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Friday, February 22, 2019

Life Changes in an Instant

   Welcome to Debbie-Dabble Blog!!
I am so happy you decided to stop by!!

It's funny how one's life can change in an Instant!!

They say We make plans and God laughs......
 But I am grateful that I made the plans that I did because I just had to move them up a bit........

I had an appointment at 1:30 pm on 2/21 with my Orthopedic Surgeon.......

I have been having a lot of trouble walking , feeling like the bones in my knee joint were rubbing against each other and at times my knee was buckling and I felt as if the joint was slipping....

My right knee was more than twice the size of the left knee.....

My ortho surgeon saw me at work last week and saw how swollen my knee was...

 Well, it turns out that the joint actually is slipping......

He thought that he would be able to aspirate fluid from the knee and that would give me some relief , allowing me to work a little bit longer....

He tried 3 times to get fluid out of the knee joint but was unable to.....
 Stock photo

There was no fluid......

That is when I knew I was in trouble.....

That meant that my knee had deteriorated to a condition where I needed the knee replacement surgery soon and that I was not going to get any relief from the pain and pressure until I had the surgery......

That also meant that I could barely walk without limping and experiencing pain.....

That also meant that since I could barely walk, how could I possibly continue to work?????


I was no longer physically able to work.........

Life changes in an Instant......
 In my case, it was an hour and a half.......

In that hour and a half.......

I had an unsuccessful aspiration of my right knee.....

I had a note stating that I was not able to work because knee pain until impending knee replacement surgery

Had a battery of  Xrays done

Scheduled a date for my surgery
 Scheduled appointments for Joint Class, Anesthesia consult, History, Physical and examination and blood work and other testing.....

 Was told when to start taking iron supplements and vitamins prior to the surgery......
 Told to start a high Protein, low Carb diet
 And to try to get back on my stationary bike, despite the pain to strengthen my muscles, for the surgery.....

All of that took place in an hour and a half.....

I am sure you understand it when I say I left the Dr.'s office a bit dazed.....

It was a good thing that Joe was with me!!!

My surgery is scheduled for April 29th.

I had to wait at least 3 - 4 months after my last cortisone shot as it increases the risk of infection if surgery is scheduled too soon after the shot.....

So in an hour and a half, I am no longer working......

After almost 41 years, I no longer have to go to work......

37 of those years was full time.......

The last few years, was part time......

It is a strange feeling....

I planned for this but not exactly the way it happened......


I thought I would have a chance to say Good Bye to co workers.....
 I will have to stop in to do so.....

This is something that I will have to get used to even though I have looked forward to this for a very long time.........

I now have a lot of work to do like contacting Human Resources, applying for a Leave of Absence and applying for my Short Term Disability........

I think I am still dazed........

I will post again when I get my Wits about me!!!

Thanks to those who took the time out of their busy day to spend a little bit of time with me!!

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  1. Oh my gosh, I never knew that it could get this bad so quick.. I need my left one done and I am just buying time before I do it. Some days it really hurts and others not so bad. Now I am scared. Good to read your post but so sorry that it had to be like this. April is a good little time away before the day of surgery. I take vitamins but was told to stop taking everything (can't remember how long) prior to surgery. You can keep taking them it sounds. I know this threw you for a loop. In the blink of an eye things change. Good you are on the road to getting it done and over with.

  2. Wow Debbie what a shocker to find you need knee surgery instead of the fluid being removed. April is quite a while to wait. Yes, change can happen, like you not being able to work for quite a while, before and after surgery. Take care and be sure to squeeze in some fun while you wait.

  3. Oh, Debbie. While I am sorry that things changed so much in a instant I am even sorrier that you are in so much pain AND that you have to wait that long for surgery. That is a long time to be in pain like that. I am sure you will get together with your co-workers for a "good-bye" party at some point.

    Just think-Now you will have time to go through stuff as you were planning to do with your decorations.

