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Thursday, February 22, 2018

A Milestone and Whether to Blog or Not


At the end of January, I celebrated 8 years of Blogging........

My 8 Year Blogaversary!!!
Blogging has changed greatly in those 8 years ......

Why should blogging be different from anything else in this world...

I once heard the quote " The only thing constant in life is CHANGE"

So true!!

I will be truthful when I say that every year, I agonize over whether I will continue to blog or not......

When my Blog was hacked through my Debbie-Dabble Face book page 2 years ago, I seriously thought of throwing in the towel.......

But, I decided to start a new blog and copy what I wanted from my old blog onto the new one and start all over....

I did it all myself and refused to pay someone to create another blog for me but I did lose over 700 followers through blogger and I have no idea if those people are still following me or not.

Lately, I have been feeling that I "Live to Blog" and feeling that I am sharing the same old things.....

I have NOT been feeling like I blog  about life......

Many of the reasons why I started blogging in the first place are hard to find in Blog Land anymore.......

These are the reasons that I allude to:


Inspiration in Decorating

Sharing similar Decor ideas

Learning new Crafts

Being Inspired by other's Home Decor and Improvement Projects

Sharing similar thoughts and ideas about life

Sharing one's personal Life Experiences

Many of the Blogger's who welcomed me with open arms when I first started have closed their Blogs and disappeared because of all the changes in Blogging

I MISS them!

When I first started Blogging, it was more personal and Bloggers showed and embraced their own styles with joy and pride!!

Don't get me wrong, I still have a few of those treasured Bloggers left in my life.....

For which I am very grateful!!

But they are far and few.......

Now I do NOT want anyone to take this personally because I am just going to state what I personally HATE about Blogging nowadays:

All the Adds and Endorsements
Pop Ups to Follow Bloggers on all types of Social Media Outlets
Bloggers calling themselves "Experts" in Design and when you look at their posts you are wondering what the heck are they talking about
Posts being titled by the Bloggers themselves as the "Best" and the "Prettiest" showing a total lack of humility
Posts showing photos that are not the Bloggers own photos, using "Sources" like magazines and other outlets
Guest Blog Posts, mostly for money, instead of the Blogger's personal posts
Linky Parties where everyone can participate falling by the wayside and being replaced by Blog Hops where only a certain group of Bloggers, usually always the SAME Bloggers, share posts on a certain topic and no one else can join in
Everyone posting about what the latest Decorating Trend is regardless if it is their own personal style or not
Bloggers no longer adding Blog Rolls to their Blogs showcasing other Blogs

The "New" design of Blog Headers where all it shows is only the Title of the Blog which tells you absolutely nothing about the Blogger . I like photos that show what this Blogger is all about........
The "New" Blog Designs that show nothing but various categories and you have to scroll down and search all over just to find the Blog Post.    I truly HATE this and I find myself no longer reading these blogs....
Food Bloggers and Link parties being bombarded with nothing but recipes....Did I mention that I HATE cooking and would much rather order out that cook???????
Sorry, that was a really personal thing that I hate about blogging.....Food!!

I hope I did not offend anyone and if I did, I am truly sorry but this is how I feel.........

Will I continue to Blog????????
I feel it is Time for Change.......

I will continue to Blog but I am going to cut back from the 3 weekly posts that I have been doing on a routine basis......

I admit that I imposed this on myself so ME and only Me is to blame......

I know what my Style is and My Style is NOT in Style.........

I am a Victorian soul......
I LOVE the Shabby Chic.......
French Country Style......
and Vintage Decor!!!!
I LOVE Color!!!!
 I LOVE Tradition......
 And Elegance......
I decorate like a fool for all Holidays.......
 And Seasons.......
This is who I am and what I like.......

I am not going to change because this is What makes Me Happy!!!

But I feel I have been a bit repetitive lately.........

And maybe I have bored you.....

I don't change around my decor every week....

 No time to do so.......

I pretty much decorate the same for each Holiday only adding a few new things......

Now maybe I am evaluating how I Blog because of this........
Not only did I celebrate 8 years of Blogging at the end of January but I celebrated my 60th Birthday......

