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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Blue Snow, History, Something New and Thank You!!

The Huge Storm that was predicted for the East Coast missed us here in NEPA, just as our local ABC
affiliate TV station and the Weather Channel predicted for our area. They had down graded our predicted amounts of snow to 1-3 inches on Monday and on Tuesday and they were RIGHT!!!!!

We only got a little under 3 inches total!

But we did get 6 inches of snow last Saturday and I ended up taking some interesting pictures which I wanted to share..........

These pictures were taken as I hung out the front door in my nice warm nightgown and robe at dawn........
 Why are they blue????????

I thought that since it was still a bit dark outside, I would take them using the Candle Light Mode on my camera and this is how they came out!!!
 I thought they look pretty cool even though I have NO IDEA why they came out looking like that!!

These are some photos taken as it got a little lighter that morning....
 And this is what my little back yard Cottage Garden looks like now........
 Garden Art........
 The Trees in my back yard......
 In the Summer , I will have to think about what I will do on this side of my little yard as I lost this Tree in the beginning of the season when we had an early snow fall which cracked the Tree under the weight of the snow......
 This Tree provided a lot of privacy for our little patio ......

What it looks like now without the Tree.......
The Tree was actually a shrub that I had pruned into a Tree. The stump is still there so I guess I will have to wait and see if anything starts to sprout from it but that is a long time away from now......

Something New.......

They say now is the best time to buy TV's according to Consumer Reports......

This was our TV in the Den......
 I had to go back to Christmas 2012 to find any photos of this side of our Den!!
 We had a 24 inch TV in this room and at the time, I was adamant about not getting a larger TV for this room........

Well, here is how it looked from where I sit at the computer armoire, which is 20 feet away from this TV.......
 I found that even though I DO need new glasses, I was having a bit of a problem seeing this TV as I get older.......
So I said to Joe, I will give in !!  I think that we should get a larger TV in this room for when I go Part time at the end of the year, I will start spending more time in this room, especially when he is watching his Hockey on the larger TV in the Living Room and I do not want to be straining my eyes.

He ran right out to check prices and we ended up with this 32 inch TV from Sam's Club......
 I was glad that it did not totally take over this side of the room because I really like my TV's enclosed rather than a big black box just sitting there!
 I have to remove the shelf under the picture on the wall but that is okay.....

 Not too overwhelming in this small space.....

 This is one of the first changes that I am making to prepare for going part time at the end of the year........

This is how it looks from the other side of the room where I am on the computer.....
 Sorry for the glare.......
Much better!!!

I can also watch this TV from the Kitchen....

This TV was only $208 in Sam's Club but was listed $279 on Amazon .com.  Can you believe over 2 1/2 years ago when we bought the 24 inch one, we paid $279 for that one!!!!
 TV prices have dropped so much in the past years.....

What do I plan on doing with the other TV........

I am hoping to make over my Craft Room this year so it may replace the 13 inch flat screen ( which they do not even make anymore) in the Craft Room......

Okay, that was a Teaser now wasn't it?????????????

More on that later....

 If you are like me,  a History Buff ( didn't I ever mention that before?) , you will greatly enjoy the 3
Night Event Mini Series, The Sons of Liberty ,on the History Channel.!!! I suggest you try to catch the repeat Runs of it because it is Fantastic!!!

All 6 hours are being shown again on Friday night, 1/30! Get your DVR's ready!!

I have a LOT of Thanking to do!!!!

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Will you be celebrating on Super Bowl Sunday??????

We will be

BUT we will not be watching the Super Bowl.....

We will be celebrating my 57th Birthday which is actually on Saturday!!

I HATE football!!!

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