    Praying for your pain and upcoming surgery- xo Diana

  4. Oh that is sudden but I am glad you will be pain free soon. I have a bad knee also so I know how it goes. Not ready for replacement yet. The pain can sometimes be terrible. I hope you can get everything done before the big day.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by and for your well wishes...It was getting so hard for me to go to work so I guess it is a blessing that I am no longer working.... It will be much better for my knee as I can elevate it and pack it in ice, resting it until the surgery..... And I do believe that everything happens for a reason so this is what was supposed to happen...

  5. I wish you luck with your surgery. I know a lot of people who have had it and are very satisfied with it. Meanwhile, take it easy. It's not easy having pain. I had a sore back for a while. It comes and goes. I'll be happy for you when it's all over.

  6. You will be in my prayers for successful surgery and a quick recovery. Look after yourself.

  7. You are right,we are on( in?) His hands...I am sorry for your health issues...You will be in my prayers too,I am sure you will get better.Best wishes!

  8. Oh, Deb, that is a lot to take in in such a short amount of time. I hope you can get it all sorted out quickly so you can just relax. Easy to say, right? Rest up so you can be ready for the surgery and get back to normal. Will you stay retired or go back after you are healed?..Take care and I'm thinking about you my friend..xxoJudy

  9. That sounds dreadful, Debbie. And April 29 must seem like a million years away. I hope much of that other work and contacting can be done online so you don't have to walk about. Sometimes our bodies tell us what we must do.

  10. I'm actually happy for you. It happened the same way for me back in 2007 when I had back surgery and never returned to work. I'd planned to go back, but it just didn't work out and it really did turn out for the better. Prolonging your surgery just might do further damage to your knee that might make it harder to ever recover. It will all work out for the better...you'll see. Good luck and take it easy for a while. We must all take care of ourselves first and everything else will work itself out.

  11. Maybe this is how it has to be, quick, swift and life changing. No turning back, look back at 41 years with a lot of gratitude. Time to turn the page to a new chapter. No time to linger and shed tears saying your goodbye's. Moving on to new horizons with a lot of trust in God. Peace and love, Ann

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by and for your well wishes...It was getting so hard for me to go to work so I guess it is a blessing that I am no longer working.... It will be much better for my knee as I can elevate it and pack it in ice, resting it until the surgery..... And I do believe that everything happens for a reason so this is what was supposed to happen...

  12. All the very best with all aspects of the whole process and recovery.
    Thinking of you ��

  13. So very true. Life changes in a moment, or an hour and a half in your case. I've been where you are although not a knee replacement. I was so happy to read that your husband was with you. Although none of it is easy it does help to have another to 'walk' through it with you. I'm praying that you'll be completely healed and ready to move into this new chapter in your life. Blessings to you and yours! Marie

  14. I had bilateral total knee replacements on May 17, 2016. Do one knee at a time if you can ~ having both knees done at the same time leaves you with no leg to stand on! Pun intended. You MUST do exactly as the doctor says and PT is essential if you want to walk again. It will hurt, but absolutely essential you do the PT and exercises. I do Zumba 3Xs a week and toning once a week to keep moving. Wishing you an easy recovery and God's blessings. Teddie

    1. Teddie,
      I hear you!! No way will I have both knees done at the same time as I do want at least one leg to stand on!! LOL!! Yep! I will do the PT as long as I have too. I will get at least 4 PT sessions before I leave the hospital and the rest will be outpatient.... Thanks for stopping by and for your encouragement!

  15. Wow!!! All those changes!!! May God guide you as you make your way these next days and weeks!

    1. Nina,
      Thanks so much for stopping by and for your well wishes !! I am just glad that I do not have to work while I wait for my surgery. It was just getting to be too hard for me to physically be able to run up and down those halls....

  16. Aw! Debbie- sending you prayers and blessings. Sometimes God forces us to make decisions....and only he knows when we are ready. So glad you have your Hubby by your side to help you through. Keep us posted on your progress. Hugs xo Karen

  17. I wish Debbie quick improvements and that her surgical operation has good results

  18. It is amazing how quickly our plans for our lives can change. Sorry to hear it is so bad, I hope you don't have too much pain as you wait for your surgery date.

