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Friday, September 20, 2013

The ReModel Begins......Part 1

I promised that I would keep you updated on my remodel...

Since we had to take everything out of the DR and the LR to get ready for the new wood laminate floors, it was the perfect time to paint these rooms.....

Well, I painted the LR by myself ( which darn near killed me with the textured ceiling) and the Dining Room, which Joe did help me with since he was off last Sunday.

Remember, I am a Victorian Soul who loves deep rich colors.....

These are pictures of my LR as I am getting ready to paint.

See what my fake window ,which is really a large mirror ,looks like with out the curtains up?????
Everything was covered with plastic for painting that darn ceiling!!
Okay, Here is the LR  with all the painting done.  Don't mind  the ladder and all the other stuff that is everywhere....
See the deep peach ceiling?
I re-arranged all the wall art on this wall....
 By the way, this is what this table looks like without the tablecloths and toppers on it.

 I bought it when they were demolishing an area hotel and had a sale. It cost me $5.00!!
Excuse all the stuff on it....
Since I did a faux finish below the chair rail that is a combination of aqua and peach all around the room,
 I thought I would bring in more of my old Home Interiors pictures that had a lot of teal in them.
It was called teal back in the 80's.

 Now it is called Aqua!
This wall has a stone type of paneling on it. I have had this here since we moved in 35 years ago and I have painted it several times.....
I just dabbed a bit more aqua on it this time around.....

When I did this finish , I used peach, aqua and a beige.

 I did this about 18 years ago.....
See the aqua and peach finish below the chair rail?

You can see that almost everything is moved out of the room and packed up......
There is th  peach ceiling again and how it looks with the border which is called Monet's Garden ......

  I re-arranged the pictures on this wall too......
Again, Home Interiors pictures...
Love the colors in them....
On the other side of the TV which will be moved into the DR on Sunday night......
Yep, that is what this table looks like without any tablecloths on it.....

More H.I. pictures...

This one is called Story Time.....
I had had some of these pictures on the wall going up the stairs and brought them back down into the LR.

This is the wall where the hutch is by the front door.....

And I re- did the wall going up the stairs......

The gazebo picture was on the wall above the TV but it was too big for that place so now there is a better view of it on this wall......
Again, I love the colors in some of these pictures....
Here is the corner where my curio is and I brought these 2 pictures down from the upstairs hall way.....

So this is what my LR looks like now that it is re-painted.....
I am pretty sure that I found an area rug for the LR that I like in Lowes.....
Here is what the DR looked like after I took everything off the walls and spackled all the holes!!


Almost Polka Dotted!!
See what my pass through to the Kitchen looks like without the curtains there creating another faux window????

The green around the ceiling border is frog tape which kept falling off.....
I should of taken a picture of my chandy bagged up!! That was interesting!!

Okay, I went with a similar color as the one I painted this room 15 years ago. This is Valspar's Edwardian Rose.......
Notice that the ceiling is no longer white.....

Years ago, I watched the Christopher Lowell TV show every day and he always said to treat your ceiling like a fifth wall and NOT to paint it white because painting it white when you have deep rich color on the other walls makes it look like you threw a bed sheet over the ceiling.

So in true Victorian fashion, I painted the ceiling in the DR the same deep rich rose color as the walls above the chair rail.

Now I know that this style is not for everyone BUT it is my style and what makes me happy and I am very happy with how it came out.....
After all, isn't that what matters to each of us in our own homes..... That we are happy!!

See the curtains hung over the Kitchen pass through creating a faux window are almost the same shade as the walls.....

I also re-arranged some of the wall art in the DR too.....
Love this picture from Home Interiors which is called "May I Play?"
Since I painted the wall below the chair rail hunter green only a few years ago, I did not repaint it this time around.

This border is one of my favorites.....

And yes, I am the one who did all the trim work around the borders without taping!!!!

Joe would have had it all over the border! LOL!


 You may remember that I had these old window inserts hung as a divider between the LR and DR, which will go back up when the flooring is done.....
 This is what it looks like without the dividers....
Here's the DR again.......

My Most Victorian Looking Room....
Looking in to the LR.....
 As I said , don't mind all the stuff including my cleaning rags!! LOL!
 We are moving all the furniture into the DR......
   So it is Good Bye to my 18 year old carpet.....
 And HELLO!!!!!

To my new flooring!!!!
 They brought the flooring this morning!!

26 cases of Pergo Max Burnished Fruitwood for the Hall Way, the DR, the LR and the Kitchen!!

I think it will look nice with all the wood I have in the house.... Check it out with the chair rail.....
I chose this finish because it has a variety of shades of wood in it so I think it will lend itself nicely to all the different wood tones throughout  the downstairs......
 And this is the Sierra Slate laminate that will be installed in the Powder Room.....

 Here is how it will look in the Powder Room..........
 It is a very neutral and natural look....
 Good Bye to those green floors!!
 One last look at the way it was!!

 So now all that is left to do is move more LR furniture into the DR on Sunday night and they start the floors on Monday morning, the 23rd.....

Joe and I took vacation time so we can be off while this is all being done.

I will be taking pictures of their progress and posting when I can......

When they are working downstairs during the day, I will be crafting in my Craft Room upstairs as I have 2 Craft Fairs in November that I need to get ready for!!

In the evenings when they are done working, Joe and I will be moving things back into the rooms that they finished.

They are also installing  new Kitchen countertops and a sink.

You can see that this will definitely be a working vacation for us but I am so excited and can't wait to see how everything looks when it is all finished!!

Then moving things out of the Powder Room and Kitchen as they start to work in those rooms....

So please excuse my absence during this time and I will try to keep you updated on how things are progressing.....

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