Yes, A Milestone Birthday.......

And one that I honestly thought, as a cancer survivor, I would NEVER see.........

I am not big about making a Big Deal out of my birthday and I guess you are realizing that since I am just mentioning it now, a month after the fact........

We celebrated it quietly at home with just my sons and daughter in love with a simple pizza party.......

And cake......
The next day, Joe and I did see the stage production of one of my all time favorite Movies......

Dirty Dancing.....
It was wonderful........

How do I feel about turning 60 years old.......

As I said before, I never thought I would make it......

And I am only that much closer to RETIREMENT!!!!!!
It is terrible to wish you were older so you can FINALLY quit working!!

Okay, back to my decision about Blogging.......

I am going to continue to Blog but I will only post now when I feel that I have something new and interesting to share with you......

Something personal to share......
 I will continue to keep my blogs personal......
 About Me and What makes my heart leap........

This also goes for my Christmas Blog, A Debbie-Dabble Christmas......
So you may not see me posting as much as you did in the past...

 Maybe only weekly.....

 But I will continue to post..... but not on a schedule........

 I will still be around to visit those blogs that I love and those bloggers that I have a personal connection with......

But I feel it is time for me to Live Life and then to Blog about that experience......

This isn't a Good Bye but .....

 "Until I see you again"!!

And I sincerely hope........

That you will be back to visit again soon.......

And thanks to those who took the time out of their busy day to spend a little bit of time with me!!

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  1. I totally agree with you dear friend. I too have lost so much enthusiasm with blogging and yes, I am blogging 7 years too and have cut down to once a week post. Whatever happened to a 'real home' posts we used to do. Our homes and tables to share, in my case. Yeah, there is so much competition and the 'latest trend' in home d├ęcor does not apply to everyone of us, like cloths do, where you can put on the latest color, or blouse, etc. A home is a beautiful refection of ourselves and that's it and we share with all our love.
    I am with you in the thought of: "Should I keep on blogging."
    Sometimes I go back because I do miss my old friends like you and their homes, so many have left and often think about them.
    Let us see how it goes.
    Wishing you a wonderful birthday dear Debbie.

    1. Hi Fabby! I've missed visiting your blog. My fault completely! But I have always loved your beautiful and unique table settings.

  2. HI Debbie
    You were one of the first blogs I followed. I love your honesty and observations about blogging. I agree on several points. For me the images are perfect out there and it's alot of pressure to keep up. It's your blog! PS I am sharing this over on a weekend post because I think more people will agree with you! xo laura

  3. You have to do what works for YOU, Debbie. I will still check out your posts every time you blog. I admire you for being honest with your feelings, and agree with you that some of the blogs have become too difficult to follow with all of the ads and "blog hops" that seem to leave out so many, and yet these bloggers expect that people will stay a loyal audience. I've removed more than a few of those from my list. Also, you are one of the few who still responds (or at least acknowledges) to everyone who leaves a comment. Thank you.

  4. aww sweet friend, I know blogging has changed a lot. I look forward to reading your blog posts and I always enjoy having you share at TFT. I like to think I am maintaining who I am through my posts.I just share what makes me happy ( usually, wink). When you post I'll be here to read it. Big Hugs! Katherine
    P.S. I hate popups!

  5. Whoaaa, you certainly hit most of the things that I feel are wrong with some blogs these days. I was afraid to read your list as I thought I might have some of the problematic issues, but was relieved to see I was mostly OK. I don't advertise at all. No pop-ups. I still use the same simple format I started with 7 years ago. I post when I have something I want to share. My blog list has blogs (yours for instance) I believe others would be thrilled to find. If a blog on the blog list starts getting aggravating...and one you missed in your list was blog posts that try to look like the blogger wrote it, but really is written by a company...I remove the blog from my list. I hope you'll find it better to make the changes and keep on blogging. I think things will get back to better once the "money bloggers" decide it's not worth their time and find another way to make money.