  19. Oh dear! I'm so sorry to hear it. Hope everything will be fine very soon.


  20. Take care of yourself Debbie, your turn now to be the patient.., Hoping your surgery is successful, and may your retirement plans come sooner and you be pain free!

    1. Marcy Ray,
      Thanks so much for stopping by!! Thanks so much for your well wishes !! I am just glad that I do not have to work while I wait for my surgery. It was just getting to be too hard for me....

  21. Oh my gosh, Debbie! I am so sorry to hear that it's taken a turn like this, but glad that you're finally going to get that surgery done!Take care of yourself and keep us up to date on your progress. I will be thinking about you.

  22. Hope all goes well with your surgery and the prep leading up to it! Do take care of yourself!

  23. Wow, that would be a shock! I hope that the surgery goes well. It's good you have at least a little time to prepare for it.
    My mom had both her knees replaced and it changed everything--it was wonderful. So I hope it's just as good for you. :)

  24. Hello Debbie, I know you will be a lot happier once your knee surgery is finished and you can concentrate on healing. Last March and just this past January my husband had knee surgery done on his knees. The healing is not so bad and you will be in less pain and be able to walk again. Good luck with the surgery. Thanks too for sharing this at Cooking and Crafting with J & J.
    Julie xo

  25. Aw, bless your heart, Debbie! I'm sorry you are in so much pain. You knew this day was coming but it came so quickly that it took you by surprise. Life is like that sometimes, isn't it? I'm glad you are finished with the job because you need to take care of yourself before the surgery. God bless you, my friend! I will be praying for you. Hugs...Sandi

  26. Oh my, I will keep you in my prayers, I am sorry you have had this suddenly come up and that you have to wait until April to begin to get some resolution! Life can change in a moment. On 9/11 my husband was on a plane flying from Cleveland to NYC. Fortunately he was one who returned to safety in Cleveland, but he might not have been and my world would have changed...in an instant. I have always tried since then to live each day with gratitude, thankful for the blessings I have. Please work through the rehab they have you do, no matter how painful it may be. My mother went through a knee replacement and it hurt her like crazy, but she walks today without a limp or any pain because she did everything they told her to do.

  27. I saw your post on a few of the linkups. My mother had knee issues from when she was 17 in a car accident and she had her knee replacement almost ten years ago at 44. She loves it. She says the short term pain of the surgery is well worth the long term relief, and if you do the therapy, all of it, you will feel so much better. Because of age, in the next five years she may need another one, and she has no hesitations about getting it done. This is a good thing - and afterwards, maybe you can go back to work, or not, but you will feel so much better.
    Jasmine | Midsummer Life Dream

    1. Jasmine,
      Thanks so much for stopping by and for taking the time to comment!! I waited 6 years because i did not want to have another one done in my 70's since I was 55 years old when i was first told I need a replacement. Hopefully, this one will last me til I die!! LOL! I may need the other one done but we will look into that once I have the first surgery. Joint replacement patients do so well anymore and are discharged in a day or so....And No, I will not be going back to work as i planned to retire after my surgery. Since I had to move it up a few months, I am still sticking with my original plan of retirement . Plus, I will have been off too long for the health System that I work for to keep my position for me. They will give A job if I went back but not my job.....

  28. One of the orthopedic surgeons I worked with as an OT said one knee always goes easy, the other hard. Seeing as you only need 1 done, I will pray it is the easy one. Will your insurance cover a cryocuff?; it circulates the ice cold water and you just velcro it on; so much easier that messing around with a leaky plastic bag! This will give you time to sit and work on your projects--hurrah! I have had cortisone shots several times in my knees; my dr. prides himself on finding JUST the right spot for the injection. First was easy, second, I was gritting my teeth the whole time! I am thankful cortisone still works on me! Had a friend recently have both knees done about 4 days apart (never heard of that) and she has done well. Take your pain medication 1/2 hr-45 min. before therapy to get the most bang for your buck. Ice, too!

