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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Winter Wonderland on a Tray Blog Tour, 2022







Welcome to Debbie-Dabble Blog!!

 I am so happy you decided to stop by my Christmas Blog!!

I am now posting 3 times a week !!!
 I will be posting on TUESDAY, THURSDAY and SATURDAY over on my Christmas Blog for the Holiday Season!!

  As always, click on each picture if you would like to enlarge it....


 Today, I am posting back here on my regular Blog for a special post!!!!

  I was invited by Katherine, over at Katherine's Corner, to join her and other bloggers, participating in her Winter Wonderland on a Tray Blog Tour, which she is graciously hosting today!!!

 Thanks so much, Katherine, for thinking to include me among this very talented group of Bloggers and yourself!!
24 Bloggers will be participating!! 

Thanks to those readers who are coming over from Thrifting Wonderland following the Blog Tour!!!

 Didn't you just love Lynne's Tray???

In my last post over on my Christmas Blog, A Debbie-Dabble Christmas, as part of my Christmas Home Tour, I shared the Hutch and Tree in my Kitchen and the changes that I made this year....

 Click HERE if you missed that post.....

Today, I am sharing my Winter Wonderland on a Tray with a tablescape!!!

I started with this unique tablecloth that I recently bought in Gabes for $7.99!!!

I thought it was so different but pretty!!

I chose a simple galvanized tray that I bought for $5 in Dollar General!!

I placed a simple lace doily inside of it......

My Winter Wonderland on a Tray is the centerpiece of the tablescape!!

I wanted to depict a Winter evening....

With a family going to a simple country church in the Woods....

On the tray is a blue bottle brush tree and an Ice Church....

In front to the church is a family of white figurines....

 Both the Ice Church and the figurines, were gifted to me by my dear friend, Anne Marie....
The tray is flanked by 2 snow frosted bottle brush trees....

Since this is part of a tablescape, I decided to add another tray....

A simple silver tray from Dollar Tree....

I placed a tea pot on it....

And 2 snow balls ...

On a snowy Winter evening, a pot of hot Tea will hit the spot, don't you think???

The matching creamer and sugar bowl with trees inside them are in each side ....

The sugar bowl....

An elk is resting in the woods by the church......

The creamer....

And a deer is running through the Woods...

The table is set for two......

I decided to use green charger plates to match the tablecloth.....

The dishes I have used for this tablescape are......

English Village by Salem China Co.


 Crystal wine glasses trimmed in silver....

The cup and saucer....

 My every day Oneida flatware....

I hope you enjoyed seeing my Winter Wonderland on a Tray........

And the tablescape to go with it!!!

Be sure to continue the Tray Blog Tour by hopping over to visit Meagan, over at Decorative Inspirations!!

I know you will not be disappointed....
 Also please take the time to visit the other participants in the Tray Blog Tour !!! 

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  I hope you will stop by to visit again on SATURDAY as I continue my Christmas Home Tour and share the rest of the Kitchen over on my Christmas Blog, A Debbie-Dabble Christmas!!!!!!!

I hope to see you on SATURDAY over on my Christmas Blog....
Stay safe, healthy and most of all, HAPPY!!

Thanks to those who took the time out of their busy day to spend a little bit of time with me!!

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  1. Debbie, you captured that Victorian spirit with your table tray. Enjoy the holidays!
    Merry Christmas,

  2. Oooh LOVE that china Debbie, and your tray is a beautiful centerpiece. I would linger over the meal to take in every detail and imagine going out into the wintery weather with your figurine family and woodland animals! :) SO nice touring with you - Happy Holidays!

  3. Debbie, as always your decor is a delight. I loved the use of the tray as a centerpiece. It works really well. My favorite was the teapot and creamer and sugar. I have a real soft spot for tea and love to see it incorporated in a theme.