  6. I understand where you are coming from and I miss old blogging. But then I also find myself having to change directions. We had a hard year of remodel that went very bad, and a project that was to be 10 grand turned in to just under 30! That took the funds we had put away for a roof/garage. I changed my blog header out to a simplyer one...it easier and for no other reason. I also started to host sponsored post becase right now we need to build our balance that we lost during the remodel.. We're retired so its not that easy. I will NEVER had popups or banne. But a 1 or 2 post up that I'm not rewirting to make look like mine is something i have to do. I also don't want to feel bad about it. I feel I'm doing the best I can to the least affect on my blog. I'll still visit friends still share my ideas and decorating but hopefullly 1 or at the most 2 post sponsored.

  7. Debbie, I too have just had my 8th blogging anniversary and miss some of the bloggers who have dropped out of the blogosphere in that time. I so agree with you about the pop-ups to subscribe. Many times I've come to visit a blog for the first time and immediately the pop-ups start, and I just have to leave, muttering to myself "Let me have a minute or two to look around so I can *tell* whether I'd like to subscribe!"

    I have no idea how you have posted three times a week all this time! I knew before I even started that I'd never be able to consistently post more than once a week, and that has worked well for me for 8 years. I don't think it matters how often you post, but I do feel consistency helps readers remember you. And, I'm afraid I'm one of those who write mostly about your least favorite subject - food and recipes! :-)

    Anyway ... I hope you'll find a way to carry on because we'd sure miss you in the blogosphere! Wishing you all the best, Jean

  8. I can certainly see where you are coming from with blogging. It has changes so much. Not the same anymore. Not as personal if that makes any sense. I am tired of pop ups and if I am reading a blog and that happens, well I do not read it anymore. Some are just loaded with advertisements and I cut them out also. Mine is like a diary for me and I save each web page. Look forward to reading more of your blog even if less postings.

  9. Hopefully with a break your passion will come back. We each have to do what we need to do to make blogging work for us. When I fist started blogging almost 9 years ago there were all kinds of debates about advertising, what kinds of advertising, and if it was even acceptable to accept any at all. I've always believed people will do what they are going to do and I will do what I'm going to do and we can all choose from there what we will accept and follow.

    In that time, I've taken a few breaks. I've got 3 blogs and only 2 are active at the moment. The third just doesn't seem to have direction at the moment and I'm OK with that. I've also had years where I wrote more on the other 2 than others. I think you made an important point when you said you wanted to write when you had something to say.

    Enjoy your life and I suspect you will find a direction that engages you to write.

  10. Hello Debbie, oh happy 8 year blog anniversary! Wow that really is an accomplishment! I can understand how you feel about blogging and yes it's changed a lot even for the five years that I have been blogging. I too hate all of those pop ups and don't enjoy that too much. I have had my computer freezed and it took the whole day to get it back after almost being hacked from visiting a blog. I do try now to be very careful of who I visit. I used to post three times a week too and it's just a lot even with you working. I post now once a week and do the blog party.
    I hope that you will continue to blog from time to time as I love visiting you and your blog. You are the second person today that is not sure if they want to continue to blog. All the best in your decisions. Also a big thank you for always sharing your blog post at our blog party.
    take care.

  11. Hi dear Debbie! Happy Blogaversary and Happy Birthday! It will be ten years for me this year and I've been thinking about closing down myself many times especially this past year.
    I dislike all the changes in blogging as well. I also feel like I've lost control of my blog to some extent because I can't write my post the way I used to. I always used large script but can no longer get it to write with large script and it is frustrating for me. I also don't know how to translate a comment that was left in another language. I'm probably missing some gadget but don't know what. Everything has changed so much since I started blogging and the changes aren't always welcome. I detest the ads as well and have stopped visiting most of those blogs that use them. I have cut way back on posting because of health reasons and even today I am wondering what to share about on Monday. I don't like sharing only tea things because after a while that gets rather dull for most people. But I'm feeling rather dull myself these days because I'm not at my best. {health-wise} The past year has kind of kicked the stuffing out of me. I'm being honest here. Anyway, hopefully I will feel inspired to share SOMETHING before Monday. Personally, I've always enjoyed your blog and I admire your decorating for each season. I used to do that and I miss it so I usually stop by here to see what you have been doing. You are an artist!
    I would miss you if you were to stop blogging. I don't visit very often but then I'm not visiting very many these days and I feel badly about that. Thank you for being honest and we will welcome a post from you whenever you feel inspired to share. Take care of yourself! Blessings to you, Debbie..


