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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Where DO I Put It All?, Part 2, The Attic, February Rudolph Day

Happy February Rudolph Day!!!!!
 It's the 25th of the month which is deemed Rudolph Day by many........

I hope to post something about Christmas on the 25th of every month over on my Christmas blog, A Debbie-Dabble Christmas.......

After Christmas, I decided to do a Series titled "Where DO I Put It All?" since I am frequently asked that question in regards to my Holiday decorations......

But before I provide you with the link to my next post in that Series, I want to talk a bit about my last post, A Milestone, Whether to Blog or Not?
 I have decided to continue to Blog but at a slightly slower pace......

I guess you could say that I am burned out with all the changes that have occurred with Blogging and because of my own self imposed schedule of posting 3 times a week........

I hope to post at least once a week, maybe more if I feel that I have something of interest to share and have the time to do so...

I have just been feeling a bit repetitive in my posts as I do not change my decor and holiday decorations around as much as others do so I am fearful that I am boring you to death!!!

And the one thing I do want to say is that I meant no harm to anyone with that post.....

It was not meant to criticize anybody and how they chose to run their blog and why I have been feeling rather disillusioned......

I just wanted to state the facts about what I personally do not like when I look at a blog......

So if I offended anyone, I am truly sorry because it was not meant that way.....

 I also did not wish to cause bloggers to feel that they had to defend their choices about what they do on their own blogs!!

What you do with your own blog is your own business and no one else's.

 I do understand why some bloggers do need to make a bit of money blogging...

And who knows....maybe when I can FINALLY retire , I may need to do the same......

Truth be told, I originally started blogging as a means to advertising the hand made crafts that I was selling on Ebay at the time!!

But I never used my Blog for that because I stopped selling on Ebay right after I started my blog and my Blog became a stress outlet for me instead........

Again, I did not mean to offend anyone so PLEASE FORGIVE  ME if I did!!!

The funny thing though is that I have gotten the more heart felt comments and the more comments on that post then I have on any of my most recent posts!!!!!

Interesting, huh???????

Now if you would like to read my latest post over on my Christmas Blog sharing where and how I store decorations in our attic, please click HERE.......

And I hope you will be back to visit soon!!!!



  1. Doing what you love to do...BRAVO! I believe life is to short to do otherwise. I enjoy your pictures and blog. BTW I only have time to read blogs once a week, and I like to unplug on Sunday's. I too dislike the ads so I delete those blogs, also, many blogs repeat the decorating tips (boring), absolutely hate the recipes - there is never anything I would consider making it all looks terrible. What do I like? Blogs with soul, with good DYI tips or tutorials, antiques and vintage décor, Christmas and that is about it. So you are limiting your blog posts, and I'm limiting my blog time and being very selective which blogs to follow - double bravo.

    1. Ann,
      Thanks so much for stopping by!! I could not get in touch with you any other way so I am responding here.

  2. Very intersting post, Debbie!
    Have a nice sunday!


    1. Basia,
      Thanks so much for stopping by!! I could not get in touch with you any other way so I responded here. I tried to access your blog but it said it was blocked..

  3. Debbie, I don't think there was anything offensive in your post. Of course, I have a pretty thick skin, sooo ... For instance, even if the commenter above, Ann, had posted her comment "absolutely hate recipes, never anything I would make, all looks terrible," on MY food blog, I'd just say "c'est la vie!" :-) But I think there are a lot of people who do their blog visits just once a week, so maybe ... Even in a week you're feeling particularly gabby and *could* post twice, just save it for the next week? That's what I do.

  4. It is interesting that someone would take your personal opinions as a slam against them/their blog. I think each of us has their own idea about blogging and those blogs that appeal to us---don't like ads/pop ups/running banners--good for you--move on---That is what I do.

    Well, at least with all the comments you know that bloggers and alive and well and DO read your blog....lol xo Diana

  5. I like to think of blogging as the same as this saying: Life (Blogging) is not a destination, it's a journey. So Debbie, I hope you'll be able to enjoy the journey again.


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