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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Garden Update & Damage after the Storm


It's been some time since I posted any photos of our front yard and back yard Cottage Garden......

It has been a very hot, humid and rainy Summer here in NEPA...........

For the most part, my annuals and perennials have done well........

Until yesterday..........
Our area including the city of Wilkes Barre, was in a tornado warning last evening issued by the National Weather Service..........

We had one wicked storm with wind and thunder and lightning and very heavy rain.........

When it was over, we got about 1 1/2 inches of rain in 15-20 minutes!!!!!!!
That storm escorted in a cold front that will give us this beautiful weather!!!
Now this is my kind of weather.......

Thank Goodness we did not have any property damage but..........

The storm did a number on my flowers out in the front yard........
I could kick myself for not taking photos sooner when everything really looked full and beautiful!!

You can see that the flowers in this large urn took a hit......
The marigold stems were split!!!
And the begonias were flattened a bit........
 I did not over plant my pots this year because I wanted to see if less plants would fill in all my containers.......

They did until the storm!!

This is what those 2 pots looked like when just planted.......
 These planters do not look too bad from the front.......
But again, the marigolds were split!
This one looks a bit better.......
Just a bit of damage on the left side........
These are what they looked like back in May!!
  And my poor begonias in the flower boxes on each side of the flower bed under the Living Room widow really took some abuse from the wind and the rain!!!
They got flattened!!
I did prop them up a bit with some plastic fencing!!
You may remember that I only planted 4 begonias in these flower boxes.......
Another split marigold stem!!
I turned the pot around to make it look better......
The urns sustained a little bit of damage but look okay from the front.......
But from the side that the storm came from you can see the damage......
And just a bit of damage to the back one......
These are how they looked when first planted.......
The begonias in this flower box really got flattened!!
I also tried to prop these up with a small fence.......
Again, there are only 4 plants planted in each flower box!!

The front yard sustained no flower damage........
I think the azaleas protected the pots.......
And this is how the park bench looked in May!!
I had to show you my neighbor's front yard........
Beautiful, isn't it????

And we had a visitor in the front yard......
A baby bunny!!

And now let's take a look at the back yard......

The petunias are starting to look leggy and you can tell that Fall is approaching.......
I am thinking of not going with petunias in these pots next year.......
The new guinea impatiens are still looking good!!
The back yard still is looking good for late August!!!
The impatiens are doing fairly well.......
This was a tiny rose plant that Joe bought at Wegman's on clearance about 3 weeks ago for $4.00!!!!
Now look at it!!!

I did buy a new gazing ball at Big Lot's using a reward coupon!!
This is one begonia plant in this sprinkler.......
It did sustain a bit of rain damage from the storm.......

More begonias in here........
In the Patio........
They are all doing well and were protected from the storm by the awning.......

And I will close this post, shaing a beautiful sunset that we watched from our front porch about a week ago........
And finally, a patch of blue sky near sunset......
 In my next post, I will be sharing what Gabes has to offer for Fall and Halloween and what I have been buying for the new Season......
 So I hope you will be back to visit again soon.......
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  1. Hi Debbie - I popped over from Home and Garden Thursday. Honestly if you hadn't said anything, I would have never known by looking at your pictures that you had storm damage. Everything looks fantastic! I sort of have this thing for little yellow marigolds. I'm a gardener too so I'm always drawn to posts about gardening. I'm glad I stopped by. Pop over when you have a few minutes.

  2. Wow!Wonderful garden!Pretty flowers!Love all of them,so colorful!

  3. Your flowers are so gorgeous. I would give them a dose of Micacle Grow, trim 'em back, and say a little prayer; they will come back. It is so discouraging to have wind and rain do that damage. You obviously have a green thumb; I'd love to have the hours you must spend tending them--not a week in sight!

  4. Oh my sounds like that was quite the storm but so glad you made it through ok, your little visitor probably loves being among all those flowers :)

  5. Soooooo pretty! I am a little jealous! Ha, ha! Kisses, my friend.

  6. That's supposed to be WEED; I shouldn't even TRY to type at night!

    1. Kathy,
      Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and for your kind comment! I could not get in touch with you any other way so I am responding here..

  7. I'm amazed at how much everything has grown Debbie. It feels like yesterday when you shared what you planted in your front and back gardens. I'm real sorry that the storm wreaked havoc on some of the plants. It looks like the begonias and marigolds took the biggest hits, but even with the storm damage your garden still looks stunning Debbie

  8. Your garden is just lovely. I understand cleaning up after storm damage. Here in Texas, I've had to do it quite a few times and now there Harvey is supposed to hit tonight! Thank you for sharing @ Vintage Charm. I pinned your pretty impatiens!

  9. Oh well, you can't be running all your pots indoors every time you're going to have a big storm. They don't look too bad to me, and I'm sure they will perk back up. There's nothing like rain that perks plants up. Your pots really look gorgeous even with the effects of the storm. I'm with you on the petunias. Ours are looking leggy and unattractive now. Thinking of pulling them all up. Thanks for sharing your garden bounty at Sweet Inspiration!

  10. All of your flowers are gorgeous even the storm damaged ones.This late in the season, my Marigolds have gotten long and leggy so they split easy anyway. Your back yard Impatiens are just beautiful. Those Black Eye Susans in your neighbor's yard are so pretty too! Now I think I may plant some of those next year.

  11. Your flowers are looking pretty good considering. I was hoping I wouldn't see any broken pots or worse. I'm sorry about the split flowers, but hopefully if you're getting some decent weather they will bounce back with some fertilizer.

  12. Debbie, Glad to hear you didn't have any property damage. That is a lot of rain in a short period of time. The flowers still look mighty beautiful! Thanks for sharing them with us! Take care of you and Joe! ~Laurie

  13. Everything looks pretty good to me. We had 6 weeks of drowning rains in chicago and everything is Raggy looking and droopy. Enjoy what you have, as I'm sure they will perk up with the cooler weather. Thanks for sharing, Sandi

  14. Your flowers look better AFTER your storm than mine do on a beautiful day - I just don't have the magic touch that you do! Any time you'd like to come garden in my back yard just come on.

  15. Your flowers are still beautiful! The August heat and no rain for a couple of weeks did mine in. I am glad to hear that at least there was not a tornado! Thanks for sharing with us :)

  16. Debbie, your garden is lovely with so many pretty flowers. Glad you didn't sustain any more damage than you did. Thank you for sharing at Snickerdoodle.

  17. Even after the storm your garden area is lovely, Debbie. It's so colorful. What a cheerful spot. Thanks for sharing at Snickerdoodle!

  18. Just gorgeous! I wish we could have some of the rain here in the West. Its miserable here.

    Thanks for linking to Waste Not Wednesday!


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