  12. Debbie...I just found you and your blog recently and glad I did. I believe I have been true to my nature and posted when I wanted to and left the rest. I hate all those pop ups and distractions on many bloggers blogs. Give me someone who has a point of view any day. Whether I agree or don't agree, at least they have the courage to say something. Look forward to seeing new posts when you're ready. And congrats about your milestones. Nancy A @ obloggernewbie@gmail.com. Incidentally, I've been blogging since 2009 and done it my way.

  13. Happy Blogaversary and Happy Birthday! I haven't been blogging as long as you have. I started following blogs about 5 years ago so I guess I am a late bloomer. I have seen the changes and like you I don't stick around if the blog has to many things going on. The blogging world will miss you so I hope you cut back on the number of times you post and continue to share your love of Shabby Chic, Victorian and the other design styles you so love.

  14. You have hit on most of my pet peeves, Debbie. I am still an "old school" blogger-No pop-ups- no ads--my own header that I change monthly...no posts that say click more to take you to the rest of the post. I post the good, the bad, the ugly....and if I say something in my life it is usually a joke on me.

    The one thing I don't understand is when a group of bloggers all post the same thing with the same links to the same post. Why would I go visit more than one of them just to see the same thing? Maybe I am missing something along there but I just don't have the time to go to a half dozen different blogs to see the same thing.

    I don't post as much as I used to either because we are transitioning from one home and downsizing plus I am taking on a whole new job so life is busy right now and I don't have a lot of time to post. But- I try to keep my post short so that people can pop in and out and I am not a very good photographer so they sure don't come to see my pictures. lol

    I think you are smart to post when and as you can. I hope you have a great weekend- and Happy Belated Birthday- xo Diana

  15. Hi Deb, congratulation on 8 years of blogging and Happy Belated Birthday! I too had a Birthday but I turned 70 and have been blogging for 9 years, and like you have watched the changes, met a lot of great people and have been following you for a very long time. I love that you share your home and fun decorating. I have tired to do crafts to share and get a few done but to keep doing them just isnt my thing.

    Anyway about blogging you are right in that a lot of blogs blog about other blogs and I pass those by to find blogs of life, their story, their homes, their crafts, you get the idea. Im like you I dont like blogs that have a ton of popups and dont use them on my blog, but since I dont work, it is a bit of income to advertise. I enjoy doing my Linky parties where I get to share other blogs, I think would be of interest, at least I hope so.

    I enjoy that you stop by weekly to share your blog and hope you have time to join us. Taking a break is a good thing I did it for a month, but did find that I lost visitors quick.

    I'll stop now. Thank you for visiting omhgff I appreciate it and your bloggy friendship. Hope you have a beautiful week! See you again soon.
    Hugs Karren
    PS Your cake looked delicious!

  16. And I was just getting to know you and your lovely blog!! This post is so spot on! I miss the traditional way of blogging. And yes, I ask myself the same question every day - should I continue to blog or not.
    I've been blogging for 10 years now.

    Congrats on your 8th Blogaversary and Happy Belated Birthday!

  17. Congrats on eight years of blogging and your 60th birthday, Debbie! You make a lot of valid points and most are right on. I've been blogging for about seven years now and it has changed a lot and so has everything else in social media. And I think we all have to keep up with the changes just because we have to. I know that sounds crazy. I blog because I like to make crafts (it gives me something to do) and I like to share my tutorials on how I made them. I am retired for a number of years now, living on a fixed income - I'm 72. I was one of those people who swore never to use ads or pop-ups. I tried my best to recycle and upcycle things but making crafts can get expensive. And it came to a point that I was feeling guilty about spending so much money on things I may or may not use for my projects (although hubby never complains). So I jumped on the bandwagon and started using ads to help with my expenses. And it really helps out a lot. I figured ads are everywhere and I mean everywhere on the internet. You can't avoid them. I understand every point you made about whether or not you will continue blogging. I'm there too! I've cut back in creating crafts and posting and I've joined groups just to keep me active by inspiring me to make something. But in reality, all of this keeps me busy with something to do. And right now, I'm still liking it.

