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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Tale of a Tea Pot

Winter is still not letting go here as we have had freezing rain and more snow over night.
Here is the Pocono's of Pa., this is a big Holiday weekend with lots of vacationers coming in for the weekend planning to hit the Ski Slopes.....

I do love to take pictures in the Winter because I think the snow and ice make everything look so pretty....

 I just love how the trees in my little back yard look coated with snow and ice.....

I want to Thank Kathy over @ Life on Lakeshore Drive for featuring my post
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Thank you so much, Kathy!!

Today, I am going to tell you Tale........

I will be sharing some things in my Bedroom that I love and that bring me great  JOY while I spin my Tale.....

A Tale  about a  Tea Pot

About 15 years ago, when I was really into going to yard sales and would hit about 20-30 yard sales on a Saturday morning, I started collecting vintage Tea Pots.....

One of the first Tea Pots I bought for my Collection was a mere $1.00........

 I really liked it so I put it on display in my hutch in the Dining Room.....

It caught my fancy because it had Roses on it.....

It stayed in my Dining Room Hutch for several years.....

 Until I started to collect Moss Rose Dishes......

 And displayed them in the Hutch....

I then moved the Tea Pot and displayed it in the Den.....

About 5 years later, Joe's Mom was cleaning out some things in her attic.....

She told Joe that she had a few things that she was going to give to me that were her Mother's......

She had taken them when her Mother passed away, the year before we were married....

Packed them away and had not even looked at them for about 20 years!!

When Joe brought home these things that were his grandmother's, I was so excited and could not wait to unwrap them.....

I quickly realized that one item was a Tea Pot!!!

When I unwrapped it, I almost dropped it........

I was shocked!!!!!

It was the SAME Tea Pot as I had bought about 5 years earlier at a Yard Sale!!!!

I could not believe it!!!

I called Joe's Mom and told her that I had an identical Tea Pot!!

You may remember this table looking like this.....

It now looks  like this

What is even more shocking is that Joe's Mom told me the Joe's Grandmother kept her Tea Pot proudly displayed in the Hutch in her Dining Room.......

The exact SAME Hutch where I had kept the identical Tea Pot for some time.......

We had inherited Joe's Grandmother's Dining Room Furniture....

And Joe's Grandmother's name was......


Rose and John Wasielowski

Rose came over from Poland @ 18 years old to join her Father who was already in America.

Rose was from the same town as Pope John Paul II.

She married a man who was much older than her, who was a widower with 3 children, which she raised as her own.

Rose later had 4 children of her own , 2  were a set of fraternal twin girls, one of which is my MIL.

Joe was Rose's favorite Grandchild and when she passed away the year before we got married, a note was found, written by her ,that Joe was to chose anything that he wanted in her home first, even before her own children.

We chose the Dining Room set and later found out that the note was found in the drawer of the Hutch!!!

Again, the same Hutch!!

I spent very little time with Rose before she passed away , unfortunately.

 We would pick her up and take her to church on a few occasions on a Saturday night while we were out on a date.

Rose never learned a word of English, only spoke Polish,  so I never understood her....

But I guess there was a connection between us.....

The Tea Pots were made by the Arthur Wood Company from England.

When and Where Rose bought her tea pot, we do not know.....

But somehow, both of my sons will inherit something from their Great Grandmother....

 Joey's Graduation Picture

 Jim's Graduation Picture

Two Great Grandsons ,that Rose never got to meet , will have something , identical, to remember her by..........

Joey and Jim

Do I know which Tea Pot was actually Rose's.......


But does it really matter????????

I think not!!

I have been lucky enough to have been given several other things that belonged to Rose by my MIL and I am very happy to have them......

Rose was affectionately known to her family in her later years as Ba Ba Washy.  Ba Ba , being Polish for grandmother and Washy was short for Washielowski.

One other thing I would like to share with you that I have in my Bedroom is from Joe's other Grandmother, Ba Ba Barna.

This was bought in Italy as a gift from her oldest son, George.....

It is nicked a bit but I love it......

The detail in the faces are amazing and these pictures do not do it justice......

I am a firm believer in the Philospohy of  "What is meant to be, will be "and "Everything happens for a Reason".

I think my little Tale about a Tea Pot is a prime example of this Belief!!

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