  4. Deb this is lovely on so many levels. I love the tray with that amazing ice church and the sweet carolers and the blue transfer ware is beautiful. I love that you put trees in the creamer and sugar bowl. SO many fabulous details as always. Oh, yeah and that elk. Love him! Wonderful to be touring with you again. Enjoy all the wonders of the season. XO- MaryJo

  5. HI Debbie, I love seeing blog friends join in on the same tour! It's like a familiar face in a crowd. Love your nativity scene set in the backdrop of the blue and white tea set. That is my favorite! Happy Day friend, laura in Colorado

  6. Debbie, I love the use of the tea set on the tray! One of my favorite ways to decorate and use what I have is to use something for a very different purpose. Very festive!

  7. What a fun design you've created Debbie but they always are. So sorry I missed joining in this time but we are dealing with an injured pup right now. I'll be back for a longer visit as soon as I can. Your Christmas home always brightens my day. Happy holidays to all of you!

  8. Hi, Debbie; your tablescape is just so beautifully designed, enhancing the centerpiece tray, lovely!

  9. So pretty and I love the blue and white mixed in!

  10. hi Debbie, your tray is so pretty, I love your icy church! It looks lovely on that cute tree tablecloth nestled in a forest of trees. You will be able to enjoy your tray all winter long! I chuckled when I saw the snowballs next to the teapot, such fun! Happy December!

  11. Debbie,
    I love your beautiful tray. Especially the use of the blue transfeware dishes. Great idea in using what you have.

  12. debbie, your tray looks so beautiful. I love blue transfeware dishes. They work so lovely with those reindeer. Wonderful to tour with you.

  13. Beautiful tray! It does look like a wonderful winter evening. My ex mother-in-law just gave us a box of old Christmas decor that had the same little people figurines! Great touring with you!
    XOXO, Niki

  14. Debbie, your tray is love with the tea-set. Love the trees. The blue transferware is so pretty. You have quite the collections to make lots of themed trays. A pleasure hopping with you. Enjoy the holidays.

  15. Debbie you set up a beautiful and familiar Christmas scene, especially love the whimsical addition of the reindeer. The blue and white add a nostalgic touch. Such a lovely welcoming in of Christmas.

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by nd leave such a kind comment!! it is greatly appreciated! glad you enjoyed this post!!

  16. Debbie your tray and tablescape are sublime! And, you know how I feel about blue and white...perfection. Lovely hopping with you! Merry Christmas!

  17. The whole table setting is just beautiful! You did a lovely job on both your trays.

  18. There's a lot of gorgeous eye candy here, Debbie! I espeically love your beautiful tiered tray. It's a wonderful theme and you brought it to life! That blue transferware is perfect -- I love that pattern and it just "fits."

  19. What a lovely setting. Both trays are wonderful. The Staffordhire tea set and plates are so pretty and the milk and sugar pieces seem just right for your sweet trees. Thank you for joining in the fun. Pinned! Hugs!!

  20. I love the idea of the family traveling through the woods. It really feels that way. Loving this tray set up.

    1. So glad you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by and for your kind words!!

  21. GRRRRR-LOST MY COMMENT....anyway-enjoyed your Winter wonderland and the trays. I hope you have a great weekend. xo Diana

  22. Oh my goodness, I love your color scheme of navy, green and white! The tree theme and greens really make the blue dishes pop. I'm loving those deer.

  23. I hope my comment went through. I think something went wrong?

  24. So pretty! Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party this week! Happy holidays!

  25. Your table setting is so pretty along with the winter wonderland on a tray. I especially like how you used the teapot in the tablescape and then put the little Christmas trees in the sugar bowl and cream pitcher. Genius! Thank you for sharing this post in the Talent-Sharing Tuesdays Link-Up 44.

  26. Debbie, your church and Christmas trees are such a sweet vignette and centerpiece. I love the round tray and the soft feeling you've created.

  27. Debbie, I am happy to feature your Winter Wonderland tray today at Love Your Creativity. Merry Christmas. Hugs

  28. Debbie, I love your Christmas tray.
    Thank you for sharing this with Sweet Tea & Friends this month.


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