  18. Congratulations on your blogversary. Thank you for saying out loud what some of us have felt for some time. I love your blog. I have thought about starting a blog and I am older then you. I want a place to to share our progress on our little farm and to keep a journal of my grands. But blogland has become very intimidating. My house is very simple and I'm not a crafter. I will continue to follow you. Thank you for the beautiful post.

    1. Peggy,
      Thanks so much for visiting!! I could not get in touch with you any other way so I am respomding here..I encourage you to start a blog. You do not have to compete with anyone. Do as a personal journal of your progress on your farm which I wold love to see!! If you start one, please be sure to let me know so I can follow you!!! Thanks for your kind words!!!

    2. Hi Peggy, I would love to see a blog about your little farm and your grands. My hubby and I have a dream of retiring to a small farm closer to our grandchildren and I'd love to see what you're doing. I would definitely read your blog!

  19. Oh, Debbie. I hear you. I remember one of the first posts I ever read of yours was all about the ads on all these blogs. I completely agree about cutting and pasting inspiration from images on the internet. That is a no no in my book. I see the same inspiration as everyone else. I want to see how someone is incorporating what they see. I miss a lot of the bloggers that I first followed. They just stopped blogging.... no word as to why. I don't think that people follow with the Google Connect system anymore. My following hasn't changed much but my pageviews has so someone must be reading. I hope we will always keep our connection. I love all of your amazing finds for each season and holiday.

  20. I meant to say Happy Birthday, Debbie. I'm not far behind you!

  21. Happy 8 year blog anniversary!!!!! I love your blog, your decors, your home.

  22. Congrats on your eight-year blog anniversary. The only reason I blog is that it is one of my few creative outlets I have. I don't really one person or a 1,000 read it. It gives me a chance to create and share something.

  23. Debbie, I read every word you said & agree with all of it even though I haven't been blogging nearly as long. There are many times I'm ready to throw in the towel. I get tired of all the ads and especially the competition among bloggers themselves to churn out DIY projects. That's not my gift at all. The gurus say not to blog about what YOU want to blog about, that you need to blog to answer a question, that it's not about you...blah blah blah. I'm with you, I want to blog about what I'm interested in & it may not be what the world is interested in. Social media makes me tired so I'm taking a hiatus from it. Girl, I say do what you wanna do! And happy belated birthday & blogger anniversary.

  24. Well I am going to say AMEN to exactly what Nana Diana said. I love what she said. Debbie, I realize everyone has their own style and technique. Some uses their blogs to make money. I had to ask myself recently, why did I even begin to blog? I only blog once a week as that Is truly all I have time for. I work part time outside the home but girl, on the days I am not at my job I work at home and I do like spending time with my precious grands, my man and have me a little me time. All that said, I cannot possibly blog daily. I began blogging because it was sorta like keeping a journal for me in which I have always been one to journal. It was a way to share my life which mainly consists of my family. I also loved getting ideas from others, making new friends as a few of my blogging friends has become so very precious in my life. I could write a book on this topic. But, I want to tell you how much I appreciate you being so transparent and yet truly not in an offensive way at all. I say to each their own. Thanks for keeping it real. Happy Belated birthday girl. Great gals born in February! LOL! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  25. Debbie, happy Bogaversary and Birthday. 60 is a milestone and I’m getting close. I did read your entire post. I found it as a link on Talk of the Town. My concern is that most of your dislikes occur on this particular blog, My Repurposed Life. I truly love the blog My Reppurposed Life because she doesn’t just deal with her life, but with her talent, kindness, and willingness to help us. Her house is changing one room at a time, through the affiliations with companies who not only advertise on her blog but also supply products for her to review. Unlike your blog which is a gentle look into your world, and it’s happenings (which is really lovely to read). My Repurposed Life is her life, her job and her business. It would be very boring if every blog was like yours or like Gail’s. We need a balance of good blogs. Some that are from when blogs were a person’s story, some that deal with how to, others that roll out 5 recipes a week. I do hope that your 700 followers find you once again to enjoy your writing