    1. Kathy,
      True! They say the second knee is always worse because it has bared the burst of weight bearing because the first knee was bad. My other knee is bothering me but we will wait to see if I need surgery on that one after the first one is done.... Yes, we get to take home the Polar Ice machine as it is called where I work. I did the cortisone shots every 4 months for 6 years but the last one only lasted 3 weeks. That is when I knew the time had come. Some have both knees done together which I would never do but I have seen them done a month apart....
      Thanks for visiting!!

  29. Debbie, Please take Kathy's great advice to take your pain meds 1/2 to 3/4 hr before your PT. I know you are a nurse, but this is great advice that no one told me until 3 weeks into outpatient therapy and I was not smart enough to know. You are going to be so happy after you do this. All the people in the outpt therapy that I became friends with had a single knee done and they were making super progress~ golfing, walking, swimming, going out, biking. Keep your eye on the prize. Teddie

    1. Teddie,
      Thanks for stopping by and for taking the time to comment!! Yes. it is important to pre- medicate yourself prior to therapy. Being a Rehab nurse, we would encourage patients to wait and take their pain medication about a half hour prior to going to PT when my unit was open as a Rehab Unit. Now that our acute Rehab unit is now closed, more patients will either go to out patient therapy or to a nursing home for therapy for about a month after joint replacement surgery if they are elderly and live alone....I have just been able to get back on the stationary bike as my knee was quite painful after the attempted aspirations. It is still painful but it will help before the surgery and I have been doing it for 6 years with my ortho surgeon crediting it for helping me to put it off for so long. When they turned my unit into an acute care unit, we were getting a lot of the joint replacement patients and I was amazed at how well they did , allowing them to go home the next day after surgery. My surgeon uses the Mako robotic arm of surgery a lot and those patients are home by the next morning. I know I will be in a lot less pain then I am now and I will finally be able to walk better than I have for the last 6 years!!


  30. That is a lot to take in at one time! April 29 seems like a long ways off, but it will come quickly. AND you and your husband will have time to do what YOU want afterwards. Prayers that this chain of events will be for the best and that everything goes smoothly.

  31. Hi Debbie, coming from your link with us at the ToTT party. Wow, that's a lot to take in one day! Being a rehab nurse I have no doubt that you will have a speedy recovery. Thankfully you also know the surgeon, which can't hurt. But none-the-less, April is a ways off and you still have to deal with the pain and anxiety of the impending surgery. You are in my thoughts and hope all goes well and you're on your feet again painfree soon. I'll be following your recovery because I'm headed there too. Meniscus tear surgery didn't resolve my knee issues. Holding off as long as I can but like you, it'll probably happen sooner than later. xo

  32. Oh Debbie you are in my prayers. I had to wait 8 weeks for my hip surgery and I was very anxious about it (8 weeks is too long to think about anything, right?) But my situation has all worked out as will yours! I too had many blog friends (and family and church members) lifting me up and I know that helped. I hope my words help you. I'm in the PT part of things now and each day I thank God that I made it through the surgery successfully and that my recovery has been speedy. I will pray for no less for you! It will all work out:) xo Kathleen

  33. Debbie,
    I know it will feel like a long time before surgery, but hopefully it will go by quickly. Then relief!
    Hope you stop by Over The Moon Linky party since you are being featured.

  34. Oh my goodness, Debbie! I'm so sorry you are in so much pain, but I am glad that you have a date for surgery scheduled, so you can get on the road to recovery. I'm sure that it's been a bit overwhelming, and I hope you are able to get everything straightened out soon. Thanks for keeping us updated at Sweet Inspiration.

  35. Wow, friend. That's a lot to take in all at once, isn't it? I am so thankful that you've been faithfully preparing for retirement, bit by bit, so that you're ready for this big step. Take good care of yourself as you prepare for the surgery--maybe the fact that you're not on your feet at work will provide enough relief that you can turn your attention to your diet and exercise and get in tip-top shape before the surgery. Please keep us posted! Much love to you.

  36. Wow! You are accepting this change with much grace. I applaud you! My email address bijoubeadboutique @gmail.com

  37. Just read your post and hope you have made a good recovery.


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