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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Christmas and Family!!

My One Little Word for 2015 was LIVE and as the year drew to an end, I was very pleased about how I have made changes in my life to allow me more time to LIVE!

If you want to read about what changes I made, click HERE for My Reflections on my One Little Word.....

I do not often share personal family photos on my blog so this post is a little different than those I normally do.......
  The recent tragic passing of my Great Nephew, Craig, my niece Lisa's only son, has caused me to do a lot of reflection.........

 We are all busy in our lives and sometimes get tied up in our daily routines and forget to make time for those that are the most important to us........... our family!

My niece, Lisa, who is only 12 years younger than I am, with her husband, John and her grandchildren, Craig's children.
Her grief is overwhelming.....

  In the Fall, I had a Get Together at my house for my sister's family and mine and it was such a joy to reconnect!

This Christmas, we did it again and ALL but 1 of my sister's 5 children and their families and my family of 5 partied at my house!!

Yep, 20 people in my house all at once!!

It was chaotic, crowded, loud with laughter, filled with smiles and was such a joy!!

I actually managed to take a few photos!!

That is my Sister, Barb with her grand daughter Carly on her right and Caitlin on her left. Please excuse my BIL's head!!
I was taking these photos on the fly but they are better than none so please excuse the poor quality!!

That is my Sister's husband John and to his right is Renae, my nephew Johnny's wife. Carly and Caitlin are 2 of their 3 children.  And that is the back of my niece Lisa's head..... so sorry!!
You can see Joe is the Kitchen!!

Jim, my youngest son and Danielle, our daughter-in-love!!
My Niece Lynn and her daughter Madalyn.......
Out in the Den, watching football........

To the left, trying to not have his picture taken, is my great nephew Will, Lynn's son and to the right is Ed, Lynn's husband.
My nephew Dan and his wife Heather , who came in from York, Pa. for the party!! I was so thrilled that they did!!
Heather and I share the same Birthday!!

This is Johnny, my nephew and God Child and Renae's husband.....
Jim and Danielle watching Carly and Madalyn.....
Heather, Lynn and Renae with Dan sitting in the chair.......
Our son, Joey, who hates to have his photo taken and put online!! LOL!!
My Sister, Barb, who is 10 years older than me....
 Doesn't she look terrific!!

Me and Barb
 Joe was taking the photos so I apologize!!


There is a story behind these photos of Barb and I together.......
From the time I was a child, on Christmas Eve at our parent's, it was a tradition that Barb and I sing Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and act out the song! I had learned this in grade school .

After these photos were taken, I got the idea to "perform" Rudolph again after many years!!

Some of Barb's older kids remembered this tradition that we did every Christmas Eve at my parent's house up until our Dad passed away, our Mom sold the house and we had our own separate Christmas Eve celebrations.

My sons and the little ones never saw this and were hysterical as we did our song!!

Yes, there is Video and NO, I will NOT be sharing it here on this Blog!!


But we ALL had a wonderful time and will be getting together now more often!!

We missed Brian , my sister's youngest son, and his wife , Ann, who live in South Carolina.
  Barb and I both said that we were sure that our parent's were smiling down upon us on that day!!

I want to share a few more photos of my sister and her family........

These are from Christmas Day at her house.....

Barb and John and their grand children.......

Madalyn and Carly in front with Caitlin, Cortney and Will.......
Madalyn and Carly.......
Barb and the girls.....
  Caitlin Loves my Guest Room and was found sitting up there on the bed , gazing around the room, saying "I love this room!"

John and Renae and their lovely daughters in NYC.......
Another thing that I realized is that I now have someone to pass some of my treasures onto especially since my 2 sons are really not to interested in all my stuff!!

Several years ago, Joe bought a Christmas Village at Sam's Club.  I admit that it was one of Joe's impulse buys because I ALREADY had a Village that I display on a platform under our Tree.

 How I displayed the Village years ago.......
 I asked my sister if she wanted it. Madalyn was so enthralled by it that it ended up under her Tree at her house!!
 Madalyn loves playing with it!!
 Lynn and her family......
 Renae and her daughters love Tea Cups and Antiques so I know they will be "inheriting " some of my Treasures too!!

 Heather and I share the same Birthday and a lot of similar interests as far as decorating and crafting!!
 It was a difficult Christmas for my sister and her family and I am glad that we all got the chance to be together.....
 On Jan. 3, Joe's parents and a family friend, Frankie, came to visit!!

Again, these photos were taken on the fly so I apologize!!
 As I mentioned before, my oldest son , Joey, does not appreciate having his photo taken!!

Pardon Joe's Dad's head!!
 Joe's Mom, Elly, Jim, who always seems to be eating in photos, and Danielle

 Jim, who is still eating, Joey, Joe's Dad, and Frankie. Joe is again , in the Kitchen!!
And will you look at Joey's face!! I told you he does not like his photo taken!!  I know I am going to hear about this!! LOL!!
 Joe's Dad was in the ED on Christmas Eve day and is feeling better. He is 85 y/o.
 Joe's Mom is 82 y/o.
I have no idea what was in the TV in the Living Room!!  LOL!!
 Jim and Danielle worked hard this Christmas Season at Target. They always work the overnight shift and go to work at 3:00 am!!
Danielle, a friend and Jim........

While Joey took vacation and was off from December 24 until Jan. 4th!!

It was the topic of much busting and laughter!

We got to spend a lot of time with our children over the Holidays:

December 7th- Jim's Birthday
December 20th- Family Party
December 24th- Christmas Eve
December 25th- Christmas Day
December 29th- Joey's Birthday
December 31st- New Year's Eve
Jan. 1st- New Year's Day
Jan. 3rd- Pizza with Joe's parents and Frankie

Yes, Joe and I are tired!

But we loved every moment of it!!

We hope you got to spend the Holidays with those that you love!!

And please remember to cherish EVERY MOMENT with your family!!

 I hope you will come by and visit  again!!

And thanks to those who took the time out of their busy day to spend a little bit of time with me!!

If you do not have a blog, PLEASE  give me some way to reply to your comment, maybe by including your email in your comment.  If I can not find a way to reach you, I will reply on the post where you commented so please check back......


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