    1. Jennie,
      I appreciate you taking the time to visit and comment on this post. I DID try to get in touch with you so I could return the visit but I could not find any way to do so , so I am responding here.
      Thank you for your truthfulness. Apparently you are an avid fan of the blog you mentioned and that is wonderful for you and the author of that blog which I AM familiar with and also a follower of! As I did mention in this post, this is my own personal opinion of how blogging has changed and the blog you speak of is actually NOT one of the blogs that I am speaking of. There are bloggers who advertise and do affiliations but do so in an unobtrusive manner and make the posts that they do their own by adding their own personal touch on it. And I do understand that some bloggers need to advertise for a source of income and use their blog as a way to receive free merchandise. And that is their own personal choice. Even though I do not need to do so now as I am still working and have a job that pays extremely well(I am and have always been the major bread winner), I may need an extra source of income once I retire even though I have planned extensively for mine and my husband's retirement. There are all different kinds of blogs out there to appeal to all different kinds of readers. There is something for everyone and it is everyone's own individual choice.....I just voiced my discontent at how blogging has changed over the years......

  26. I started my blog in 2009, when a friend invited me to join her in a photo a day challenge ... and I'm still posting a photo most days. Happy Blogging Anniversary!

  27. Happy birthday! You are definitely a veteran blogger, and I appreciated "over hearing" your conversation with yourself about the struggles of the blogging life and why you've persevered.

  28. Wow Debbie I had no idea that you have been blogging for so long. Congratulations on your blogoversary and on your birthday as well. I think that you should do what makes you happy. That should be the bottom line. There is no reason to impose anything on yourself. This should be an enjoyable activity. I find that when I lose that joy then it becomes too much of a job and it is really hard to create. Just continue at your own pace and enjoy what makes you happy.

  29. Hi Debbie! It's me: RobinfromCA of the former Miscellaneous Thoughts blog. I'm glad I stumbled into your new blog through Shabbyfufu! I have taken a lot of time off of blogging and am one of those who closed down my blog. I've thought about starting up again but with a different "flavor" this time around. Still with some home decor but also travels, outdoors, passions, and occasional musings about books or things I've learned. Like you, I miss the Linky Parties where you could see a variety of people posting and I get very tired of the food things too. I don't mind seeing photos posted from Pinterest if it is telling me something about the blogger. Also, there may be a link I'd like to follow. The pop-ups drive me crazy! I also just hit that 60 milestone. I don't feel 60 but the calendar says otherwise! I do hope you'll blog about whatever you do with your spring and summer garden. You've always been so creative with painting things unexpected colors and putting little surprises among the flowers. I will stop by again and I'll let you know if I change my blog status from "former" to up and running.

    1. Robin,
      Happy Birthday to you and yes, I do remember you!!! I wish you would start another blog and please let me know if you do!! I could not get in touch with you any other way so I am responding here.....Thanks so much for visit and for taking the time to comment on this post!!!

  30. Debbie – Congratulations on the birthday and being a cancer survivor!! I started blogging not long after you did. You were one of the first blogs I followed because I loved your passion for Victorian elegance and decorating for every holiday and season. I agree about the pop-ups– so annoying. I already subscribe to the blogs I read regularly so why keep waving the invitation in my face every. single. time. I am more than willing to click on the little box in the sidebar to subscribe – just don’t hit me with it 

    One of the reasons I started blogging was to learn something new for myself. That I have!! That’s part of why I keep going, because I am still learning. I’ve become more selective about jumping on bandwagons for “new” though. I’m also a teacher type interested in a wide variety of “homemaking” topics. I want to share what I learn the with anyone who is looking for that information. When we moved across country a couple of years ago, I had to cut back posts. I have tons of pictures of so many projects, but not the time or energy to write new posts. I kept producing food posts because we still had to eat – and we were in the habit of taking pictures before we ate anyway! I’m planning to get back to the other topics, but for our life right now this is it. And that is part of the reason, I decided to keep blogging as a hobby, rather than a moneymaker.

