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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Visit from a little Critter!!

I look out the window while sitting at the computer in the den and this is what I see......

Sorry , the pics were taken through the window.....

A young Ground Hog!!

I think he is looking in at me........

Yes, he IS standing!!!

I am sure this is what he was thinking...

" Now how the heck do I get out of here..."

Can you believe that he actually jumped up on this old metal container that was once used for milk bottles ( I have it filled with garden tools) to get a better look around... ...

"Maybe over that way I can get out....."

" Is that someone looking at me through that window?"

" What is that in there?"

When I tried to open the window, he ran......

For what he thought was his life, I am sure....

" Now how the heck did I ever get in here?"

" HELP!"
Then he ran over by the shed where we store our 16 foot ladder behind it.....

" Maybe if I stay still and try to blend in , she won't see me..."

" Is it working?'

" Can I try to get out over here?"

" Well, that didn't work , now did it!"

" Yikes! What is she holding that keeps flashing?"

On the other side of the shed......

" Maybe over here in this corner, I can get out...."

" She is still watching me!

If I just hang here, maybe she won't see me...."

" Let's see..... can I get through here...if I dig a little bit...???"

" She is STILL watching me!"

" Okay, I am digging through.... almost there...."

" Made it.... Freedom!"

And he finally dug through into my neighbor's yard!!

How he got into the back yard, I have no idea. The reason why we put up the lattice was to keep critters out when we had our sweet Savanna....

Never in a million years did I expect to see that small little face looking in at me while I sat at the computer!!!

I am so glad that I caught it on camera!!

Now I have to tell you a rather funny story that happened the same night ...

When I sleep in the evening before going into work, I pull down the room darkening shades on the windows. After I get dressed when I get up to get ready for work, I usually pull up the shade on one window half way for a little light in the room so Joe doesn't kill himself at night on his way to the bathroom.

I open the shade and I am thinking to myself, "now what is that dangling outside the window.... a rope.... no..... I think it is a ......"

"Joe, there is a SNAKE outside our window!!!!!

Joe yelled " A WHAT??????? "

I said " A SNAKE!!!!!"

Now remember , we do have a 2 story house with our bedroom being upstairs!

There was a garter snake dangling from my second story bedroom window!!!

LOOKING in at ME!!!!

Joe opened the window and was hitting the screen with a ruler. The snake was STUCK!!!
He had to open the window from the top and slide the ruler down and dislodge the snake which was caught in the groove between the top and bottom half of the window until it fell down in the flower bed below!!

I was half way to work by then!!!!!

I was not hanging around to see him play with trying to get that snake off my bedroom window!!

2 Critters looking in the window at me twice in one day??????

No , I do not have any pictures of the snake hanging from the window!! Would have been a good one to get though....

It was too dark and I was too afraid!!

When I come home in the morning, Joe was sitting on the front porch and I asked him if he looked for the snake.

He said it was surely long gone....

I looked in the flower bed and I said " I think you killed it"

I run inside to get my camera.........

As I am taking this picture of the snake, I am looking at it........

See it on the bush????

I am thinking " I don't think that is a snake....."

So I take a better look, start to LAUGH and pick it up and put it on the sidewalk.....

Joe killed the WEATHER STRIPPING from the screen on the window!!!!


We were hysterical with laughter!

Thank God it was dark and the neighbors weren't watching Joe, the Snake Slayer in action!!


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