the day ever came that I fell into having an attitude about my blogging, then I will apologize and call it quits. But to be honest, that's not me at all. I am a sincere person and I hope folks can pick that up in my posts. I'm glad you're keeping on. Hugs to you...Sandi

  49. Sept of 2018 was my 5th year anniversary blogging. When I started my blog, I had no idea what I was even doing but my goal was to somehow turn it into a supplemental income for our home. I just started running ads on my blog last spring so I was 4 years in before ever having ads. The income is nice and makes me feel validated for all the long hours I pour into my blog especially since I consider it to be my job. That supplemental income is a big help for our budget as I do not work outside of the home. I have seen those changes too and it does make me sad to see so many leave and all those fabulous link parties disappear. Those parties have allowed me to meet so many wonderful blogging women all over the globe like yourself.
    January usually means a slow down for me as the holiday season is always overwhelming with so many posts to get done in a short time on top of family life. I hope to get back into the swing of things soon, certainly after getting over bronchitis and I hope to keep seeing you in blogland!

  50. Hi, Debbie. Yes, I’m sure many of us have had similar thoughts at one time or another. I just moved to Wordpress, which I’m still learning and am on the lowest plan for now until we get certain family costs out of the way, but then will have to upgrade because I’m nearing their photo limit. They put the ads, I get no money from them. I’m told they are at bottom of the post, and they choose them. I have no clue yet how to put things in the side bar, I was surprised that even my teen struggles with learning the site.

    At some time in the future I will have to monetise (run ads) because we are on mobile plan which is expensive, especially the music downloads. Before I put up a music clip I carefully watch around 4-8 to find something that best expresses the theme, and watch each one through, to see if it is offensive.

    I write on extremely varied topics, whatever happens to grab my interest at the time or what we are doing as a family, so am not in any particular group. So I don’t host linky parties as don’t write enough on any particular subject to be invited as a member.

    When they write “please link back to our blog”, I don’t know how to do that like the others, and I like to keep all my links to the same theme as my post. So what I do is keep a mental list and put a link sometime later when a post of theirs is on the same theme as one of mine.

    I think for every cold , commercial sounding blog there are thousands of warm, personal ones. I find them all the time when I am researching my topics. So don’t despair. You are also always welcome on my blog, my family welcome you, and you can write guest posts if you like about nursing stories, current events or life in your town, whatever. I’m respectful of my fellow bloggers and consider you all wonderful hard workers, and some have become friends.
    Love Cath

  51. I’d add as an ex fellow medico (OT), beware of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) in the Winter months. It can make things seem worse or harder than at other times of the year. Also harder to put unpaid work into blogging. Everything will seem better in the Spring! (Wish I could send you some of our heat from our Aussie Summer! )
    Love Cath

  52. It is serendipity that I stumbled onto this post Debbie. I have just left the link party I hosted to hopefully move onto greener pastures. I hope you too can host your own party in the future, it is a great way to make new friends and meet talented bloggers such as yourself.

  53. I just found your blog after finding LET'S ADD SPRINKLES (can't remember now where I found it!!) Anyway....I agree with a lot of what this post is saying. I have blogged on and off for several years and have enjoyed many blogs, but I have to say that I also get aggravated with 1. all the advertisements that get in the way, 2. people who share clothes that they've bought that seem way out of the average person's budget ($200 for a pair of shoes...really???), and 3. blogs that show the same room or whatever from 40 different angles (I mean 2 or 3 is a plenty). My blog has never been very popular and I used to worry about that and feel bad about it. But after a hiatus of quite awhile I went back to my blog a few months ago and am now just writing when I feel like it and mostly to preserve memories or just to enjoy writing about something that interests me. Yes, I would love to have lots of people read my blog but I'm really working at just enjoying the writing process and putting it all together (which I like to do). I hope you won't stop blogging because evidently with 63 comments before mine there are a LOT of people that visit you:) Now I'm off to read more of your "dabbling"!!! www.cherischatter.blogspot.com

  54. Hi Debbie,
    "I want to read Blogs where people share the ups and downs of their ordinary lives.......
    I want to read Blogs that make me laugh and make me cry.......
    I want to read Blogs about people who do not live in mansions nor have a lot of money but love their homes and decorate them with passion and share money saving unique projects!!!"
    I think you've just described me (and my blog!) so I hope you'll stop by to visit from time to time. I agree with so much of what you said in this post, and with Susan's comments over at Ash Tree Cottage. Blogging has changed. I don't want to read professional "magazines"; like you, I want to get to know other women from around the country and how they live. I also really dislike blog Hops. The Linky Parties are fun but I'm noticing that fewer and fewer people take the time to leave Comments. That's mt New Year's resolution: to comment more on the blogs of others. Thanks for a great discussion! ~Cheryl @ 22 Applegate Lane

  55. Oh my, I have just had to take a bus to the end of your comments, which shows you have struck a chord with so many of us. I guess as blogging evolves we as writers involve too. I must say I love Instagram because I can quickly share a picture and a snapshot. My blog started out after my kids said I'd never master a smart phone or Twitter and so it has been a challenge to try to learn the skills of blogging. The fact that I'm here so long after this was posted is because I do blog when suits me and my bottom line is that I still get a massive kick if anyone else drops by to say hello but I always know my family read my ramblings! My blog has been a happy part of my life and long may that continue for us all!
    Wren x

  56. I love reading blogs and I appreciate all the info, ideas, menus, and pictures that bloggers share with us, the readers. I hope that every blogger continues sharing as there are some of us that still love to read! Sometimes I don’t comment as I’m either just amazed at what I read or appreciate what has been shared...if commenting will keep bloggers blogging, the more comments I will make! Thank you all!

    1. Thanks so much for supporting all of us Bloggers!! And thanks for taking the time to comment here and let us know your opinion!! It is greatly appreciated!!


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