    When I do get back a blog focus, I have considered reinstating some of the “old style” format, like the blog roll. That’s where I found you and some of the other great blogs I read today. Bottom line -- It’s okay to change. It’s good to take care of yourself. Celebrating traditions and connections enrich us all. Enjoy yourself. And I will look forward to your posts. Charlene@apinchofjoy.com

  31. Congrats on both your birthday and your blogaversary Debbie. To be honest I'll miss your posts, so I'm glad you'll still be posting even though it won't be as much. It's been such a pleasure getting to know you as a person and all your family too. I cried when you posted that beautiful tribute to your Dad and when you shared your honest Mother's Day post.

    I'm no expert, but I think some people use their blogs as an online journal, like you my dear friend, and others treat blogging as a business. Both have a place in this world and both have different "rules". I too hate pop ups and loads of adverts, but I can totally understand why it's necessary. Many people aren't as lucky as we are to have full time jobs that take care of the monetary side of things and ads are their only source of income. Please look after yourself and I'll be following along all the way no matter how little you post. Sending love as always

  32. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about blogging - and the way it has evolved over the years. It made me take a look at my own to see how long I have been at it. It turns out my first blog post was January 8, 2009; so, I've been at it just a few weeks over 9 years. I did take a one year break with only sporadic postings because of a health issue. But, when I jumped back in, it was with both feet!

    For the most part, I agree with the things that you don't care for in blogging. I must admit to being guilty of a few of your pet peeves LOL. I scour the internet for photos to liven up my research stores, so I often use other people's photos. I have, on occasion, advertised a sale in my shop on my blog, but I don't make a big practice of mixing my blogging life with my life as an artist in the competitive world of retail art LOL. I have had, on occasion a guest blogger - but never for money...and not very often - maybe once a year. I also am not a fan of not-stop recipe posts - first of all, we LIVE on Mr. Atkin's diet and I can't have 90% of the recipes posted, and secondly, I also don't cook much so it doesn't make any difference if I COULD eat the recipes LOL. As my Jewish mother often repeats the OLD Jewish joke: what does a Jewish mother make for dinner? Reservations.
    And yes - I'm Jewish and LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas!!! I always say that nobody loves Christmas like a good renegade Jew...not to mention, no self-respecting Jew doesn't enjoy reason to redecorate once a year :P .
    Happy Pink Saturday ... and Blog On!

  33. Debbie, In the five years I've been blogging it has changed immensely and not necessarily for the good. I don't blog for profit and never intend to do so. You make some great points about why you started blogging and I started for many of the same reasons. I too plan on continuing to blog but I've already cut back my blogging schedule. I do the Snickerdoodle link party and usually only one additional post a week. You are one of the most loyal party guests and you are appreciated. Thank you for sharing your thoughts at Snickerdoodle. So many of us are disappointed in the direction blogging has taken in the last few year.

  34. Happy Birthday, Debbie! Yes, I remember that milestone and really don't know how I feel about the next one for me....happy to be alive, I hope!

    I'm just shy of my 8th year of blogging and agree with you on so many issues. There are only a handful of bloggers who have been with me since I first started. Several have quit the blogging game, but most have moved past that personal connection to "money-making" blogs and have grown so big they do not have time for a lot of us. It made me sad at first.....I really missed that personal connection, but I've since moved on to just staying connected with the few I still feel very in-tune with. I keep trying to change things up, because I don't want to bore anyone. Unlike you, I do enjoy some recipes thrown in here and there, and I share recipes sometimes....but I like to cook! Don't hate me....LOL! I, too, use to post a couple of times a week, but now it is more like a couple of times a month. I've also cut down on the number of blog parties I join in on....maybe 6. In the beginning, I was constantly watching to see how many followers I had, but I seldom even notice anymore. I totally agree with you on the pop-up ads....HATE, HATE, HATE the distraction. Another pet-peeve for me is the light colored text on so many blogs...very hard on "older" eyes!

    I'm glad you are going to continue blogging and doing it your way!
    Hugs, Carol

  35. Happy Birthday, Debbie! Yes, blogging has changed A LOT over the years. You and I have been blogging about the same amount of time. I've made a number of changes that I felt fit me. There were a couple years that I couldn't blog because of an obligation and when Dearest got sick. A number of people now use blogging as their 'job'. I don't have a problem with that. I remember the difference - why I started, the lovely fellowship of so many. Several of those 'tea time bloggers' don't come visiting any more! That's o.k., in the end - we all have to do what is best for us! I do appreciate you! Blessings,

  36. This is such a great post Debbie! I am glad you are going to continue to blog but I understand why you have decided to cut back. I enjoy the blogs of those who stay true to their own style, like you! I followed you before years ago when I blogged as Junkaholics Unaninmous. I agree it was a bit less stressful, with more personal connections back then. Thank you for sharing this heartfelt post at Thursday Favorite Things!

  37. Oh, Debbie. First of all, happy birthday!! That is a milestone birthday, for sure. Second, I think many of us resonate with this post. Blogging really has changed so much from those first days of fun and connection. But you're such a wonderful part of the blogging world, so I'm glad that you'll continue to post when you want to. And I'm really glad that you'll continue to do what YOU like rather than trying to fit in with current fads; you're a great example to all of us!

    Thanks so much for joining the Grace at Home party at Imparting Grace. I'm featuring you this week. I know I usually feature you when you've shared some cool decorating idea or the solution to a problem, but I really think people will enjoy reading this post.

    Every blessing, dear Debbie!

  38. Happy Belated Birthday, Debbie, and congratulations on your 8-year blogiversary!!!

    I usually visit you through the tea-themed linky parties and have always enjoyed seeing your teaware collection. Some bloggers have switched over to Instagram 9IG) because it's easier--you post a photo and a short description! I do have an IG account--primarly to follow my online friends who stopped blogging--but I haven't been very good at uploading my own photos (my cell phone camera is not the greatest). I still work full-time so my blog is just a hobby. I post whatever I want, whenever I want!

    I also share your sentiment towards cooking. It's necessary for our survival, but I just never developed a liking for it!

  39. Congratulations Debbie on your milestone birthday, I also get reflective around my birthday. I think it's good to take a look at our lives every so often and this includes our blogs. I've also been blogging for several years too and reading your list felt like a good friend validating one of my rants. haha I clearly see much of what you do, and I chalk it up to change. nothing stays the same. But the friendships of those who began with me feel quite important. I'm very sentimental about those bloggers. And now you too, since you're another one from those special days. I do hope you keep blogging. I stopped any kind of normal schedule, now I blog when I can. Not very reliable for my readers but I figure that we're all doing the best we can.
    thanks for your candid views.
    Leslie aka Gwen Moss

  40. Happy Bloggiversary! So, I'll be honest, I have ads on my blog but I also write about my story. I try as hard as I can to always be true to myself and my journey in life. I'm so sorry that you feel that blogging has lost its sparkle for you, and I pray that you find it again. If you enjoy writing so much, then who cares if anyone is even reading it? I write because I have a story and I want to remember it for myself. And it others get something out of it too, even better. Good luck in your ventures, and happy birthday!!

  41. Debbie, I feel the same as you. I have thought of shutting down my blog, but I just can't do it. I have been blogging for about the same amount of years as you. Your blog was one of the first for me to follow. I love visiting you. You amaze me with all your beautiful holiday decorations, and your home is George us with a capital G. I like the more personal blogs, where you develop a friendship. I will never meet you in person but I love to see your posts, and to see you on Facebook. Please keep posting about you, your hlme, your life. And I will keep doing the same on my simple little blog. Hugs to you my friend. Karie at Karie's Chic Creations


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